March 27, 2021

Dear Editor,

Unbelievably brave, young Pakistani Muslim lassie Malala Yousafzai, who cheated death at the hands of the Western traitor, David Hicks‘s, “brothers in arms” Taliban, went home to where the Taliban so heinously tried to murder her for campaigning for Pakistani girls’ rights to attend school!

St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne had a huge “Bring David Home” (from Hicks’s semi-luxury holiday-resort-type stay in Gitmo Bay) splashed across the very front (which was such an affront) of St Paul’s!

Malala won’t be able to walk down the street of her home town all alone (and without armed guards), whereas traitor Hicks can do so on his, here in Australia!

David Hicks joined his evil Taliban “brothers in arms” (then rejoined them after eleven [11] Aussies were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in the Twin Towers at 9/11!) who do the most heinously evil things to women (and girl-children like Malala) fighting against Western soldiers!

And let’s hope Malala has plenty of high-profile Pakistani political, etc. support! Because self-confessed Islamic terrorist Hicks did: former Australian senator and former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls Natasha Stott Despoja (a mother of a girl herself!) had Taliban-lover David Hicks (now just wait for this) as a “guest of honour” at her (taxpayer-funded?) retirement-from- politics party (not to mention support for Hicks by a misguided Dick Smith)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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