by Tom Arnold, ©2021 

(Mar. 26, 2021) — Why aren’t “news organizations” mentioning this story?  At least, I haven’t seen it reported anywhere yet!

A little too embarrassing, or what? It seems that a Democrat candidate who dropped out of the primaries after getting only 5 or 6 votes is about to become our country’s first female “president.” By the way, though, she was and is constitutionally ineligible, similar to Obama!

Kamala Harris is not someone the people would have (or constitutionally could have) elected.  Then again, Joe Biden wasn’t duly elected (i.e., without fraud), either!

What has our constitutional republic become? Don’t look for the answer from our so-called “Supreme” Court.  In fact, don’t look for the answer anywhere in Washington, D.C.

Editor’s Note: At approximately 8:50 a.m. EDT on Friday, The Post & Email contacted the White House to inquire why federal agencies have reportedly been instructed to refer to those in office as “the Biden-Harris administration” rather than “the Biden administration.”

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