March 20, 2021

Dear Editor,

History may well be about to repeat, and one man, the redoubtable British WWII Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill would have huffed, “Told you so!” re Red China’s incredible military power, the result of the Chinese Communist Party’s unabated theft of the West’s intellectual property; the capitalist West’s greed in transferring all its working-class people’s jobs, and so very, very much the West’s manufacturing capacity to Red China, thus enriching the Chinese! The eight years of Obama’s presidency saw the belittling, and running down of  America’s military capacity – thus might! The we had Trump’s indifference to/insulting of long-time allies. However at least Trump tried to boost America’s military and protect America’s borders (which Biden is now undoing)!  Biden is right to take the Russians to task, but far too weak to really challenge the Chinese, particularly over Taiwan!

Oh, and one critical thing: the German traitor, former communist East German Angela Merkel (who let loose hundreds of thousands of semi-literate single Muslim men on Europe’s and Scandinavia’s women!) sold out Germany’s financial security (thus fighting ability) to Russia’s Putin by letting Germany be at the mercy of Russian gas for too much of Germany’s energy supply. At the same time Merkel killed off vast amounts of Germany’s coal-fired and nuclear power generation (now at least Biden is awake to this problem)!

Finally, the China Virus (COVID-19) suffering, let loose by Red China on the rest of the world, is diverting trillions away from the West’s (and Western allies’) military buildup to face the certain threat of Red China; while Red China goes from strength to strength, courtesy of America and her allies, just as the great Winston Churchill, no doubt, predicted!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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