by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Mar. 16, 2021) — A ridiculous idea and violation of 1st Amendment or woke speech, you say? WELL, NOT SO FAST! You do know, don’t you, who it is that already has spent years canceling Obama. Answer: OBAMA HIMSELF! 

OBAMA, for all practical purposes, has made it nearly impossible for any of us, the American people who elected him (twice), to know any of the details about his controversial and oft-disputed background.  As I recall, his first act in office in 2009 was an “Executive Order” to seal all of his vital records from public scrutiny.  Over the years, in order to defend dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits filed by citizens asking little more than for him to reveal his bona fides, OBAMA SPENT MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON ATTORNEYS’ FEES and prevailed.  Those in government who know the truth or some semblance of it regarding OBAMA’s real background have been silenced.  In Washington, D.C., the conspiracy and the information being protected by the conspiracy are commonly known as the “OPEN SECRET.”  

It also is a fact, which too is being canceled, that OBAMA was never constitutionally eligible to run for the presidency.  HE WAS NOT AND IS NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN (Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5).  It is possible, if not likely, that he was born in a foreign country (such as Kenya).  Even assuming, though, that he might have been born in the United States (such as Hawaii?), he was at times throughout his life a CITIZEN OF THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!  Those would be Great Britain (if born in the British protectorate of Kenya, and also by virtue of the fact that his alleged biological father, Barack Obama Sr, was a Kenyan citizen); Indonesia (citizenship of adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, including that Indonesian citizenship is listed on several of OBAMA’s early documents); and possibly, just possibly, a naturalized (but NOT natural born!) citizen of the United States provided that there are official records somewhere supporting this.  The point is:  Doesn’t all of this, no matter where OBAMA was born or what his birth certificate(s) say, DISQUALIFY HIM PER ARTICLE 2 FROM RUNNING FOR OR BECOMING ELECTED U. S. PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF?  You bet it does.  But, don’t ask Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, because he and his arguably complicit associate justices have canceled the matter and refused to hear any cases which would necessitate them having to review, define, or reaffirm the MEANING and EFFECT of “natural born American citizen.”  Needless to say, this is judicial activism and public corruption at its worst!  

Permit me to point out, too, that throughout the years, OBAMA has committed numerous “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  A number of these were committed by him (with assistance from others, but mainly the CIA) to make it look as if he, OBAMA, was an American citizen qualified to run for and become elected president.  May I suggest you ask John Brennan for details!  The crimes included forgery, identity theft, Social Security fraud, income tax fraud, perjury, unlawful alteration of official government documents, bribery, criminally negligent manslaughter in Benghazi, election fraud, sedition, and, in my supposedly constitutionally protected opinion, treason.  There has also been speculation about OBAMA’s possible involvement in a number of murders.  Anyway, virtually all of these things have been, or are being, conveniently CANCELED.  

So, why is it so hard to believe that OBAMA himself should be CANCELED?  Or, maybe we should call it “indicted” or “impeached,” as in the recent case of citizen Donald Trump.  Why not? OBAMA has been involved in canceling his own past for most of his life!  I THEREFORE URGE YOU TAKE A LOOK BELOW AT SOME OF THE OTHER ASPECTS OF OBAMA’S LIFE WHICH HAVE BEEN CANCELED OR THAT MAY SOON BE CANCELED. #t4r6ehbAepm74JLj.99                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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  1. Thank you Tom Arnold. Obama was the perfect candidate to take-over America from the inside. He was considered articulate, trained in his hypnotic speaking technique, and a meeting of black leadership determined he was black enough. Obama was untouchable, race protected, adored by the media and he apparently hates America with a passion. With all of that going for him, he was elected in 2008 and sworn-in (twice) by John Roberts.

    Obama’s protection after he was sworn-in became something that will always protect him to the maximum degree. As you said, Obama is not eligible and an identity fraud. This means that every person in government who swore an oath to protect the Constitution, both parties, violated that sworn oath by saying/doing nothing to even try to stop his usurpation, as a minimum. After that happened it was home free for Obama as both political parties, the courts and the media circled the wagons to protect Obama….to protect themselves. At this point the take-over of America from the inside, as promised by Communist leadership years ago occurred, and with Hillary on deck to finish the job their evil plan was on-track to destroy our Constitutional Republic from the inside. Individual complicity in this huge criminal act, which effectively gave America’s government and her military to our enemies varied, but they are all, as a minimum, guilty of violating their sworn oath to protect the Constitution, giving America’s government and her military to her enemies and in the still on-going cover-up. IMO all of this was easy to see unfolding in real time…..but apparently the crimes committed are too big to prosecute and even too big to openly and fairly discuss.

    President Trump interrupted their plan by defeating the planned after Obama cover president and “finisher” of the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic, Hillary Clinton. While President Trump was in office we watched panic from all complicit in the Obama fraud as they tried desperately to remove the threat to reveal the truth about Barry, the “birther” Donald Trump, from office. President Trump was kept under siege for his entire term by both political parties, the Democrats being more overt than the Republicans. Removing President Trump from office finally happened in the stolen election of 2020 and the 16 year plan to destroy America is back on track using Obama/Biden and Harris…….and, it’s now in the open and ahead of its original schedule.