by Jayne Friedman, ©2021 

(Mar. 16, 2021) — When does it become unbearable that a president loved by 80+ million voters of the United States is hunted down like an animal who has been separated from his pack and no one from his former pack rushes in to defend him, fight back, or sound the alarm? All the while, his enemies and jealous rivals pursue him.  They sense a kill in the wild. Those enemies are killing us and our beloved country as well.

This Democrat relentless mob has not and will not cease and desist from their fixation to destroy President Donald J. Trump. They want to prevent him from ever being an opponent.  They fear his formidability.  After tearing his guts apart, robbing him of his wealth, persecuting him with phony charges, and taking away his businesses, the leftists, who energetically approved the ten-month rampage of anti-American thugs belonging to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, continue to haunt and hunt down the former president and his family.

We Americans are not used to evil in our midst. Some of us are just gripping the rails daily. Some of us are waging war against the enemy by our disgust or by wielding our pens. And some have chosen to join the evil in our midst by convincing themselves that  somehow they have claimed the moral high ground.


We’re a divided country. We reside in established, embittered camps. We cannot discuss issues civilly. We can no longer depend on news media because we’ve been shaken to our core by their serial dishonesty, bias, partisanship and malicious intent.

Our educational system has cracked like shards of glass so our kids and grandkids say things that sound foreign, naive and even brainwashed.

Our once-trusted government departments and intelligence services have been corrupted seemingly beyond redemption, and we’ve become aware that moral cowardice has even wormed its way up to our Supreme Court. Nothing has been left uncontaminated.

The Trump era ushered in:

A resurgence of American pride and patriotism,

A staggeringly successful economy,

Unprecedented sky-high employment for blacks, Hispanics, women, youth,

A rebuilt, retooled, strengthened and reinforced military,

The first-ever peace pacts between Israel and four of her formerly hostile neighbors,

·             Genuine border security,

·             Fair-to-America foreign treaties with teeth,

·             The list is endless.

Today, we are witnessing Washington, D.C. not as the capital of our Democratic Republic, but as a Banana Republic complete with armed soldiers and barbed-wire fencing––an enclosed enclave from which a mentally-diminished Chief Executive signs Executive Orders (that his cadre of radical-left activists have written), all of which are either bad for America or frankly anti-American in nature.

Democrat goal – to eliminate/change:

1.      The original Constitution to accommodate fluid cultural changes

2.      Restricted and controlled speech,

3.      Elimination of private gun ownership,

4.      Elimination of capitalism,

5.      Reduce military strength,

6.      Eliminate dissent from their socialist/communist/Islamist ideology,

7.      Again, an endless list.


Presently, we are witnessing unprecedented and uncharted politics….a President addresses reporters in Texas after catastrophic freezing and wonders out loud, “What am I doing here?” All the while, 30 House Democrats demand that Biden relinquish his authority to launch nuclear weapons. We are witnessing the rebirth of Edith Wilson, who surreptitiously covered for her stroke-felled husband Woodrow as Jill Biden is doing for her mentally-compromised husband. When have you seen a president’s wife co-chair every interview?

There were more than 80 million people who voted for President Trump, who support the America-First president and would walk over broken glass to cast their vote for him again.

What can we do to fight back and reclaim this country as our Founders intended and for which so many young boys sacrificed their lives so that we could live in the greatest country on God”s green earth?

Follow your representatives on social media.  Write daily to express your opposition and/or support.  Don’t hesitate to voice your point of view. They or their staffs read these letters and count the numbers!  Believe me when I tell you it is a numbers game!

Donate to staunch conservatives directly (i.e., Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona, et al) so they can continue their fight against this far-left regime. Money talks!

Attend rallies that support your point of view. Crowds count!

If you have not been banned by Twitter or Facebook, take every opportunity to express your opinion and your opposition to the rancid opinions of leftists.  Use facts and reason, not name-calling.  This makes you a credible keyboard warrior.  Our Founders believed that an educated Republic would be our final firewall. 


Jayne Friedman, a native New Yorker who now lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, is a Range Safety Officer and a National Rifle Association certified pistol instructor. She teaches firearm skills to former victims of crimes as well as those interested in their personal defense. Jayne began political activism in 2010.  The formation of the Tea Party galvanized her passionate conviction to conservative ideals and policies.  As a lifelong writer, she focused her goal on writing political commentary primarily on social media.  She is now sharing her insights with a wider audience.  Jayne can be reached at

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  1. God Bless you Jayne Friedman!as an 88 year old Conservative I can support you and what you’re doing, if not much else. Let me know what I can do ( within my ability) to help. I thank you deeply.

  2. We must stand up for America. The kind of America we older people and most people grew up in, believing in freedom for all people and trusting our government to looking out what was and is best for all of us. This is what we have now..government is not for Americans but for causing unrest and allowing criminals to come in at our southern border. We all need to ask for God wisdom and help.

  3. This is great Jayne,
    you expressed my sentiments exactly, but you put it into words that I couldn’t have spoken as well as you did. We need leadership like you to show us the way to get our country back again. I ran into another Lady tonight, Lori Keezer here in Florida that is going to a Trump promotion tomorrow that reminds me of your enthusiasm to overcome this Democratic dilemma we are suffering thru. At least I feel like there is some hope now.

  4. Honest evaluation of what is happening in and to our beloved republic, which too many of our brave countrymen and women sacrificed life and limb to preserve for all of us. Her writing is a call for all of us to do whatever we can,to be that WALL, to peacefully change the path we are on away from this destructive unAmerican nightmare.

  5. Very good thinking and writing Jayne. I think God is leading you so, please keep it up. Meek people should be strengthened by your strong words.