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(Mar. 15, 2021) — Toyota is a worldwide manufacturer from Japan. You can find cars made by Toyota easily, especially in Asia. One of them is the Toyota Avanza. The car, which was first introduced on December 11, 2003, has become a favourite car. The reason is Avanza is considered a product capable of accommodating people’s needs.

This is proven by the achievement of car sales in the low Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment. There are millions of Avanza cars sold in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Moreover, Toyota exports this car to various countries. With that, it can be said that the Avanza is a legendary product that has been born by Toyota.

The thing about Toyota Avanza

But did you know that there are some things about the Toyota Avanza that not many people know about? Here are some facts about the Toyota Avanza that you should know.

1. It has a Wide Network

As we know, Toyota is an automotive brand from Japan that has the largest sales network in Indonesia, even in remote parts of the country. Besides, the network of workshops and spare parts is also easy to find. The reason for the availability of sales networks and spare parts that are available everywhere is also a consideration for people to own this car.

2. Real Family Car

This is the advantage of the Avanza. This car can accommodate an Indonesian family of up to seven adult passengers. Being able to contain many people in it makes separate considerations for the Indonesian people who enjoy travelling together.

3. The Design is Still Elegant

Even though it is already 15 years since it was first introduced, the design of this car is still quite interesting. This is because Toyota always refreshes the Avanza. Noted, this car has undergone several changes, starting in 2006, again in 2011 and the last one in 2015 with the Grand New.

The changes made by Avanza in 2015 are quite significant. The design has changed, although it is not comprehensive. It comes with a variety of new features and engines, which is what continues to boost sales of the Avanza.

4. Able to Meet Family Needs

Toyota understands very well the needs of Indonesian families through Avanza. How could they not — they marketed the Avanza with a variety of choices. As with the engine, there are two options, with a capacity of 1.3 litres, and another option, namely for those who want more power; they can choose the Avanza with a 1.5-litre engine.

The car, which comes in three variants, E, G and Veloz, also has a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. This is an option according to needs and consumers.

5. Prices are Stable

Maybe this is also a major consideration for people who want to buy an Avanza. Those who buy this car are also rethinking the sale price. However, if you buy the Avanza, you don’t seem to need to worry too much about the resale price.

It is proven that the selling price of the Avanza is fairly stable in the used car market. However, this car is still in demand even though it is a used car. These things are advantages of the Toyota Avanza so that sales are fairly stable in the automotive market even though many new car entrants try to disrupt the dominance of this car.

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  1. The Toytota Avanza is an SUV. Basic physics makes it just as prone to be incontrollable when making an emergency maneuver as the Mitsubishi ASX, and every other SUV.