by Tom Arnold, ©2021

Screenshot: Newsmax TV

(Mar. 12, 2021) — Greg Kelly, host of a popular Newsmax TV show, opened the show last night by saying, “COVID-19 MADE JOE BIDEN PRESIDENT.”

As much as I enjoy Mr. Kelly’s show (noted to be often more opinion than news), I have to take serious issue with his statement about COVID-19 making Joe Biden president.  So, please allow me to tell you what I am convinced really accounted for President Biden’s “victory.”

1)  THE DEEP STATE and its dark money.

2)  ELECTION FRAUD planned and carried out by the Deep State.  They and their co-conspirators (including former presidential usurper Barack Obama) stole the 2020 election and the presidency for the Democrat candidate.  It did not matter who that candidate was.

3)  BIASED, POLITICIZED, AND COMPLICIT MAINSTREAM NEWS.  Popularly called “fake news.”  Do not underestimate their damage to the profession of journalism and to our entire country.


5)  DONALD J. TRUMP.  I confess that I thought President Trump was a person who, because of his direct and sometimes heavy-handed nature, might end up being the only one who could beat himself.

So, Mr Kelly, where does the Covid-19 virus fit in as the deciding factor (or, as any top factor) in Joe Biden “winning” the presidency?  Frankly, I don’t think it does.  Yes, the China virus was an unfortunate, if not intentional, catastrophe.  But, it actually was an event which then-President Trump, under the circumstances (impeachment, civil unrest, etc.), handled amazingly well.  In fact, he did such a good job, and in such a short time, that Joe Biden didn’t talk about anything else in his address last night to the public.  Biden even seemed to be taking credit for the progress made in the fight against the pandemic!  “Come on, man!”  

Would you, Greg Kelly and Newsmax, like to re-think your opinion?  Would it be asking too much coming from a viewer and fairly ordinary American citizen?  One thing that our country desperately needs today is to be told the TRUTH.    


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  1. Kelly reported two Biden high level staffers stated the Virus was the best thing that ever happened to Biden. He mentioned their names. He didn’t make it up.
    I suggest Tom Arnold, the “citizen,” taking issue re-watch the Kelly newscast–I saw it firsthand.

  2. Thank you Tom Arnold. All of your points are totally valid and IMO this is what the Deep State is most desperately covering-up:

    Quote from article:

    “(2) ELECTION FRAUD planned and carried out by the Deep State. They and their co-conspirators (including former presidential usurper Barack Obama) stole the 2020 election and the presidency for the Democrat candidate. It did not matter who that candidate was.”

    The Deep State includes both political parties. When Obama the obvious usurper was allowed and assisted by both political parties to be sworn-in as America’s putative president in 2009, a HUGE criminal act was committed by both political parties. They all violated their sworn other to protect the Constitution, itself a serious crime and after Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts, (twice), both parties had to cover for the Obama fraud to protect themselves from being found guilty of effectively giving America’s government and her military to her enemies. Some were far more complicit than others, but all are guilty either by their action and/or inaction of complicity in a criminal act so enormous that it must covered-up, forever. Hillary was the promised in 2008 after Obama cover and when she was defeated by Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump, the complicit panicked and used everything they could to keep President Trump under siege,… lie after another. They were finally successful in removing the possibility of the Obama fraud being fully revealed and acted on by stealing the 2020 election. With President Trump out of office, the Deep State is back in complete control with the evil trio of Obama/Biden and Harris…and their puppet-masters……….