by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Mar. 11, 2021) — [Editor’s Note: The following was sent to selected Republican members of Congress and representatives of various media outlets.]


“Obama” had three (3) different citizenships (British Kenya, Indonesia, and possibly the United States).  HARDLY WHAT I WOULD CALL A “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN” PER ARTICLE 2, SECTION 1, CLAUSE 5 OF OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION!  That is, “Obama” and his handlers (the CIA, Deep State, CPUSA, Democrat Party, and others) STOLE the U.S. Presidency and command of its Armed Forces.  And, Chief Justice John Roberts let “Obama” do it, and KNOWINGLY swore him into our highest office not once but twice.   

IF 45th PRESIDENT (A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT) DONALD J TRUMP CAN BE IMPEACHED TWO TIMES (ONE OF THOSE TIMES AFTER HE HAD LEFT OFFICE AND BECOME  CITIZEN TRUMP), THEN WHY CAN’T “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” BE IMPEACHED AND/OR ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED FOR, LET’S SAY, TREASON?  If you think that would be too harsh, then how about charging some of the many other crimes which he committed (some of them in order to deceive the American people and try to convince us that he was a lawfully qualified and constitutionally eligible candidate for office), including election fraud, forgery, identity theft, Social Security fraud, Income Tax fraud, perjury, bribery, sedition, abuse of power, criminally negligent manslaughter in Benghazi, etc).

As a military veteran and retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, I regret to say that our country’s greatest enemy is not China as so many think.  IT IS OUR OWN CORRUPT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  The best solution, if not the only one, is for our government and other institutions (such as the news media) to START TELLING THE TRUTH AND CORRECTING THE HISTORICAL RECORD BY REMOVING THE LIES.  By the way, one of the biggest lies of them all is that “Barack Hussein Obama” was our “first African American president!”  He is by far more ARAB AMERICAN (44% ethnically) than African American (6%), and, as has already been pointed out above, he never was a REAL president either!

I URGE YOU TO READ THE MATERIAL (ALL OF IT) CONTAINED IN THE ARTICLE REFERENCED BELOW.  Then, tell me that you are not a part (a BIG part) of our country’s current problems.  Tell me that you have not broken your vows of office and that you have not failed miserably to represent the American people who elected you.

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  1. You wrote: “Tell me that you have not broken your vows of office and that you have not failed miserably to represent the American people who elected you.”
    and I will tell you that goes for every Senator, Congressmen, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Sheriff, District Attorney, and Governor in this country not to mention the now irrelevant press.

    It was clear to many of us in 2007 BO was a fraud. February 2008 after no clear copy of an original BC showed up, Texan Stephan Caufman sent an inquiry to the Selective Service System to obtain proof BO registered for the draft with a negative response. This proved Obama/Soetoro was indeed a fraud. Late arriving SSS card proved Obama to be a massive forgery to the point of pure stupid on its face. The document appeared to be manufactured by a 7-year-old just like the CLB. Screaming at conservative representatives about this fraud proved to be a waste of valuable time I could have binge watched “Lost in Space”.

    Then another corrupt smooth criminal Nancy Pelosi wrote two certificates of nomination for the Obama/Biden ticket saying they “were and were not” qualified to be president under the constitution which confirmed our need for justice that would never arrive because there is none in this country, only liberal judicial corruption because of weak, spineless conservatives.

    The McCain issue brought up even more daylight on the systemic corruption with the magic concoction and incantations sprinkled with pixy dust SR-511. This says: “Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it blah, blah , blah until you ask the question, “why the hell didn’t the Senate ask the same question of Obama at the same time?” “Good question”, until you realize their hubris is for self-promotion only and to their constituents, a middle finger is raised until the next election. No Senator brought up SR. 511 on Kamala Harris either!

    We watched in amazement as some brave souls like Phil Berg, Orley Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, Leo Denofrio, and others saddled up their horses and launched a charge at the vacant bona-fides of BO only to be admonished by liberal judges one of which arose and said the Obama legitimacy had been “fact-checked” and “Tweeted” but refused to allow discovery in every single challenge which is what we see now with the equally corrupt in general SCOTUS. ​

    I and others sought to expose this disease of Obama/Biden with an official challenge through the Texas SOS in Sept. 2009. Then again after Sheriff Joe Arpaio found clear criminal evidence of felonies committed by Obama, Rudy Davis and I once again challenged the forces of evil in 2014 without a peep or even a wink and a nod from the republican representatives in the know. Then in 2016 even the big RNC got into the “screw the constitution action” and listed 3 candidates unqualified to be president being Cruz, Jindal, and Rubio.

    Here we are in 2021 at the most corrupt election in American history and again another anchor baby is thrown into the fire being Kamala Harris who has no US citizen parent at birth but Wong Kim Ark is being used by some to say she is a natural born citizen which she is clearly not. Further there is no challenge to support the US Constitution or citizens who request action when both parties are corrupt.

    1. John McCain was NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S. Although he did have two US Citizen parents, John McCain was not born on U.S. Soil. The PCZ was an unincorporated and unorganized territory of the United States. McCain was a Citizen by virtue of a naturalization statute. The SOLE incorporated territory of the US is Palmyra Atol. Had McCain been born on Palmyra Atol he would have been born on US Soil. McCain was born in Colon, Panama. Colon, Panama was excluded from the parameters of the PCZ by TREATY, as was Panama City, Panama.

  2. Virtually our entire U.S. Government remains INDICTABLE 08-28-08- TODAY as long as it pretends to be UNTEACHABLE on “natural born Citizen” vs “foreign born-citizenship ” (Kenya born-citizenship Obama, Jamaica born-citizenship Kamala, Canada born-citizenship Cruz et al).

    Obama and Kamala and Cruz can pretend to be UNTOUCHABLE so long as We the People consent to our U.S. Government pretending to be UNTEACHABLE on John Jay’s invention intention of “natural born Citizen” to exclude any foreign citizenships.

    Since the U.S. Constitution does not specify that any President and any VP can possess “dual citizenship” or “foreign citizenship(s)”, which Obama, Kamala and Cruz do posses, they can never be a “natural born [U.S.-only] Citizen”.

    Likewise, the U.S. Constitution did not specify that only descendants of original 1620 Pilgrims can be President and VP.

    Therefore, all efforts to make the U.S. Constitution “a living Constitution” for political expediency and power grabs, are lawless attempts.

    Similarly, all efforts to make “natural born Citizen” include anyone who is not born within, and subject to, a sole U.S. jurisdiction of sole U.S. citizen-parents, are lawless attempts for “a lying Constitution”.


  3. I read somewhere that during the investigation of bath-house barry soetoro that Detective Mike Zullo or someone that was working with him went to the place that keeps the old micro-fisch files of persons entering America from abroad by airplanes etc. They searched for the month of August, 1961…the supposed time obama’s mammy brought him to America from Indonesia? Anyway, that whole month was blacked out…(and this was when john brennan was obama’s CIA Director at the time ? Y’ALL KNOW john brennan right? He’s the former CIA Director under obama that always looks mad/mean…like he is seriously constipated and plugged up! Yeah, that’s him. Huuuummmm!) Sounds like somebody didn’t want people to find out that baby bath-house barry was brought to America that month and year. I may be off a little on the details but I definitely remember Zullo mentioning it. Apparently they wanted to stick with the fabricated lie about lil’ obama being born in Hawaii.
    If I had a dollar I could pay off a bunch of ants and make them do what I wanted. If I had billions of dollars I could pay off a bunch of demonic humans to do what I wanted. Case closed…(SCOTUS Roberts.) You FOOL.


    By John D. Guandolo
    March 11, 2021

    “In traveling around the United States frequently and working with Patriots in many states, the Understanding the Threat (UTT) team is quietly building teams of citizens in many states across our nation to defend their communities from the onslaught of the communists and jihadis.

    These teams are made up of courageous citizens who got involved in this counter-revolution out of necessity, not out of mere desire. They do not see themselves as “heroes,” but simply want to defend liberty and take back/defend their communities from those who seek to radically upend liberty, the free market economy, and the republican form of government.”

    Continued Here:

  5. And to think that the majority of American public still believe michele gave birth to the 2 girls that look exactly like bath-house barry barack hussein soetoro obama’s & michele’s best friends, Anita Blanchard & Party Marty Nesbitt. Unbelievable.
    So, barry’s mammy went to Indonesia, joined Muhammed Subud’s cult, then gave birth to a boy who later looks just like Muhammed Subud. If Muhammed Subud is his natural pappy, would this be the “44% ARAB-AMERICAN” Tom Arnold mentioned in above article? I’ve heard this “ARAB-AMERICAN” thing several times, is it because of MUHAMMED SUBUD or ANOTHER PAPPY? PLEASE EXPLAIN. THANK YOU.

  6. I believe Obama/Soetoro is a product of John Brennan’s CIA, aided and abetted by none other than Nancy Pelosi and her non-vetting of Obama.

    1. I agree, and using the ineligible, race-protected, Soros funded and CIA created Obama as their puppet president to destroy America worked, probably better that anyone complicit believed it ever would…….until the planned in 2008 after Obama cover-of Hillary Clinton failed to defeat Barry’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump.
      When John Roberts swore-in Obama in 2009 America’s government and her military were given to her enemies. Both political parties were complicit, as a minimum, of violating their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and some individuals are complicit up to their ugly necks. This HUGE crime had to be covered-up forever by all complicit to protect themselves from criminal charges, up to and including sedition and treason. With almost total control of they media they were successful. When Hillary lost to Donald Trump, President Trump was kept under siege and eventually removed from office in a stolen

      Today, the Communist/Socialist are back in full control with Obama/Biden/Harris. Almost none of the media will touch any this, but the installation and protection of the usurper Barack Hussein Obama was and is easily the biggest criminal act in America history…,,It destroyed America from the inside, as was promised by Communist in the 50’s. Getting an ineligible, race-protected putative president in office and controlling America’s government and military was a brilliant move by America’s enemies. The silence, inaction and protection of both political parties on Barry’s usurpation… protect themselves, is destroying America……….

  7. Did Barack Obama steal the presidency in 2008? I am convinced that he did. The evidence is clear and convincing that Obama was not eligible to be president. Most who read the P&E will probably agree with me.
    To briefly summarize, we know about the national-born Citizen clause in the Constitution that clearly made Obama ineligible. We know about his fake birth certificate, and his fake Selective Service registration card. We know that the Hawaiian Democratic Party refused to certify him as eligible to appear on the 2008 Hawaiian ballot because he could not produce a required document. We know Obama told people in Hawaii that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. We know that his book agent published a bio which stated Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii and Indonesia.
    The question for me has been, with all we know about this man, how in the cotton-picking Hell did he pull it off?
    My conclusion is he had help, lots of help. But it is more complicated than just that. He got help from the usual suspects, the Democrats, the Left, the New York Times the Washington Post, and the major broadcast news networks. He raised lots of money from many legal and questionable givers. But most importantly, Obama was an attractive black candidate, and the voters were ready for a black president. They fell in love with the guy. He was the perfect candidate at the perfect time. He offered a chance to show the world America had changed and matured. Finally, the nation could clear its collective soul of the past and move on. The bad old days of racism would be over.
    Most people did not want to hear about the natural-born Citizen controversy, the birth certificate, the Selective Service card, Kenya, and the rest. They did not understand it and did not care about it. Thus, we got an illegal presidency and when Tamala Harris takes over for “Sleepy Joe” we will have another.

  8. Obama remains free after having usurped the Presidency by fraud, during time of war. This was done with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Joseph Biden was complicit. Strangely Biden, an accomplice to Obama’s treason is now our purported President. His VP, Kamala Harris is not eligible to be VP or President and Nancy Pelosi is in line to become President. She too being complicit. THESE are the ramifications that have resulted because Obama was not arrested in 2008. Can this mess be cleaned up? God only knows.