by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Mar. 10, 2021) — [Editor’s Note: The following was sent on Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, multiple members of Congress, dozens of media outlets from across the political spectrum, and five private citizens.]

Director Wray testified that racially motivated violent extremism, which includes white supremacy, is the biggest part of the FBI’s domestic terrorism portfolio. In fact, he said, the threat level of racially motivated violence committed in large part by white supremacists is the same as the threat level of ISIS.

Newsweek “fact-checked” this to be TRUE, i.e. Director Wray did say this.  As a tongue-in-cheek aside, thank you, Newsweek, for taking it upon yourselves to be the arbiter of truth, and telling all of us what is and is not true!  Very woke of you!       

With all due respect, Director Wray, and from one law enforcement officer (I am retired) to another (yourself), I THINK YOU ARE DEFINITELY WRONG ABOUT THE GREATEST DOMESTIC THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY BEING RACIALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENT WHITE SUPREMACISTS.  I know that you will disagree with my opinion (a 1st Amendment protected opinion?) and that you might even try to put me on some type of “watch list” (don’t bother because I’m probably already on one, although there is no way that I should be!).  

Regardless, THE GREATEST DANGER TO OUR COUNTRY (look up the definition of “danger” if necessary), WHICH WAS FOUNDED AND INTENDED TO BE A CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, IS:  THE BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION (aka OBAMA third term).  I repeat, the greatest danger is our own current federal government!

Are you, Director Wray, the least bit concerned about our country being forced by its government, regardless of the will of the people, to undergo a “fundamental transformation” (as OBAMA himself once so innocently-sounding described it)?  We’re talking SOCIALISM now, likely to be followed eventually by COMMUNISM.  If this doesn’t sound DANGEROUS to you, then how about the “CANCEL CULTURE” movement, which obviously is an important (maybe the most important) part of the Biden-Harris administration and its traitorous plans for us?  We are already experiencing it full-blown.  Many Americans don’t even know (and some don’t care) what it’s all about, but I will tell you that CANCEL CULTURE is an insidious textbook tactic of mind control.  It makes it easier for opponents’ governments to be overthrown and transformed.  Another not-so-lovely aspect of the danger being posed to Americans by our government’s new administration is the actual VIOLENCE which it, our own government, on occasion provokes and in many cases condones.  Let’s be real.  The vast amount of violence in our country today is NOT being committed by supporters of Donald Trump.  Or, for that matter, the Ku Klux Klan, Qanon, the Proud Boys, or other predominantly white groups.  Quite to the contrary, racially motivated violent extremism is being carried out mostly and disproportionately by people of color.  I would imagine that the FBI might have some statistics to verify this, but it would not be prudent, or should we say “woke,” to talk about this or share such statistics with the public.

One last thing, and arguably the most DANGEROUS (and controversial), is that this RE-BIRTH OF VIOLENCE AND RACISM in our society is something which, I contend, began in real seriousness in 2008-09.  That was when a constitutionally ineligible subject (had been a citizen of three different countries!), undocumented (forged and stolen identification do not count as valid IDs), Communist-mentored together with the CIA, Deep State, and others, Arab American (44% ethnicity as opposed to only 6% African American), criminal (person who commits crimes), Manchurian Candidate, STOLE THE U. S. PRESIDENCY AND COMMAND OF OUR COUNTRY’S ARMED FORCES.  That person called himself “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.”  His usurpation of our country’s highest office and the resulting negative influence on our people, escalated in harm over the last decade plus.  “OBAMA” arguably is the main reason why, to put it mildly, our society is collapsing today.  And, he continues to be a leader and decision-maker, behind the scenes, in the current Biden-Harris administration.  He is a RACIST, and he is a DANGER by any one’s definition.

So, FBI Director Wray, the TRUTH is all we seek.  It may very well be our only hope. There is nothing that should cause The Bureau or you to become a purveyor of exaggerated wokeness or telling LIES.  A little law and order and equal justice for all wouldn’t hurt either.   

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  1. Yes tho do realise BHO is a mere Globalist puppet and has never been nor is capable of being anything of real substance on his own other then a manipulative grifter…!

  2. We the People will NEVER get the truth out of devildemocommiecrats nor their minions. Their goal is the destruction of the American Republic and them being absolute rulers over a puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship. “white supremacy” is a figment of the imagination of the racist left!!!!!!!!!! blm and antifa are the domestic terrorists, the “brown shirts” of the devildemocommiecrat party!!!!!!!!!!