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(Mar. 3, 2021) — [Click here (Canon212 image) to vote. See below (WHO IS THE POPE? in red) for the results as of 6:30 PM Rome Time, March 3, 2021 A. D.]

As much as Bergoglian liberals and Bergoglian traddies try, Bergoglio is being trounced in this poll by Pope Benedict XVI.

Bergoglio had started at nearly 30%, but has fallen to 23.3%.

Pope Benedict XVI led and is gaining in recent hours. Never below 52%, he now has 58.8% of the Vote.

The Poll is now hard to find. Only FromRome.Info is running news stories on it.

Let us hope that the Biden vote fraud machine does not kick in after the voting ends.

The voice of God is the voice of the people, says an old adage.

Well if that is true, then, while the Cardinals can pull over the wool of the eyes of most of the faithful in the beginning, after 8 years, the fraud is seen for what it is. Bergoglio never was the pope, And the Faithful can see it.

This should be shouted from the housetops!

News sites which shout it out are real news sites. Those who remain silent are part of the conspiracy.

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