by Sharon Rondeau

Lenin giving speech on May Day 1919 (public domain)

(Feb. 28, 2021) — In this segment of our interview with strategist, author and commentator JR Nyquist about the threat of communism in the West and specifically in the United States, Nyquist shed light on the history of communism and the movement’s strategy to infiltrate capitalist nations by planting false narratives and lulling somnolent societies into embracing the “utopia” which socialist policies would allegedly usher in.

“Progressivism” in the U.S. has transitioned to “socialism,” Nyquist contended, with “communism” not far behind. What many Americans do not realize, he said, is that communism has been furthered by towering figures with personality disorders whose goal of silencing dissent and exploiting citizens is driven by corruption and unspeakable “evil.”

The murderous paths pursued by Mao and Stalin are examples, Nyquist said.

In Part 2, Nyquist expounded on the toppling of the pagan Roman Empire by Christians in the late 4th century, drawing parallels between it and the current culture-dismantling he observed many on the political left are now embracing, to include aggressive efforts to silence dissenting voices, jettison careers and “orchestrate” the arrival of communism.

Communist organizations utilize a structure Nyquist termed “democratic centralism” which, he said, is highly effective in achieving “consensus” and dictating the public narrative, including by promoting false information. “There’s nobody really capable of stopping them from getting where they want to in the long run unless there’s some pushback,” he said. “And there’s been very little pushback.”

Continuing, Nyquist said:

The Communists understand about infiltrating the right, and they have infiltrated the right. They also create false narratives which we pick up and run with because they’re sensational and too many people are interested in them. We get taken for a ride and diverted away from the true narrative.

The Cold War never ended; it’s about communism vs. capitalism; it’s about atheism vs. Christianity; and of course it’s complicated, just as Bukovsky said. There are lots of different groups that disagree on the left, just as there are lots of groups on the right which disagree. But they have one thing we don’t have: they have that Marxist-Leninist core that is able to actually run strategy over decades and slowly grind it down. And that’s what you’re seeing. That’s why you see the country is moving toward communism. I saw a cartoon the other day: it showed a ship that said, “USA” on the back and it was swirling down from progressivism to socialism and at the bottom of the whirlpool was communism. We can all see where they’re taking us, and the Russians and the Chinese are getting stronger. For the first time in my lifetime, the U.S. is outmatched by China and Russia. Some believe there is no communist bloc, but yes, I’m sorry; there is.

I think most of the people on the left aren’t even aware, because if they were, they would say, “Wait a minute; we’re committing suicide,” because it’s a one-way trip to destruction to go down this path, and this is the path we’re doing down.

Every single policy we’re following, from immigration to schooling to foreign policy, trade policy, environmental policy, economic policy, tax policy — it’s all suicide. These things are going to destroy us in the long run, and they’re all coordinated. And you say, “How could they be all coordinated?” Read the program of the Communist Party, and you’ll say, “Oh, my gosh, we’re doing everything it says in there.” How is that possible? Well, it’s possible because strategy works. Remember: I’m originally a strategist.

When I first started studying communist strategy, I said, “This will never work; people will realize what you were doing and they wouldn’t go along with you.” But it doesn’t work that way, because I didn’t understand how unconscious most people are, how unaware, how unthinking they are. It’s very easy. As long as you dress it up right; as long as you don’t give yourself away, you can manipulate people. There’s a sucker born every minute. And how many millions of them are there? This is how we’ve arrived here. We don’t get the honest truth from anybody; we know we don’t get it from media, and we haven’t gotten it from academia for a long time. If you control book publishing and entertainment and television, a voice like mine…I’ve been invited to Moscow; they really want me — they wanted to buy me off.

The Post & Email: Who were these people?

Jeff Nyquist: There were some Lithuanian businessmen at one point who wanted to set me up with a think tank in London. But was I born yesterday? They wanted to silence me. How many people have been silenced who thought the same thing as me? I know of others; I can’t name them because of how they were silenced and it would be a scandal. They can scandalize you; they can get you involved with women, drugs, money and corruption and any number of things to make sure that they set you up with a comfortable life and you don’t want to ruin it, so you’re going to shut up.

The Post & Email: Who was trying to get you to go to Russia?

Jeff Nyquist: Several years ago, a Russian guy who was a friend of Putin reached out to me and invited me to St. Petersburg and Moscow and said, “You’ll have the time of your life; you’ll go to great restaurants and we’re going to have you speak at this place and that place, all expenses paid…” Now if I were speaking nonsense, why would that offer be tendered to me? Why would they be interested? I’m nobody. I was lucky; at Financial Sense I was able to write for 12 years; they put up with a lot of complaints, because when somebody says certain things on the air or on the internet on a frequented site that they don’t like, they start a campaign to get rid of that person. Eventually, they got rid of me; I would not be able to keep any writing job for very long because when I say this, they don’t want it to get out.

Is anything I said not factual? You can check out all of it; it’s all true. The problem is, why don’t other people know it? This is the biggest secret of all: People don’t read; they don’t really study. They say they do, but they just kind-of go here and there and find this and that. You have to read widely and you have to read in depth.

It’s as if I’m a needle in a haystack, so if somebody goes on the internet, his reaction might be, “Oh, here’s this guy; he’s got 1,000 or 2,000 people a week visiting his site.” Maybe I get 4,000-5,000 a week. It’s nothing; I’ve had 40,000-50,000 when one of these conspiracy theorists likes something I’ve read. Conspiracy theorists, who have hundreds of thousands of people following them who believe all kinds of ludicrous things, will find something they like on my blog that is sensational — occasionally what I say is sensational, but mostly it’s just work. And of course they have the eyes of the sensationalists. I think last May and June I got 60,000 readers in one day; that depends on its dovetailing with the agenda of a sensationalistic person.

The Post & Email: Where is the communist agenda for the U.S. primarily coming from?

Jeff Nyquist: Originally there were two communist parties formed in the United States. In 1918-1919, the Communist Party was officially formed in Chicago. There was first a group in New York and then in Chicago. Lenin forced the two groups into one party. If you read about John Reed and his friend, Benjamin Gitlow, who were among the early leaders of the communist movement, they swore allegiance to the Soviet Union.

Socialism, of course, had existed in the United States, and all American socialists were not Marxists, but a really funny thing happened on the way to the revolution. Lenin took over Russia in 1917; it was the first successful socialist revolution in any country, and the union of the Soviet Socialist Republics was formed. Suddenly, everybody wanted to be a Leninist because Lenin had succeeded. Lenin was a Machiavellian; Lenin believed that the ends justified the means, that you do the most nasty things to succeed. What Gitlow said was that the socialist movement was full of sweet people who kind-of believed in a utopia; suddenly now they were willing to be completely ruthless to get their way and they were willing to listen to Leninism. Now you’ve created a movement of and by and for the psychopaths and sociopaths; the leaders were like sharks who were absolutely vicious and exploitative, totally dishonest and corrupt. I think if you go to the Soviet Union and you look at the history of the Communist Party there and at a character like Lenin, who was certainly a disturbed personality if not a psychopath, and you look at Stalin who was definitely a murderous paranoid personality —

The Post & Email: Yes, he murdered 20 million of his own people.

Jeff Nyquist: Maybe higher; maybe 30 or 40 million. We don’t really know the number. And then you have Mao Tse Tung, who killed even more; he is thought to have killed 60 million people in China. Mao would brag that he killed 100,000 Confucian scholars at once. So you have a movement of and by and for the sociopaths and psychopaths who are in power.

There’s an interesting book written by an Israeli who was diagnosed with borderline narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathy titled “Malignant Self Love.” It’s written by a psychopath about what it is like to be a psychopath. It was a revelation to me because you are really looking at who these people are who run totalitarian regimes.

There’s a book written by a Polish psychologist which was a reconstruction of a book that the Secret Police stole titled “Political Ponerology.” Ponerology is the study of evil. The author escaped from the East bloc and worked as a janitor; he had to reconstruct the book from memory because it had been confiscated by the Polish Secret Police. The book came to be written after a group of psychology professors in 1945, when the communists came in, were receiving re-indoctrination classes. One night in class, they started to compare notes and asked each other of the instructor, “Doesn’t he have the markings of a psychopath or a sociopath?” And they agreed, “Yes, he’s an abnormal person.” So they asked, “What about other leaders in the regime?” and they started saying, “Yes, this one looks like one, too.”

So they ended up doing a 20-year study of the Polish communist regime to determine whether the regime promoted people who were psychologically abnormal — psychopaths, sociopaths, people with other personality disorders — and sure enough, they determined that there were a group of personality disorders that were consciously being promoted by the regime. They were morally abnormal persons, of course, and this was a feature of the regime: Psychopaths recognize each other; that was one of the principles they found; they recognize each other, and they know that they don’t want normal people to recognize what they are, because if we knew what was going on inside of them, we would want them all put to death. That’s how evil they are. So they work together to keep themselves alive and to exploit the rest of us.


In an upcoming Part 4, Nyquist will detail the effects of disinformation campaigns employed by Soviet-style communist strategists in the West.

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