by Bob Russell, ©2021

(Feb. 27, 2021) — I have been seeing previews on television for the upcoming season of the program, “The Walking Dead,” a series about zombies.  The makeup is incredible but the story line doesn’t really give the true picture.  The walking dead aren’t corpses that have come back to life; they are brain-dead zombies that blindly vote for devildemocommiecrats.

The devildemocommiecrats have satan’s agenda as their party platform.  They deny the existence of Almighty God, support the murder of unborn children of God, called abortion, or the very untruthful term, “a woman’s right to choose.”  They also support homosexuality as an “alternate lifestyle,” islam and secular humanism as “alternate pathways to Heaven,” and patriotism as “domestic terrorism.”  Anyone with any sense at all knows it isn’t American patriots who are rioting, looting, burning, and murdering in the name of “racial equality.” 

The devildemocommiecrat “gods” advocate personal power and wealth, control over citizens, and anything that goes against the Word of God, the Christian faith, the Constitution, border security, and liberty for We the People.  The party is financed by Nazi war criminal george soros and his cabal of globalist billionaires like bill gates, bill deblasio, mark cuban, mark zuckerberg, jeff bezos, and others of their ilk.

They hate President Donald Trump because he isn’t one of them, can’t be bought, can’t be blackmailed, and can’t be intimidated.  They fear him because he is a patriot dedicated to draining the swamp that Washington, DC has become.  The gop establishment hates and fears him for the very same reasons, as they are part of the deep-state financed by the soros cabal, the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists, and multi-national mega-corporations.  Their “soldiers in the street” are the antifa and blm thugs paid by the same scum paying the gop and the devildemocommiecrat political hacks.

Satan knows he has a very limited run at ruling the world.  He has the people he needs in place in America to take us down and establish his global dictatorship based in Europe.  Satan’s political and propaganda minions are going full-tilt to do his will.  They are more than happy to sell their immortal souls for wealth and power in this lifetime, either not caring that eternity lasts a lot longer than our mortal lives, or not believing in the idea of life after death, a concept taught in Christianity and most other world religions.  Those who deny the existence of God also deny the concept that there is more than just our mortal life on earth, a false concept that will cause them eternal suffering in the Lake of Fire.

The brain-dead zombies that vote for devildemocommiecrats have no idea of what destruction and tyranny they are bringing on themselves and their children.  Feminists have been blindly voting for devildemocommiecrats for years but now have been tossed aside by those they so blindly and obediently put in office.  One of the first things the illegitimate ayatollah dementia did upon taking the office that was stolen for him through massive vote FRAUD was to throw the Title IX program aside in favor of the sick satanic idea of “transgenderism,” letting biological males compete in women’s athletic events and use women’s restrooms and locker rooms if they woke up one morning and “felt like being women for the day.”

Title IX is a program created to designate money to promote athletics for girls in high school and college.  Women crusaded for many years to get the program implemented but the devildemocommiecrats found another group to pander to that put women in the back room.  Blacks, another group that has been solid devildemocommiecrat voters, is being relegated to “back of the bus” status in favor of illegal-alien invaders, many of whom are drug dealers, human traffickers, murderers, and gang members, notably the very ruthless and violent MS-13 Mexican drug cartel.

Homosexuals are going to soon find themselves in a very bad situation.  Once moslems have enough numbers to be a more significant part of the devildemocommiecrat party, homosexuals are going to find out that they will no longer have favored status in the party.  Moslems kill homosexuals on a regular basis and when push comes to shove the homosexuals will be abandoned, just as the feminists and blacks have already been abandoned.

Part of the problem is that Christian conservatives have been so vilified by the devildemocommiecrats, their Pravda/Goebbels propagandists and the deep-state gop establishment, and brain-dead, brainwashed liberal zombies lap up lies because they don’t like hearing the truth.  Unfortunately the walking dead would rather hear what suits their personal preferences than hear the truth.  One day very soon the truth is going to bite them on the butt, and the feminists have just felt the first bite from ayatollah dementia and his gang of satanists.

The shining examples of the walking dead are the videos we see of one moron, often al not-so-sharp, with a megaphone or microphone shouting a one- or two-line chant and the crowd of brain-dead minions shouting it back verbatim, people who don’t have enough intelligence to think for themselves.  The riots in Seattle and Portland in the summer of 2020 are examples of the walking dead acting without any thought: just automatically attack on anyone and everyone in sight, including each other.  We saw the “media” coverage that was one lie after another.

I don’t know how many times I saw one of the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists telling us about the “peaceful protests” while being taped in front of a burning car or building.  People not able to comprehend the situation are the brain-dead ones the devildemocommiecrats count on to further their evil agenda.  Liberals who vote for devildemocommiecrats won’t see the error of their ways until it is too late to reverse their fate.  The “useful idiots” will be cast aside as soon as they are no longer needed, as the radical feminists just found out.

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