by Bob Russell, ©2021

(Feb. 26, 2021) — It is a sad state of affairs in America today that skin color is such a big deal to those seeking the destruction of the greatest nation ever established on earth.  Those who desire a one-world government that they plan to use to impoverish and enslave the entire population of planet earth are pitting American people against each other based on the very shallow precepts of skin color and ethnicity because that is the easiest path to totalitarianism.

Why do we have a Black History Month but not a White History Month or an American Indian History Month?.  Why can we not just celebrate American History every month and be happy that we have been blessed to live in this great land that God and our forefathers established after they won freedom from the British tyrant, King George III?  There isn’t anything so significant about blacks in America that it can’t or shouldn’t be part of an overall history of this once-great nation without the need to classify it separately.

The leftist, satanic devildemocommiecrats don’t care about the fate of dark-skinned people; they are just using the distinction to propel themselves into the position of absolute control over ALL of We the People.  The illegitimate usurper ayatollah joe dementia got up a couple of days ago and once again showed the disdain of blacks and hispanics by the devildemocommiecrat party when he said they lag behind in covid vaccinations because they are too stupid to get on the internet and sign up for the shot (he didn’t use the word “stupid” but that is essentially what he said).  If the true president, President Trump, had said the same thing the race hustlers like al not-so-sharp and all the toadies in the devildemocommiecrat party would have been howling at the moon for him to be tarred and feathered. Since it was one of their own, a devildemocommiecrat racist, we hear crickets.

When We the People fall for the tactics of division we put our future in further peril.  Descendants of African slaves and free African migrants have contributed to the growth of America. Some have made huge contributions (like George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and Dineen Borelli, to name a very few), but to make skin color the distinction, to me, is so very wrong.  I often hear that so-and-so was the first black person to play a sport or to join an organization.  To me that belittles their accomplishment by implying it was skin color that made them who they are rather than their skill or intellect being the prime factor.  An athlete who excels doesn’t do so based on the color of their skin but rather, on the basis of talent, hard work, and dedication to being the best they can be, and that is how their accomplishment should be remembered, not that they were black.

Those desiring to enslave us keep us at each others’ throats to accomplish something they would find impossible if We the People were united behind God, the Constitution, and our common interest in liberty for ourselves and our fellow man.  Look at the crass way the devildemocommiecrats frame every issue.  They can’t find it in themselves to congratulate an athlete for doing the hard work, daily training discipline, and dedication it takes to be a top-notch player in their sport but would rather make a racial distinction to keep color and ethnicity in the forefront so that is what people focus on.  They don’t make the same distinctions about white people, so who is being the racist here?

I greatly admire Martin Luther King and his niece, Alveda King, because both look at content of character as determining factors, as I do and as Jesus Christ commanded us to do.  The race hustlers like al not-so-sharp and jesse jackson use racial division to get rich and maintain their wealth and status because neither of them has the intelligence or integrity to get real jobs and use their voices to make America a better place for all to live.

President Trump did more for black people in four years than all the race hustlers and devildemocommiecrats have done in decades of fomenting hate and division based on skin color.  They call me a Nazi and a racist because I am white (actually beige).  I am not “white”; I am Caucasion.  Michael Jackson was “white” ( an albino freak after he did whatever he did to change his skin color).  He couldn’t change the fact that he was what is biologically called “Negroid,” which is the biological term equivalent to Caucasian.  There is no “racism” there; they are simply terms that have been used since the beginning of written history.

If the devildemocommiecrats and their low-intelligence, low-information minions would stop all of their hate-mongering and go about uniting We the People this nation and its citizens could live in harmony, but that wouldn’t help their agenda of tyranny over all people.  If you will take time to look into antifa and blm you will find that most of the ringleaders are white liberals, not black activists or white conservatives.  They are using the low-intelligence, low-information segment of citizens of all skin tones as useful idiots to bring about their own enslavement at the hands of tyrants whose evil lust for personal wealth and power is all that matters.

What has that old hag mad maxine “polluted” waters ever done for inner-city blacks in Los Angeles?  She lives in a huge mansion with large grounds surrounded by walls and armed guards paid for by taxpayers far from her constituents who are living in squalor.  Nearly all of the devildemocommiecrats are living in splendor while those they allegedly “represent” live in conditions more common in third-world countries in Africa.  Don’t take my word for it; do some checking on your own and see if I am telling it straight, if you are “intelligent enough to get on the internet.”  The usurper biden and his ilk make me sick.  Many blacks in inner-city slums and very rural areas may not have internet access, but that is much different from not knowing how to get on the internet; evidently the very racist joe dementia isn’t intelligent enough to make that distinction.

Instead of being outraged at people like me, blacks should be outraged at those who claim to have their best interests in mind because they don’t.  Blacks are nothing but a means to an end as far as the devildemocommiecrats are concerned, just fools to be used for convenience, and that rubs me the wrong way because I see red-blooded Americans, not black, white, red, orange, blue, or green.  Racism was once a huge issue in America and that was wrong but those days are gone and should be left there.  Let’s celebrate how far we have come since 1865 and thank Almighty God we are where we are and not still where we were.  Base your evaluation of people on character, integrity, and compassion for your fellow man and let’s get this nation united behind God, the Constitution, and the freedom both stand for.  The American flag has stood for freedom for 244 years; get back there and put this color nonsense behind us.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Lest we forget “Hispanic Heritage Month”, September 15th – October 15th, in celebration of the history and contributions that Latinos have made to our nation.

    Why no “Honor and Remember Month”, May, in recognition of and in tribute to the now almost 2 million AMERICAN military men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms?

  2. Excellent editorial, which reminds me:
    Once upon a time, in a land far away, I was with a group of volunteers who found ourselves surrounded by the enemy who, come dawn, were going to wipe us out. We were without water or any hope of rescue since our radio was shot-out. The officer-in-charge ordered us to surrender but I had a better idea: take the chance to die fighting rather than to bow to an order that would, most likely, get us all killed.
    So I, the lowest man on the totem pole, rallied the men and we attacked the enemy’s camp in the dead of night, killed them all and drank their water.
    The men that I lead were all Americans, and if you think it means anything who watches your back, whether American Indian, Black, White, Asian or whatever, it doesn’t: the operative word here is “AMERICAN”.
    So you can take the “White Privilege” and “Black History Month”; this rewriting history by statue toppling and “BLM”; this fraud of an election and Joe Biden and, well, use your own imagination what you can do with them all.