by Bob Russell, ©2021

Rush Limbaugh Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

(Feb. 18, 2021) — One of America’s greatest patriots ever died on February 17, 2021.  Rush Limbaugh, the great American patriot and outstanding radio personality, lost his battle with cancer yesterday.  I remember the sadness I felt when he announced to his radio audience that he had been diagnosed with a cancer that would take his life eventually.  I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I remember the feeling of loss I felt the day I heard him say he had a limited time to continue his crusade for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for We the People.  Even knowing he had a death sentence that was not far in the future, Rush approached the radio broadcast that he felt was not only a privilege but a duty he owed to every freedom-loving, America-loving American. 

Rush was on nationwide radio for more than 30 years but I didn’t find him until about 20 years ago and became a fan quickly.  His easygoing style, sense of humor, and patriotism kept me coming back day after day.  I haven’t listened much in the last few years because I am very disabled from a stroke and don’t get out much.  I would usually listen while in my car as I traveled around.  I spent five years doing volunteer work at the Claremore Veterans Center until the coronavirus scamdemic stopped it in March 2020.  I would be working at the center while Rush was on so couldn’t listen very often from May 8, 2015 until they stopped letting volunteers in during March 2020.

Rush was unapologetic in his love of America and his dedication to doing everything he could to preserve liberty and hold the political ruling class as accountable as he could.

The Pravda/Goebbels leftist propagandists didn’t waste any time in showing their sick joy at his death.  Rush didn’t pull any punches when calling out the devildemocrat party, their propagandists, or their deep-state gop friends.  Rush was a strong and outspoken supporter of President Trump because of the president’s strong stand of putting America and We the People first.  Rush never apologized for nor backed away from his conviction that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and should be followed strictly to the letter. 

Rush was a solid and very outspoken enemy of the radical leftists who are doing everything they can to destroy our nation and turn it into a third-world puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship.

I saw a video clip on the One America News Network showing leftist propagandists, I think on msnbc, crowing about how a “hater” had finally been silenced.  I don’t remember their exact words but there were 3 or 4 showing their obvious joy at the death of Rush.  I was both appalled and disgusted by their display of hate.  I should be used to it by now after the last five years of their bashing President Trump for doing the very things We the People elected him to do.

OANN then showed a clip of these same propagandists lamenting the death of pornographer larry flynt when he died.  Flynt exploited and demeaned women for profit, something the left would severely criticize a conservative for doing on a much smaller scale. I despised everything about larry flynt and believe the entire world is a better place with him in hell where he belongs but didn’t spend a single minute gloating at the news of his death. The left-wing propagandists constantly berated President Trump and any other conservative for “offenses” against women that were never committed yet turn a blind eye when one of theirs does it.  The raft of hollywood scum that has abused women — bill clinton, al gore, joe biden, and a long list of other liberal men — is either ignored or excused away by the leftist “defenders of women.” 

There are very few like Rush Limbaugh and I don’t know how someone will step into his shoes nor who might do so.  Mark Levin, Jeanine Pirro, and Laura Ingraham are a few who could fill the gap left but no one will ever be truly able to fully replace Rush Limbaugh.  I had the privilege of being able to get through to him a couple of times over the years and found him to be a very kind, polite, knowledgeable, and affable radio host.  I called in many times but usually didn’t get to Rush himself.  I have wondered if Mr. Snerdley might take over the seat behind the golden EIB microphone.  James Golden, AKA Bo Snerdley, has been with Rush for many years and could take over if he desires to do so.  I don’t know how well he would do but believe he is as solid as Rush or he wouldn’t have been part of the EIB team for so many years.

America needs more people like Rush Limbaugh and President Donald Trump if it is to survive the satanic influences so prevalent in our nation today.  Both houses of congress, the oval office, hollywood, and the media are all under the full control of satan today and We the People, even those who vote for devildemocommiecrats, are in grave danger of becoming victims of Soviet, Nazi, or Communist China-style slavery and extermination.

My prayers, condolences and best wishes go out to Rush’s wife and the rest of his family in their time of great loss.  America’s loss is great but theirs is a double loss.  They lost a loved one as well as a champion for their freedom.  God bless you, Rush, and I will see you when I get to Heaven also.  Rush was one year younger than me at the time of his death.  I will miss him and America will miss him greatly.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. I first heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio in about 1989, and I remember thinking, is this guy for real. He openly says what I am thinking but am afraid to say myself. He refused to bow down to the liberal nonsense and often caught Hell for it. The libs hated him and wanted him off the air. But the more they ranted the bigger Rush got until he was the biggest thing on talk radio.

    So, go with God brother, America will miss you. Its shouting time in Heaven, Rush Limbaugh is there.

    Below are a few of his famous Rush-isms.

    “Greetings, conversationalists across the fruited plain, this is Rush Limbaugh, the most dangerous man in America, with the largest hypothalamus in North America, serving humanity simply by opening my mouth, destined for my own wing in the Museum of Broadcasting, executing everything I do flawlessly with zero mistakes, doing this show with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair because I have talent on loan from God. Rush Limbaugh. A man. A legend. A way of life.”

    “I must be honest. I can only read so many paragraphs of a New York Times story before I puke.”

    “Racist — a person who wins an argument with a liberal.”

    “We live in a world of intolerance masked as tolerance.
    Liberalism is a scourge. It destroys the human spirit. It destroys prosperity. It assigns sameness to everybody. And wherever I find it, I oppose it.”

    “Compassion is no substitute for justice.”

  2. Rush was unstopped by every attempt of the Far-Left and they hated him for it.
    The CIA’s Brennan easily could’ve found Rush’s high-end cigar source and set up having them misted with a known scentless carcinogen(even radiation) every so often and could be done in a split second…!

    1. Rush talked on his show about his earlier DJ days and smoking heavily plus he smoked cigars later in life. It catches up to you sooner or later.