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(Feb. 16, 2021) — [Lenin] is stated to have been enthusiastic about a ‘beautiful plan,’ i.e., the proposal for the Communists to cross the border into another country in order to hang kulaks, priests, and landowners in that country and then pin it onto the anti-communist guerilla units operating in Soviet Russia at the time.

Natalie Grant

Sometimes it is important to revisit the past. Clarity about the past gives us clarity about the present. The Russians and their communist friends have a big bag of tricks. And in that bag you will find a Russian word: Provokatsiya  [провока́ция] or, in English, Provocation. Definition: “A political event staged by an intelligence service on behalf of its government in order to accomplish some political goal.” In the quote from Natalie Grant above, we see a rather bloodthirsty example of Provikatsiya. The communist special services arrange a horrifying event which is subsequently blamed on anti-communists. There is another Russian word, as well: Dezinformatsiya (or disinformation). It refers to misleading information planted by the Russian special services. Let’s look back into history and see if any examples can be found:

Here are a few that may resonate with readers, depending on their level of knowledge:

  • Assassinate JFK and blame right-wingers (see Edward Jay Epstein’s JFK Assassination Diary or Ion Pacepa’s Programmed to Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassination).
  • Drop the Twin Towers, burn the Pentagon, then blame the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street with “Truther” conspiracy theories. (My sources in the Czech Republic claim that Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, was trained in a terrorist training camp in communist Czechoslovakia in 1987. Please note: Before being fatally poisoned with radioactive polonium sent from Moscow, FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko named Ayman al-Zawahiri as a “long-time KGB agent.” Zawahiri was Osama bin Laden’s number one lieutenant and successor. Litvinenko also said several al-Qaeda leaders were trained in Russia, but he only publicly named Zawahiri. See notes below.)
  • Spend a summer Looting and burning, rioting and threatening, then try Donald Trump as a violent insurrectionist. (Presently the communist strategy is to claim that the right is dangerous and insurrectionist while camouflaging their own insurrection under the “righteous” banner of Black Lives Matter.)
  • Blame Trump for stealing an election in 2016, then censor anyone who says the Democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump. (By setting up the first narrative you would think they could not carry out the second narrative, but communist provocations almost always blame the victim; and this can even be done years in advance.)

Natalie Grant’s book, titled Disinformation, offers us additional insights. There is an old Russian operational principle: “to simulate that which is not, to dissimulate that which exists.” Grant explains, “to this day Soviet military authorities recommend deception of the enemy by concealing existing objects and by creating simulated objects in order to divert the enemy’s attention.”

By “object” the Russians do not only mean physical “objects.” Diversionary narratives may also qualify in this regard. To explain further: Suppose the truth is represented as Narrative A. In order to divert attention from Narrative A the special services will be tasked with spreading several false diversionary narratives; that is, Narratives B – F. If you construct those narratives with sensational claims, people will be drawn to them. Of course, the public mind is very susceptible to sensational claims. Soon enough everybody will forget Narrative A. In fact, people will become so besotted with a sensational false narrative they will spontaneously create home-grown arguments in support of the narrative. In this way a false narrative will gain a life of its own.

As an aside: Many conspiracy theories should be suspected on these grounds. In each case we must ask ourselves the key question: WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY? In many instances the Russians or their communist friends will benefit. If that is the case, the theory in question needs to be examined in terms of its sourcing. Is this coming from identifiably agents of influence? Have defectors shown the information to be concocted by the Russian special services? In the case of the false Kennedy assassination narratives, KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin revealed that false JFK assassination narratives were planted in Western newspapers by the KGB. In fact, most JFK assassination theories that exonerate the communists rely on these planted stories; yet most Americans believe in diversionary KGB narratives related to the JFK assassination. It is almost impossible to get people away from these narratives for the simple reason that once someone adopts a false narrative it becomes a hobby horse; and people enjoy their hobby horses.

Imagine how frightening our situation is. The Soviet Union and its Cuban ally can assassinate an American president. Even more frightening, they can successfully blame that assassination on anti-communists within the CIA or Big Oil or the Military Industrial Complex. Once this kind of capability has been used successfully, it can be used again. (Hint, hint.)

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