February 15, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I voted for President Trump twice and have no regrets nor disappointments.  Like all politicians, he told us what he was going to do; but, as Trump never was a professional politician, he actually DID the things he promised to do.  I didn’t vote for him because of his manners or grammatical eloquence, but rather, because he was believable and his message rang true as the best alternative for our nation’s path forward.  I knew that Trump had acquired some warts along the way in his first half-century, but didn’t we all?

Most of all, I didn’t vote for him because he was a Republican.  I was born and raised as a Democrat and there were elected, Democrat officials in my Dad’s family.  Earlier, I voted for a Democrat or two, including JFK and LBJ for president.  But as a career military man, I couldn’t stomach the treachery that my Dad’s party visited upon those of who served our country during the latter stages of the Cold War as it played out in Vietnam.  So I voted for Ronald Reagan and never looked back.  I never really considered myself a true Republican because I saw that there were some good folks among the Democrats, too. 

After this weekend’s unsuccessful sham impeachment, the treachery of a number of the Professional Republicans made me sick.  What part of their “conscience” did they vote?  Was it because they were looking ahead to their own re-election battles and wanted to “be on the record” with being “open-minded” and felt safe doing so, since there were enough “Nays” that his/her betrayal would not matter anyway?  Or was it because they wanted to demonstrate their own “purity of purpose” while in a safe seat?  Or were they really foolish enough to buy into the Democrats’ and media’s (redundant, I know) ever-growing stack of baloney, character assassinations, misrepresentations, and outright lies?

Our president has been under siege since he first announced his candidacy.  Opponents have dogged him and the media have been merciless, yet through it all, Trump has continued to work on our behalf.  He’s not had a moment’s rest, but he is fighter, in the best sense of the word.  I guess that’s why typical milquetoast Republicans fear him.  Imagine, an elected Republican being expected to do what he or she promised?  Oh, the onerous burden.  Ah, maybe that’s it: Trump’s performance in office has set too high a bar…      

Trump and Reagan are a lot alike.  And they were (are) both hounded and ridiculed and kept on doing the best for their country – OUR country.   Rather than cower like cowards, they stood (and stand) firm and will not turn tail.  They were (are) REAL men. 

Old Frank 

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  1. Old Frank;

    Each of us at “The Pulse of the Nation” applaud your editorial and couldn’t agree more, just too bad we don’t have more of you in Washington. China wins the election and the rotten clowns – and we all know who they are – better wipe that smirk off their faces real soon because I don’t think we’re going to take it much longer. The “in-your-face” fraudulent election was the last straw: TRUMP won and what makes matters worse, we all know it, including the Chinese.

    Just a passing reminder to our nation’s police force: you have a choice, your job or your country.

    Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

  2. The swamp dwellers, both parties, believed they were untouchable after they aided in the installation of and/or covered for the putative president, Obama. They also knew that Donald Trump had offered Obama 5 million to Obama’s favorite charity for Barack to show his actual Hawaii birth certificate. Obama did not because one does not exist and the charity did not get 5 million. Neither did Obama get to mock Trump with a video showing the 5 million dollar check signed by Trump being given to the charity. Months later, John Brennan and the CIA created a badly forged birth certificate for Obama. How many people would have refused to show their birth certificate and deprive their favorite charity of 5 million? Only someone who has something big to hide……..When the Obama media successfully shut down the subject of, “Who is Barack Hussein Obama?”, the Deep/State gained complete control of America’s government, including her military………Hillary failed as the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president. Trump the “birther” was elected and both parties kept President Trump under siege and removed him from office with a fraudulent election to install Obama’s third term, Joe Biden and Biden’s VP Kamala Harris who, like Obama, is also not ineligible. Doing so reestablished the after Obama cover meant for Hillary Clinton, and put the Uniparty/Deep State back on track for finalization of turning America into a Socialist/Communist country. Nothing about the installation and purpose of Obama was/is difficult to understand, but many Americans fell for the lies and propaganda of the Obamamedia which they were being fed 24/7. Many have never figured out what happened, even with the imminent loss of America’s Constitutional Republic obviously in progress…they are in denial and/or believe that, this time, Socialism will be the solution and not the disaster it is always proven to be………..America is in deep trouble and elections are not going save our Republic…………

    1. “they are in denial” isn’t quite correct. You see, my brother is ‘one of those’ who, not only doesn’t ‘have a clue’ but, even worse, doesn’t care, as in doesn’t REALLY doesn’t care about the USA one way or the other. and if it hurts me or any of the other Trumpsters, all the better.
      I tried using logic, reason and facts but I might as well been talking to the cat.

      1. I know people like that also. Some seem “oblivious” to what is happening and I have had a few tell me they don’t care. I know what you mean about talking to cats, they ignore me but expect me to to feed them, keep them warm and clean up their crap……..sound familiar?