by Jane Bate and Bryan Hermansdorfer, ©2021

(Feb. 14, 2021) — [Editor’s Note: Please see previous installments in this series here.]

Regarding the whitewashing of Islam in American textbooks, one might wonder how this happens. An organization, the Council on Islamic Education (CIE), basically anointed themselves as the vetters of Islamic textbook material. According to John Guandolo, CIE is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its “stated purpose is to wage war against the United States to overthrow the government and impose ‘Allah’s divine law/sharia.’” This is accomplished through deception of the students, and this plan is carried out from at least middle school through the university level, as well as throughout the government and our military.

Some activities for which parents should be on the alert are trips to mosques (which never seem to be balanced out by trips to churches or synagogues), and a relatively new event, World Hijab Day, held on February 1. Interesting, isn’t it, that U.S. schools put girls in hijabs while in many Islamic countries, women are killed for taking them off!

For contrast, in What Islam is All About by Yahiya Emerick, a 7th grade text for Islamic schools in America, you’ll find this bit of truth: “Once we become educated in the authentic system of Islam, we must try to establish it somewhere.” The goal of Islam is a global caliphate, and schools are an important step towards that goal.

On the bright side, there are at least four critical works to help a school system judge the level of bias in many textbooks:

  1. ACT for America:
  2. American Textbook Council:
  3. Citizens for National Security: (10-minute video); pdf summary:
  4. Truth in Textbooks:

Parents, please be sure to read your children’s textbooks and other school materials and talk with teachers and BOE members.

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  1. public schools are now merely satanic indoctrination centers dedicated to the destruction of America and the establishment of satanism in a country established as a Christian nation, one that used the Holy Bible as a textbook in its early days but now outlaws any reference to it in public. God will judge this nation, and those doing this evil, severely!!!!!

  2. In my latest bestselling book, “The Invasion of the West by Islam is on Time”, we have lined-up as sheep and are now being directed to the showers. The absolute proof is Barry Soetoro’s, aka Obama, election, followed by his second, which cemented THE FIX.
    Furthermore, every Attorney General since Napolitano has turned a blind eye to 1) Nation of Islam, 2) Muslim Brotherhood, 3) CAIR, not to mention the displaced 22+ Islam terrorist training camps that our government transplanted from Afghanistan.
    The government is still moving whole Somalia villages into our country.
    Furthermore, our government has allowed Saudi schools to teach the Wahhabi Doctrine and receive government aid.
    It all started with the television commercials, followed by the Fake News, and now a year of masks that don’t keep ANY virus at bay, which is just a Machiavellian maneuver to get us accustom to women wearing a veil.
    And then, to top it off, we have textbooks pushing the Sharia point of view.
    It started the day that some fool classified Islam as “One of the World’s Great Religions” when, in fact, Islam is a political doctrine, not unlike a Totalitarian State ruled by Draconian methods: no free speech; burn the books, let ignorance and apathy rule.

    Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky