Chris Smith
112 Village Center Drive, Second Floor*
Raintree Shopping Center
Freehold, NJ  07728

February 5, 2021

Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you as someone who has voted for you several times over the years.  Not because I suspected that you were a conservative, but because I always decided, in the general elections, you were the least of two bad choices.

It has always been astounding to me how one of the most conservative Districts in this political cesspool called New Jersey, we have had to endure a true blue RINO. You Congressman, might actually be more liberal than some Demonrats you have run against.

You have consistently voted against the 2nd Amendment, you voted against tax cuts that would help the middle class in New Jersey.  By the way, where the hell do you really live? You do manage to show up every two years to campaign and stay here as little time as possible.  Maybe I can’t blame you for that. But then again I am not being paid to represent the people of the 4th District.

You claim you support China Virus laws (known as COVID-19 for the spineless liberal politicians) which are based on political control of the people. Not science. The virus, you might be interested in knowing, has a dimension of 0.01 microns. That is about 1000 times smaller than the pores of even the best mask.  This does not even take in the other major fact that the edges of the mask could not stop the transfer of bacteria let alone a virus. Using a mask to prevent the transfer of this virus would be about as effective as using a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

And now Sir, you have joined with the Marxists Demonrats, of which I have always suspected you as being a part of, to stifle the free and open speech of a fellow congressperson.  Ms. Greene has every right to support the unequivocally proven fact relating to the theft of this past election. This action of yours is as despicable a move as you have done. And that mister, owing to your record, is quite a statement.

Even if you are as ignorant as you appear to be, you and your liberal cohorts are about to learn the truth about this fraud. A black mark that has made America the laughing stock of the world and will be that until this crime has been brought to justice.  I suspect you already do know this but hope that the American people never will.

Well Mister, 80% of them do and in a few days, no one will be able to honestly deny it. I do however understand the revulsion you and the political sect have for that word ,“honesty”.

It is past time for you to retire to whatever state you actually live in and give the people of NJ District 4 a chance to have a conservative represent us.

In closing, anyone who believes this election was honest and that Bogus Biden got more votes in swing state counties than both Obama and Clinton, who thinks that counting stacks of ballots over and over again is not a crime, who believes that when 500 military ballots were opened and counted that not one of those votes was for President Trump, may need to have something spelled out for him.

Here it is: This vote against free speech and the right to question this egregious fraud is the last straw. I, nor any of my family, friends or patriots in my inner circle will ever cast another vote for you.

Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver NJ

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  1. With appropriate editing, this excellent article is the perfect form letter for all US Representatives and all US Senators, because the full US government under the fraud Biden presidency has has no legal standing.

    1. Also, the full U.S. government had no standing under Obama’s putative presidency, but that unfortunately never mattered.
      Now, the fraudulently elected Biden is awaiting being replaced by the Constitutionally ineligible, Kamala Harris……..WHAT A COUNTRY!!
      On the mask comment from the article. I don’t believe it would be valid unless the China virus was traveling thought the air by itself. I believe it travels adhered to something larger, which can often be stopped by the mask. I don’t like wearing one, and am not sure how effective it is, but I don’t think the statement in the article above is entirely valid………..