February 2, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

I hate to seem like a one-trick pony, but the devil makes me do it.  Just put it to music and sing along with me …  “Well, it’s Climate Time Again, your goin’ to hate me, I can see that faraway look in your eyes…” 

Dear old Joe Biden, from the party that “believes in ‘science,’’’ feels the need to prove he’s a true “believer” so he appointed Lurch to school and hector us proles about a spanking new (old?) “climate emergency!”  It seems that the oceans will boil away and the Great Lakes will freeze over or disappear or something, unless we stop drilling for and exploiting the very fossil fuels that allow us to live in comfort, travel, to achieve world-leading food production and distribution, that give us electricity, and for making tens of thousands of products and even medicines that depend on petroleum for manufacture.  If the probable loss of all that doesn’t excite you, I have to tell you that even your cell phone will be either gone or also be very limited. 

Renewables can NEVER make up for the loss of fossil fuels.  Many days and nights the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow .. as they say, “You can look it up.”  While we can be certain that some new technological breakthroughs will be discovered to reduce our dependence on these fuels, we are not there yet, and such “discoveries” can only come from a robust economic model that can afford to invest big money on basic research.  But, in the meantime there are some things that Biden and company might want to think through more clearly (and honestly).  First, let’s begin by rescinding the “finding” that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.  Doh!  We exhale the stuff.  It routinely occurs in nature; in fact, all life forms on this planet are carbon-based.  And, when they burn, die, rot, or desiccate, they exude carbon dioxide. Most importantly of all, plants cannot live WITHOUT carbon dioxide, and without plant life, animal life on this planet is doomed for extinction. 

Now for more FACTS:  Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere makes up barely more than a trace gas, at four one- hundredths of one percent!  To put this a little differently, it means that the lovely, life-sustaining atmosphere surrounding our planet is 99.996% NOT carbon dioxide.

This means that any large-scale “abatement” effort would not only be unnecessary, but a fool’s errand and a very expensive one at that.  Our planet does NOT need to be saved from itself, or from you and me.  Our Maker put in place a wonderful symbiosis – plants must have carbon dioxide to “breathe” and they in turn extract the carbon and emit (“exhale”) the oxygen that all animal life depends upon.  How smart of God!  And yet, to satisfy the Greenies, trillions are being mentioned, as if throwing money at nature will somehow improve it.  Join me in noting that the natural order of things is to be enjoyed, not destroyed. 

In its three-billion-year history, our earth has undergone wild swings of climate change.  It has been warm enough at the poles to sustain palm trees and cold enough where you are reading this to be buried under a one-mile-deep glacier.  Not a single one of those wild swings was caused by humankind and none had anything to do with carbon dioxide.  There are enormous forces that control our climate – from the massive currents that move sea water to oceans of air moving constantly influenced by the Sun and by the earth’s rotation and pulled daily by the gravity of our moon as it rotates around us.  And, as several studies have shown, solar output (or lack thereof) is likely the greatest determinant.

The void of outer space has a temperature of absolute zero – so cold that even the atoms within the molecules of matter don’t oscillate much.  Earth is capable of sustaining life because it has an atmosphere that both warms and cools its surface, and it contains the proper balance of gases to sustain life here.  Carbon dioxide is a major player in that balance, and as we get a tiny bit more of it into our air, plants immediately thrive.  That’s the trick that greenhouse growers have used for years to increase yields of tomatoes and cukes, flowers and all the rest – they pump additional carbon dioxide into the glass enclosures. 

“Science,” like “law” or “economics,” has variations and nuances, and seldom does a single view hold true in all cases.  But the idea that staying warm and living comfortably, traveling with ease, and enjoying life’s bounty in general is somehow going to threaten all life on earth is worse than misguided; it is flat wrong!  Internal combustion engines have made life better, everywhere and have been consistently improved to reduce waste, burn fuel more cleanly and efficiently and in the process reduce their emissions.  Everyone cares about the environment, even automotive engineers and mechanics and oil companies. 

AOC has gotten Old Uncle Joe’s ear and he looks to be leaning in their misguided direction. To do so would be tragic for the economy, for well-being and even health and safety.  Exxon-Mobil is nobody’s enemy and neither are GM or Ford, Mercedes or Honda.  The open road is the American way and is NOT a threat to the environment.  Period.   

When new, better and affordable alternatives are discovered and produced, they will be adopted.  Americans are neither stupid nor stubborn.  Electric cars aren’t yet the answer because battery technologies lag, and the electrical grid isn’t ready for them, either.  Plus, we will always need heavy haulers to get goods from farm and factory to market.  Pipelines are very efficient and rail has some real benefits, too.  The best method of deciding which mode is best for which product or service is still the marketplace.  Private enterprise has the greatest incentive to get it right and provide things and services as cheaply as possible to us consumers.  The enterprises with the best and cheapest prosper.  And that is why “government” cannot determine what will work best.  Profit IS a genuine incentive, and making a profit involves many factors – all of which benefit us citizens. 

So, let’s let Joe know that his role as president and the legislature’s role as lawmakers do NOT include telling us what we may drive, how we must travel, how warm or cool we may keep our homes and workplaces, or what we should be content with.  Being free means free to choose, and the greatest numbers of us will choose wisely.  That’s how democratic governance works.  Sorry, Joe, tell AOC and her “troops” it’s no-go.  We are not going to live in fear as to whether we will die of hunger or freeze to death because of government mandates on how commerce and life itself must conform. 

Respectfully offered,

Old Frank

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