by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Jan. 29, 2021) — I’ve got news for you in the media. Biden, our country’s elected president (but not “duly elected,” even though some like to pretend it), says nothing, and does nothing! HE IS A PUPPET. HE IS A FIGUREHEAD, A PAWN, AND A STOOGE.

So, then, WHY ARE YOU IN THE NEWS MEDIA ALWAYS PLAYING WORD GAMES WITH YOUR LISTENERS AND VIEWERS BY TELLING THEM THAT “BIDEN” SAID THIS OR THAT, OR THAT “BIDEN” DID THIS OR THAT?  In a way, it’s like when you report, as you often do,  that the “White House” said this or that, or that the “White House” did this or that!  NOT SO.  AT LEAST, NOT IN THE REAL MEANING OF THE WORDS.  You, the news media, DISTORT REALITY enough already.

Now, let’s get to what is really going on.  Biden is becoming senile and physically unable to do the job (I can attest to this, as I am 77 years old and not getting mentally or physically any younger!).  So, who, as if you didn’t know, is the actual decision- and policy-maker in the Oval Office?  Who scripts practically every move and thought made by the occupant of the Oval Office?  It’s not quite as easy as being in a basement!    

Without further belaboring the point, I now reveal (or affirm for you, if you are someone who already knows the answer) THE IDENTITY OF THE REAL BEHIND-THE-SCENES PRESIDENT.  Of course, it is none other than BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!  Apparently, Obama is giving the orders through a trusted surrogate, who then relays everything to Uncle Joe.  It looks a lot as if that trusted surrogate is former “front man (person)” and Benghazi storyteller (liar) Susan Rice.  But, that’s just the way it looks.  Others could be involved, too.

ALSO, LET’S NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE FACT THAT BEHIND ALL OF THIS RICO-LIKE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IS THE DEEP STATE.  No names of the guilty parties need be given.  Some of us already know who these individuals and organizations are.  Our federal government is full of them (notably the CIA, which groomed constitutionally-ineligible Obama for the presidency!  And, pardon me for saying so, but some Deep State swamp- dwellers are even working at CNN!

The bottom line is, STOP TRYING TO MAKE THE PUBLIC BELIEVE THAT JOE BIDEN IS IN CHARGE!  The TRUTH is that he is not!  And you, the American public and voters, may or may not know who really is calling the shots and running (or should I say ruining?) our country!  Is that the way it’s supposed to work?  America has been LIVING A LIE since 2008-09.  True history is being cancelled, and a bogus, racist, and woke-driven history is being substituted. 


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  1. How did this movement get this far without being noticed – identified for what it is? I am spending far too much time scouring the internet for what is really going on now with the US government (I’m American, born here). I try to verify what I am picking up and sometimes I can validate what is being reported and sometimes I can’t . It is hard to imagine that as much as Trump knows and understands about the current scene that he would walk away – which I don’t believe. The only military (current) that seemed to be on the anti-Trump side are Army Generals. The Navy & Airforce seem to be solidly behind Trump. I do feel that there is hope for optimism as Trump gives off vibes that everything is going to be okay and the impression that major US house cleaning is going on. The CIA has definitely been on the foe side & same for the FBI. Congress breams with traitors and the Supreme Court is a total failure now for upholding the Constitution. There are notable patriotic politicians in our government, but far outnumbered by those corrupted. I can’t stomach Biden news. One thing is certain – the Trump/Military team does have testimony from some of the major players in the 2020 voting fraud foreign & domestic. Since Biden is fraudulent/not duly elected – I keep thinking the powers to be are going to pull the plug on him any day now. We, the American Public, have no choice now except riding the tide. Any uprising would give the enemy exactly what they want – to cancel/eliminate their opposition and suppress us further. It is imperative to keep the faith and communicate to your local/federal elected officials about your values and your expectations.

  2. It’s been going on long before 2008. Any President that didn’t go along with it was killed. It’s said they are all related somehow. Even a 10 year old girl who was doing a project about ancestors she decided to do it on the President. They are all related. Struck me sideways after doing some digging but seems to be true. As for our military I have huge doubts. Here is how I look at it. There is enough charges on most of these people even before the Election Fraud . Serious , serious crimes.
    Obama is not an American citizen that’s Treason
    Biden is responsible for Seal Team 6 and the corruption with Foreign countries is unprecedented.
    Pelosi and her husband have been insider dealing in the stock market for decades, not to mention she violated her oath withholding stimulus funds from the American people for her own political agenda and she said it twice.
    Why hasn’t a Republican filed charges? Why hasn’t a Democrat? These area people’s lives she’s destroying but then again look at her district she’s been over for 3 decades. Homeless, jobless , starving people. Are we to think she really cares about any other humans other then her family.
    Kamala Harris is not a USA citizen.
    Seattle mayor , Mayor Moron Summer of love. C’mon who does that. Let’s someone take over ANY part of their city let alone 7 blocks. 3 people died. 2 teens. She’s responsible for their death by violating her oath and not following the rule of law.
    Not one Republican or Democrat has made that a point or even held her responsible by filing charges. Why? Whywhywhy?
    So how come the military hasn’t arrested these people already?
    There’s enough crime to put them all away for life from with crimes against humanity to committing murder to soldiers and citizens.
    Something isn’t right and I , just in the last couple of days have a bad feeling because my guts been telling me, I don’t think the military is here to protect us. I don’t think they all know that. But there are tons of signs they are involved in this global movement.
    So I really don’t believe anyone or know if there is anyone else to even try to believe.