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January 27, 2021

Dear Readership,

It appears the market is tanking today, thanks of course to Joe Biden destroying the oil industry among other strokes of his pen.  For six days in a row, the stock markets have not done well in the Biden Administration.  I see his motive as trying to intimidate the American people into “going green” by tweaking the supply and demand of oil so he can force us to convert to electric cars.  He is surrounded by anti-fossil fuel folks who are pulling his puppet strings to this end; however, this contingent of folks isn’t thinking things through.  How do we get electric energy?  What turns the electrical plant turbines?  Yep, fossil fuels.

So that brings us to why electric cars, then?  The national electric grid fails quite often, especially on the East Coast, South and Midwest.  Additionally, it is generally and overall an aging system and extremely vulnerable to outside security breaches.  If intelligence sources are correct and Red China has operatives all over the United States who would synchronize an attack, the USA would be overwhelmed with a response need.  Americans would be without electric power for weeks and perhaps longer.  This would cause chaos beyond our current imaginations.

The question at hand is, is this a purposeful act on the part of Red China?  Some are concerned that the Biden family connection via Hunter Biden’s actions from Red China connections is a tremendous threat to the security of our nation.  Are the recent Executive Orders that have been signed in the past week an indirect or direct factor in upsetting the balance between nations?  Are they purposeful to that end?  Should everyday Americans be concerned?  Think about it.


James M. Hoover

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  1. No one should be able to keep their Citizenship who doesn’t know this fact. And, here we have a President who doesn’t know it. Home of the BRAVE, my ***.

    AND, always will be as long as chemicals, gravity and heat toward the core of the Earth exist.

    Now run down and get your Bill Gates puncture and live for the rest of your life as a mutant with chronic pain.

  2. Why do you call them “fossil” fuels? There is no BIOLOGICAL component in oil. Chemicals ONLY, under heat and pressure produces millions of barrels of Oil every time the Sun comes up.
    Russia scientists proved this long ago.
    The greatest fear for Oil producers is that this fact becomes common knowledge. So they busy themselves making sure that minds like yours are scrubbed of this common sense fact and scientists never have this thought enter their brain: The Word is awash in Oil!
    Fossil? Think about it. Look at a cup of oil. How many Quadrillion perfectly placed dinosaurs do you think the Lord gave us?