January 24, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Another “fix” is in.  We are being told again and again by our self-proclaimed “betters” to stop looking for funny stuff, curiosities, or, especially, fraud in our election systems.  Our beloved and rational and still “living” constitution leaves the conduct of elections up to the individual states, so we may have 50 different approaches that might vary in some degree or another in the manner in which elections to office and ballot initiatives may be handled. 

Many of you have seen videos of folks working in state and local election offices doing some strange things on election night, and others have provided sworn statements of tampering within the election offices they worked.  But, we are informed over and over again that such stuff happens in every election all the time and that it is small beer – and then we are “assured” that none of these things would have made any difference in the outcome.  Hmmm.  Says who?  How do they know?  Do they have special “algorithms” that are indisputable?  And what are you going to believe, your very eyes or the “infallible algorithms?”

Maybe we Proles need a sliding scale on the kinds and levels of tampering we should get used to from now on?  The scale could start with “honest mistakes,” then move to “pranks,” and work its way up to “shenanigans,” and then, “minor tampering that had zero impact on the outcome,” and so on until the “mistakes” are so noticeable that the great unwashed citizenry begins to grumble and thus the final stage, “Do Over.”  How much tampering or shenanigans is tolerable?  Election officials probably take an oath or sign a statement promising to be faithful and honest, and to brush their teeth before going to bed. 

But, evidence is out there and poll-watchers are being denied access to do their “watching” and we are treated to this on TV, but we never learn what punishments, if any, are administered, and what corrective actions, if any, are taken to preclude recurrence in the future. 

My experience as an adult, and a parent, is that when rules are made clear, understood by all sides and then broken, some level of punishment should be imposed commensurate with the seriousness of the breach.  And, we learn that when the rules are broken and nothing is done, the rules will be ignored – and you will inevitably get bigger and bigger breaches of what used to be the rules. 

Among good citizens, elections are sacred.  They are not to be trifled with, nor tampered with.  Period!!  Honesty counts.  Truth counts, because elections are the only actual power that we the people can exercise over those we install to manage our affairs and write and enforce our laws. 

We must never forget the core of our truly American concept of government written by true patriots in 1776 and embodied in our Declaration of Independence that to secure our certain inalienable rights “ …  Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed … “   The italics and bolding are mine.

In my view, the greatest threat is from the computerized voting systems … with “real-time algorithms” giving insights to politically-connected election watchers .. and suddenly large batches of votes for one particular candidate appeared and needed to be added to the count!  Vetting?  How? When? By whom?  Under what criteria?  The computerized election processes are ripe for large-scale tampering.  Folks were using data sticks to “update” computers as votes were being counted.  But hey, that’s OK, nothing to see here?  Move on?  Where is your proof of these allegations? 

One man, one woman, one vote!  The only way to keep this clean is to return to voting in person at your assigned polling place.  That’s the way we always did it.  There are election officers at the desk when you enter the polling place who check your identity and who verify that you are duly registered and THUS ELIGIBLE!

I know some of you say that’s too much of a bother, we have to get to work, and there is traffic, and, and, and…  Absentee voting should revert to and be limited to those with genuine excuses and requested in advance – in writing – as it always was before.  All during WWII folks voted in person at their assigned polling places – even though Dad was away at war and mom had a job at a defense plant and still had to cook and take care of the kids, and still found TIME TO VOTE IN PERSON.  Are we Americans made of less stern stuff today?    

Elections have consequences and they should.  And anything worth doing should be done right.  Elections should not be and cannot be manipulated by algorithms, no matter who assures that they are totally safe and foolproof.  A return to in-person voting is the only way that faith in our election process can be restored.  But, even then, the poll-watchers are necessary – and must be allowed to actually WATCH. 

Old Frank

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  1. The left has been deceptive and fraudulent. They have caused massive harm.
    And they have been underhanded. Example, Voter Fraud. I sense Conservatives are being made aware of this and about to take positive action. Have they awoke a giant? I sense some serious backlash a coming.

  2. Why is this concept of voting so hard for some to grasp? I’ll add, let’s go back to paper ballots. Something tangible and accountable.