by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 22, 2021) — On Friday evening, this writer received a newsletter from her congressman, Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut’s second district, recounting the events of the week both in Washington and locally.

The newsletter begins:

This week I was in Washington to witness the transfer of power as Joseph R. Biden was sworn in to serve as the 46th President of the United States. The ceremonies looked a little different this year, but it was a reminder that nothing can stop our country from moving forward. Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

President Biden’s address was pitch perfect, and he acknowledged the monumental challenges that America still faces even as we embark on this new chapter—not only a pandemic and economic crisis, but also the challenges of division, mistrust, and a crisis of confidence in our ability to work together. President Biden told America on Wednesday that he’s ready to devote himself body and soul to serving our nation and healing our divisions, and it was a pledge that millions of Americans were grateful to hear. As always, I’m ready to keep working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to overcome this pandemic, to support struggling workers and families, and to do it by working together, united as fellow Americans.

Our response submitted through Courtney’s website reads as follows:

In reading your newsletter I noted that it says the “inauguration” took place Tuesday when it was Wednesday.

I agree that it was historic, but not in a positive way.  Biden usurped the office of the presidency from the candidate who actually won, President Donald J. Trump.  Had so many elections officials, governors and secretaries of state not ignored their own laws and accepted hundreds of thousands of late and unverified ballots, Trump would have easily won a second term.

Being an interloper, it is clear Biden has no support from the people, and Harris is not only widely disliked but also ineligible, as she is not a “natural born Citizen.” 

While Donald Trump easily pulled in 50,000 people at his rallies, virtually no one showed up for Biden’s infrequent public appearances during his “campaign.”  He is compromised by his 2014 quid pro quo in the Ukraine and involvement in his son’s outrageous overseas profiteering based on the family name and Biden’s then-position as putative vice president under his predecessor, another usurper known as “Barack Hussein Obama.”

Without at least conducting an examination of the Electoral College results to ensure that ballot counts were accurate and votes properly cast, no one can be certain that the election was fair; in fact, quite the contrary.  I notice Biden never called for scrutiny. I believe he knew it was “fixed” from the outset, and on October 24 he admitted to having assembled “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Conducting a campaign from his basement with no agenda was no substitute for connecting directly with people.  Perhaps he was restrained by the visuals of his inappropriate interactions with women and children over the years, his constant gaffes and obvious cognitive decline which render him unfit for the most demanding job in the world.

Congress has installed the wrong person and deprived the people of the president for whom they voted overwhelmingly.  The ramifications of accepting a fraudulent result spell the death knell of a constitutional republic which supposedly exists “from the consent of the governed.” It has rather become an oligarchy which has abandoned all modicums of legality, and out of hate — something it outwardly preaches and legislates against — for a sitting president, who, by the way, led the greatest economic resurgence in our nation’s modern history, revitalized a flagging military, dealt decisively with threats from North Korea and China, including an election-year pandemic likely released as a biological weapon, and kept his promise to “Make America Great Again.”

Speaking of the military, how is it working out with the new “commander-in-chief” with National Guardsmen sleeping in a Washington, DC garage?

I would venture to say that most Americans have now divorced themselves completely from government, as every single institution meant to uphold individual rights, especially the right for each legal vote to be counted, failed us in the aftermath of the November 3, 2020 election.  When judges’ personal opinions of a duly-elected president “trump” the Constitution and the law, our devolution into a banana republic is most complete.

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  1. Bye Bye American Pie – I took my Chevy to the levee and the levee was dry. The 1963 Chevy was the end of the American era until Trump called to M.A.G.A. We’ll see what General Motors does about Biden. Maybe they can make a great car again, but chances are it will be electric with the batteries made in Canada.

  2. IMO it’s because 90% of the fear of Donald Trump being President was that he would release and act on the usurpation of our Constitutional Republic which occurred when Soros, Brennan and Pelosi, etc., got the Soros funded, CIA created, ineligible, identity fraud Barack Hussein Obama installed as America’s putative president. At the moment Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts in 2009 the entire inert Congress and many others complicit in the biggest criminal act in America history effectively gave America’s government and her military the enemy. From that time forward job number one was to protect and cover for Obama’s illegitimacy……forever. The planned in 2008 after Obama cover president had to be Hillary Clinton. When she lost to the “birther” Donald Trump the Uniparty, the Swamp and the Communist/Globalist handlers of Obama feared the truth about Barry would take them all down and went after Trump to keep him busy and remove him from office. Trump was surrounded by people with that objective…….and they succeeded. Unfortunately, the corruption in government prevented Donald Trump from, almost by himself in the federal government, from getting the job done and now we either have lost, or are in the process of losing, our Constitutional Republic…….forever.
    It’s like it would have been after 8 years of Hillary, we just got to this point much faster and less smoothly as President Trump tried to expose massive and long-time on-going corruption………IMO not complicated……

  3. The interloper and his democommie friends brought 25,000 troops into DC expecting massive violent riots by patriots that never materialized. The same was true throughout the country with only antifa rioting in Portland and Seattle. So. If I was a democommie, I think I would be very worried. I think that patriots are lying low, surveilling the landscape and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. That strike may be political or it may be tactical. Either way, I’m sure it will be very damaging to the enemies of the Constitution.

  4. Great article Sharon,
    Here is a reply I received this from my Arkansas Representative Steve Womack on the Supreme Court decision related to the Texas and 17 other states against four states over obvious voter fraud. Womack’s comment:

    ” Let me be unequivocally clear: it is vital that we take the time to confirm the integrity of the election results beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I support President Trump’s legal right to pursue recounts and challenges in our nation’s court system. Any alleged inaccuracies need to be fully investigated, and legitimate evidence must be allowed to come to light. At the same time, we cannot remedy this situation with efforts that would undermine the foundational principles of our federalist system. States must retain the authority to govern and control their own voting procedures, and this lawsuit would set a precedent that substantially undercuts that authority. This could result in a scenario where Californians and New Yorkers are in a position to tell Arkansans how to run our elections, and that is a scenario that we must guard against.”

    My reply:
    “If there is evidence of significant fraud in any one state or states, then how can the voters of other states not have standing to insure the voter fraud is fully investigated and only legitimate votes are allowed to be counted? If that does not happen, every voter in the nation who voted for the candidate who lost because of cheating is disenfranchised. Confidence in the system is destroyed and yes, America becomes just another third world nation with openly fake elections. Somewhere courage, common sense and logic must prevail. We have a court system in place now that protects the criminals and not the lawful voters of our Nation…..”


    1. From Arkansas Representative Steve Womack’s reply:
      “States must retain the authority to govern and control their own voting procedures, and this lawsuit would set a precedent that substantially undercuts that authority.”

      My reply to that would have been:
      Per the U.S. Constitution, state legislators have plenary (absolute, sole) authority to govern and control their state’s voting procedures. In each of the “swing” states, election procedures for the 2020 election were changed by other than the state legislators and/or ignored by election officials in violation of the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions as well. Therefore those states’ final vote count and associated elector votes resulted from an unconstitutional election, and to not remedy that BEFORE certifying the Electoral College vote undermined the integrity of the entire 2020 election.

      1. Thanks, yours sounds like a more educated and complete reply…….mine was just what I consider common sense acquired over my 77 years………….

      2. Why did not any of six state legislatures hold a vote to overturn the electors? It appears they could not muster a majority of legislators in any of those states to even hold a vote, much less overturn the people’s votes.

  5. Why, why, why.
    Why did Congress allow such usurpation of that office knowing Biden did not get the number of votes he claimed?
    Why did Congress allow Kamala Harris to usurp the VP office knowing she is not constitutionally eligible?
    Why should anyone in Congress be considered to be re-elected to office knowing they are not representing we, the people; what we are paying them for?

    1. Because to go after Harris would expose Obama’s usurpation…and that is the main source of the panicked and eventually successful attempts to remove Donald Trump the “birther” from office..fear of the truth about Obama’s usurpation of America’s presidency, the biggest crime in American history against America’s Constitution and her citizens. Kamala’s usurpation cannot be exposed without exposing them all………..
      President Trump was kept under siege during his entire term and removed from office by a stolen election to insure Obama’s usurpation was never fully revealed and acted on. Nothing Obama and his handlers and both political parties would like better than another ineligible vice-president and soon to be president….Kamala Harris……….that would put the final nail in the Constitution’s meaning of, “natural born citizen”.