by Don Fredrick, The Complete Obama Timeline, ©2021

(Jan. 16, 2021) — To state the obvious, either something astounding, magnificent, and earth-shattering will happen over the next few days and Donald J. Trump will remain in office (while hundreds of reprehensible political criminals in both parties are arrested for sedition, treason, conspiracy, election fraud, and perhaps child abduction and molestation), or Joseph R. Biden, an addle-brained old man with a fondness for fondling little girls, and his far-left, ineligible-to-serve sidekick, anchor baby Kamala “Kama Sutra” Harris, will take control of the Executive Branch of the United States government. The former possibility, however much tens of millions of Americans might wish for it to happen, is as unlikely as humility from Chris Cuomo, integrity from a Senate Republican, or Brian Stelter’s perspiration being the result of exercise.

The deep state readily got away with the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy—with the eager assistance of then-unknown Dan Rather, who traded support for Arlen Specter’s absurd “single-bullet theory” for a CIA-assisted boost up the CBS career ladder. Having gotten away with that despicable act, the deep state moved on to other innovative projects: fomenting a war in Vietnam, killing Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy (and perhaps John F. Kennedy, Jr. as well, so that Hillary Rodham Clinton would not have to face him in a Senate primary race in New York), running drugs by foot across our southern border and by air into Mena, Arkansas (see: Clinton, William Jefferson), inciting wars around the world to boost defense contractor profits, rigging overseas elections, controlling the media, and working to ensure that Americans are so busy hating and fighting each other that they never find the time to hate and fight the politicians who are running the economy into the ground and shoving borderless, global socialism down their throats—all for the benefit of a handful of corporate behemoths and morality-free billionaires pursuing power and wealth as much as Chuck Schumer seeks television cameras and Nancy Pelosi seeks Smirnoff.

Vote fraud, whether by the deep state or small groups of corrupt thugs, is nothing new. It gave Lyndon B. Johnson a Senate seat in 1948 and John F. Kennedy the presidency in 1960. (Of course, being forced to take Johnson as his running mate turned out to be a less-than-wise choice for JFK—if he even had a choice.) Ronald Reagan upset the establishment apple cart in 1980, and he was forced to accept deep-stater and former CIA chief George H. W. Bush as his vice president. Bush’s real bosses then almost succeeded in elevating him to the number one position on March 30, 1981. (A weak-minded person can apparently be persuaded to pull a trigger, but hypnosis does not guarantee good aim.)

Donald J. Trump overturned the fruit wagon again in 2016, mostly because Hillary Rodham and the Democrat machine foolishly believed her opponent could not possibly win. But make no mistake, the pants-suit prima donna would have eagerly engaged in colossal election fraud had she thought it was necessary. (Perhaps she forgot she had lost the 2008 nomination to Barack Obama as a result of his team’s cheating in the primaries and caucuses.) Trump, like Reagan, was also forced to choose an establishment figure as his vice president. (Trump apparently has more confidence in the Secret Service than many of his more cautious supporters have.) The deep state may have hated Reagan, but it was not threatened by his popularity because he fulfilled very few of his promises. (The Department of Education, which Reagan pledged to eliminate, is more powerful than ever, the federal bureaucracy grew by leaps and bounds during his eight years in office, and leftists burrowed their way into every corner of every government building in Washington.)

Trump is not the charming speaker Reagan was, but Trump has accomplished far more. That, of course, is why the deep state needed to block him from a second term after failing to cut short his first. Give the American people lower taxes, full employment, a more secure border, and no new wars, and the voters start imagining that life could perhaps always be like that. But nothing strikes fear into the hearts of a political establishment more than the voters thinking they no longer need that political establishment. Big government cannot afford to let the citizens know they do not need big government. Too much power and money are at stake. As a result, gullible swing-state poll watchers were sent home in the wee small hours of the morning of November 4 so that the election could be stolen. (Anyone who argues otherwise is a monumental fool or a shameless liar.)

Despite more than four years of non-stop efforts to destroy Trump, he managed to not only survive the onslaught of media smears, false accusations, betrayals by Department of Justice thugs who have no concept of justice, and an investigation by a Democrat lynch mob formally led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller but actually conducted by an unconscionable tyrant named Andrew Weissmann, he won re-election in a landslide victory. Admittedly, of course, that statement is valid only if one counts legal ballots and ignores the hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots cast by dead people, under-age voters, non-citizen voters, moved-out-of-state voters, unregistered voters, and out-of-thin-air voters who somehow managed to submit hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots without having actually mailed them. The Democrats, media leftists, and the courts need to explain how a mail-in ballot can be received in pristine condition, without creases that would have come from being folded and inserted into a security sleeve and an envelope half the size of the ballot. (Perhaps Democrat operatives in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and several other key states were provided with ironing boards.) Some reports suggest that Trump won a whopping 49 states if mail-in ballots are not counted. Geriatric Joe must certainly be grateful to his Chinese communist overlords for providing corrupt election officials with the perfect excuse for the flood of mail-in ballots and electronic votes that miraculously put him over the top while most people were sleeping. Biden owes a big favor to Xi Jinping, and he will most assuredly not be permitted to forget it.

Assuming a miracle does not occur before January 20, 2021, it appears that the next temporary occupant of our Oval Office will be a nearly-embalmed old codger who, as Vice President under slick Marxist con-man Barry Soetoro (or Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his real name is), had to be kept from females by wide-eyed and fast-acting Secret Service agents. The United States may find itself in World War III if Joe sniffs the hair of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or plays grab-a** with Brigitte Macron, the First Lady of France. (Kim Jong-Un would be wise to keep both his secretive wife and his sinister sister away from Hunter’s old man, or Nork nukes might destroy Los Angeles before Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsom have the chance to finish the city off with their own destructive, if slower, methods.)

January 20 may mark the date the United States of America took a giant step down the path toward economic misery and socialist tyranny. Those who insist, “It can’t happen here!” should be reminded that Venezuela was once a stable democracy and the wealthiest country in South America. It is now a socialist dictatorship and one of the poorest nations. Several million of its citizens have fled, mostly on foot, to escape hunger, poverty, unemployment, and a 2018 inflation rate of 65,374 percent. (It fell to a “mere” 19,906 percent in 2019.)

Price inflation occurs when a government prints money with reckless abandon, with nothing to back the paper. With a national debt in excess of $27+ trillion, the United States certainly meets that criterion. Little but blind faith supports “trust” in the U.S. dollar, but that faith will be rapidly eroded after the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer spending spree gets under way. Congressional Republicans have not exactly been shy about shameful deficit-spending, but at least they paid a modicum of lip service to the concept of federal expenditures not exceeding tax receipts. Even that lip service will disappear on January 20. (House Democrats have already acted to water down the “pay-as-you-go” rule that requires new spending to be offset by cuts elsewhere—not that the House ever followed that directive.)

The national debt will easily exceed $30 trillion by the end of 2021 and, at some point, tens of millions of people—including the foreigners who lend money to the corrupt leaders in Washington, D.C.—will finally realize the dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on. (That has been the case for decades, of course, but reality has somehow managed to avoid seeping into the minds of most Americans and their foolish creditors.) When that happens, the lenders will demand a higher rate of return on their “investment” in U.S. bonds, notes, and securities. When their interest rates go up, the deficit will skyrocket even more—and even the interest on the national debt will be difficult to cover with tax receipts. Even more money will then be created out of thin air.

How do we stop it? It cannot be stopped. Monumental price inflation is on the way. Economic misery is on the way. The White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate will spend like there is no tomorrow. Debt will pile up faster than any rational person could ever have imagined, the result of student loan forgiveness, free health care benefits for more illegal aliens, increased unemployment benefits, additional Wuhan virus relief payments, federal hand-outs to bankrupt cities and states run by incompetent leftists, and a myriad of other giveaways of dollars that will eventually be paid for (with interest) by our children and grandchildren. Millions of jobs will be lost as a result of a “green new deal,” an increased minimum wage, continuing virus lockdowns, higher individual, corporate, and capital gains taxes, more absurd regulations, restrictions on energy production, and thousands of other items that have long been on the wish lists of the Demosocialists in Congress who have been praying for the day—not that they believe in any gods but government, wealth, and power—when they can control two, if not all three, branches of government.

“Crowd at New York’s American Union Bank during a bank run early in the Great Depression.”
Wikimedia Commons, public domain

The Democrats had total power at the beginning of the Obama administration, when they controlled the House and had—thanks to vote fraud in Minnesota that gave Al Franken a seat in the upper chamber—a 60-seat, filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. But they dragged their Marxist feet and managed mostly to pass only ObamaCare, a terrible but nevertheless watered-down version of socialized health care, before the voters tossed out a few dozen of their collectivist comrades in the November 2010 elections. (The good news was that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was succeeded by Republicans. The bad news was that those Republicans were John Boehner and Paul Ryan.)

The Democrats will not make that mistake again in 2021. They will not assume they have unlimited time. They know they must fully use and abuse their power before it can be taken from them.  They will end the filibuster. They will change election laws. They will pass as much leftist legislation as they can before the November 2022 elections. They will pass not just one massive, outrageous bill like ObamaCare and then sit on their hands. There will be a blitzkrieg of bills—all massive and outrageous.

The leftists will not be patient. They will not wait for dust to settle on one bill before they pass the next. They will not care about public reaction. They will not care about criticism—not that their leftist friends in the media will allow much. Americans will be bombarded with a socialist agenda and most will be shell-shocked—after having been hoodwinked into believing Biden was a “moderate,” rather than a useful idiot whose only purpose was to grease the skids for Harris’s entry into the White House. Confused, stunned, and afraid, Americans will pretend not to see the attacks on their very way of life, and many will scurry to what they believe are safe places—like frightened Londoners running to bomb shelters in 1940. When they finally emerge to see the ruins, they will not know what to do other than submit. That is what the Democrats hope will happen.

Americans do not, however, have to pretend there is no coming war and respond only after the enemy strikes. Americans cannot act like Neville Chamberlain. They must act like Winston Churchill. They can and must prepare now by understanding what is about to happen. They must begin to fight back now against the onslaught of taxes, regulations, and tyranny that are headed their way. The American people need to have their eyes open from day one. They need to understand that they are not being sent to the group showers for lice removal.

What Americans need to do is resist every tyrannical action taken by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and their collectivist comrades. Alert Americans should not trust even one word out of their mouths—or the mouths of their media propagandists. Alert Americans should not let them act with impunity until the 2022 elections. By then it may be too late. There must be massive but legal resistance immediately.

Beginning on January 20, Americans must disrupt the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress as much as possible. They cannot be allowed to make it to November 2022 unscathed. They need to be exposed. They need to be despised by as many voters as possible. Their revenue sources must be dried up. The Democrats—and the crowd of Republicans In Name Only—must be made to know the voters are on to their games. Americans need to:

1. Object to forced vaccinations. Do not let the government bully you.

2. Object to ludicrous mask mandates. (In mid-2020 this author shopped for furniture, without wearing a mask. The salesman, eager for a sale, not only did not enforce the store’s mask rule; he removed his own mask. Money talks.)

3. Object to additional mandatory lockdowns of businesses. (The Democrats cannot arrest everyone. They cannot shut down every business.)

4. Attend churches and synagogues regularly and proudly, in defiance of tyrannical lockdown orders.

5. File lawsuits against the mayors and governors who ignore the U.S. Constitution. First Amendment rights cannot be revoked by anyone.

6. Effective January 21, get off social media sites run by leftists. You can survive without Facebook and Twitter. Try,,, or (which might eventually become operational again). Use a search engine other than Google, such as DuckDuckGo. In the space of a few weeks, the combined market value of a handful of leftist social media sites fell by more than $100 billion. American consumers have the power to drive them out of business—and do so.

7. Boycott companies that sell Chinese goods, including sneakers made with slave labor.

8. Boycott businesses that have fired employees simply for being Trump supporters. (There are alternatives.)

9. Boycott CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, and all the other publications run by intolerant leftists or squishy cowards. (Assume the CIA controls much of the mass media.) Watch OANN or Newsmax. Follow conservative sites on the Internet, such as,,,,,,,,,,,, and

10. Boycott Hollywood. (If Disney can ignore human rights violations and film Mulan near the Chinese labor camps holding Uyghur prisoners, you can ignore Disney.) Be selective in your viewing habits. Most of what Hollywood churns out nowadays is thinly veiled collectivist propaganda. Ignore it. (The less money you give Hollywood leftists, the less money they have to help anti-Americans like Jon Ossof and Andrew Warnock get elected to the U.S. Senate.) Actors are not your betters. They are spoiled children who never grew up getting paid to play dress-up.

11. Boycott professional sports whose athletes have decided that entertaining the public is less important than expressing their outrage at America by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. (Like actors, athletes are not “better” than everyone else. Had no one invented a high-paying game for tall freaks of nature, many of them would be selling solar panels or insurance door-to-door.)

12. Shop as little as possible to reduce local sales tax revenue. Give the Democrat mayors of big cities no more money than necessary. When you must shop, frequent smaller, neighborhood stores and shun the big-box behemoths. Buy what you need from a nearby store, rather than from Amazon or Wal-Mart.

13. Buy non-Chinese products whenever possible. (Although many products are no longer made in the United States, alternatives to Chinese products come from Japan, South Korea, and other countries.) Check product labels. (Some Buicks are made in China. Volvo is a Chinese company, and—thanks to Obama and Biden—Chrysler is now owned by Italy’s Fiat. Buying an American car made in America, or even a Japanese car made in America, helps your fellow American workers more than buying an “American” car made in China.) Buy as few Chinese products as possible. (Hit Biden’s overlords in their wallets!)

14. Postpone unnecessary purchases. Avoid buying a new car or new furniture if you can. Skip the home remodeling or room addition. Slash sales tax revenue and save money in the process. You might need it.

15. Set aside as much cash as you can. Expect an economic collapse and even an inability to access your own money via an ATM. If you can, buy gold and silver. Protect it, your other property, and your life with a weapon you are well-trained to use in self-defense.

16. Leave your cellphone and credit cards at home and pay cash when you shop. Do not leave an electronic trail for the deep state to follow. (Where you go and where you shop is none of its business.)

17. Cook at home to save money. (If you must eat at a restaurant, leave a cash tip.) Learn how to bake bread. Grow vegetables in your backyard.

18. Keep your taxes as low as possible. Take advantage of all legal tax breaks. (Do not feed the beast!)

19. If you are a registered Republican, change your registration to independent. That will send the Republican Party the message that you no longer support its weak and unprincipled positions. (If you are eager to get rid of a RINO in the 2022 primaries, you can re-register as a Republican before the primary. Or you can register as a Democrat and in the primary vote against a Democrat politician you are eager to see removed from the November ballot. Check your state’s rules for registration deadline information.)

20. Send letters, emails, or faxes to your Congressman and Senators letting them know you want them to fight for you, rather than for the D.C. establishment. Let them know you are quite willing to vote against them in the 2022 primary elections and are willing to stay home in November if they do not represent you properly.

21. If you are represented by a good Republican (that is, an actual conservative), give that person as much support as possible, including campaign contributions. Do not contribute to the Republican National Committee, which spreads your cash among weak candidates who do not represent you. Like the Democrat National Committee, the RNC cares about money and power far more than it cares about you.

22. Do not wait until November 2022 to act. Many voters show up at the polling places only in presidential election years and do not cast ballots in the off years. Do not ignore the 2021 elections. There are many local and statewide elections in 2021 for mayors, governors, secretaries of state, judges, and other officials. Get rid of the leftists. Vote against any official who enabled vote fraud in your state in 2020. Vote against any candidate who does not follow the U.S. Constitution, specifically the First and Second Amendments. Vote against any candidate who has received support from a George Soros organization. (Do not think the politicians in Washington, D.C. will not notice if their pals back home get tossed out of office in 2021.)

23. Be open-minded about the formation of a new political party. Unless the Republican Party can be “fixed,” (which is unlikely), a new party may be necessary. If a new party were to gain the support of most Trump followers, it might also attract black and Hispanic voters who have no particular fondness for the Democrats but who will not vote for Republicans because they believe they are racists who only support Wall Street. (It is the Democrats who are far more racist and who now better represent Wall Street, but millions of Americans will never be convinced of that.)

24. Fight back against charges of racism. Do not let others call you racist simply because you supported Trump or conservative policies. Take the time to explain your positions, such as why increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour will hurt low-skilled Americans, regardless of race. (Ask them why being unemployed at $15 per hour is better than being employed at $10 per hour.) Explain to Hispanic friends that you support legal immigration and only oppose illegal immigration. Help others understand that being conservative does not mean opposition to groups; it means liberty for all individuals, with groups being irrelevant.

25. Attend school board meetings and speak out against Marxist indoctrination in the classrooms, boys in girls’ bathrooms and showers, and the censorship and punishment of students with conservative principles. Let the board members know you have the power to vote them out of office.

26. Resist political correctness. There are two genders, not dozens. Birth certificates should not be genderless, and children should not be allowed to “choose” their gender. The bastardization of the English language has to stop. (Write a letter to HGTV to tell them there is nothing offensive about the term “master bedroom”—which now seems to have been changed to “primary bedroom.”) Do not subscribe to leftist magazines that promote such nonsense. Do not let your children buy or read those magazines.

27. Get to know your local police officers and assure them that you support them.

28. Get to know your local politicians and remind them that their careers depend on following the U.S. Constitution, not the collectivist agenda.

29. If you own a business and Democrat policies force you to lay-off employees or raise prices, make sure the people who are impacted know why. Make your laid-off workers understand that Democrat legislation and regulations, not you, caused them to lose their jobs. If you must raise prices, let your customers know why. Put a notice on your menus or product literature or a sign in your window making it clear the price increases were caused by legislation passed by the Democrats (and RINOs). Let people know that a $15 minimum wage is the reason their hamburger doubled in price. Do not let customers blame “capitalism” when politicians are to blame.

30. If you live in a Democrat-run city or state that is collapsing because of collectivist policies, escape if you can. If you can leave New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Atlanta, or another failing city, do so as soon as you can. But do not take any Democrat voting preferences with you. It does no good to turn Texas into California. Let the Golden State collapse but allow the Lone Star state to thrive.

Some of the above recommendations will certainly harm the economy and hurt many Americans. The goal, however, is to get that destruction over as quickly as possible, quickly discrediting Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer in the process. If Americans do nothing the destruction will eventually still occur, but the Democrats will blame their usual bogeymen—Trump, conservatives, capitalism, Wall Street, and systemic racism—for the damage. They will most certainly destroy the economy, but the collapse might take several years—during which the Democrats will assume even greater power and institutionalize election fraud. “Wait until 2022 and vote them out of office!” is not a remedy if your vote will again be offset by the illegal vote of a dead person or a non-citizen. Americans must act to get the nation aroused now against the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer regime. November 2022 will probably be too late. Sacrifice now to change the future, or do nothing and suffer forever.

Working together, the citizens of this nation can send a clear message to the politicians and the media leftists: in a constitutional republic it is the people who are in charge, not the establishment elites. We are now afraid of their power. We must instead make them afraid of our power. If we accomplish that, we can possibly save the republic. Americans must understand how, if left unchecked, the Democrats will destroy the nation. The economy will collapse, followed by the American spirit. We must fight against that, together, with all our strength. We must expose Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer, along with their collectivist comrades and the leftist propagandists in the media. Everyone must understand that their plans will wreak havoc on this nation. We cannot allow their power to go unchecked until 2022 or 2024, because there may never be another honest election again if they are not stopped now. By any legal means necessary we must save America.

Good luck, and may God bless every patriot who believes in individual liberty.

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  1. Thank you Don Fredrick for your tremendous effort writing this great article. And Sharon Rondeau for posting. This article is like a mini-Bible for True Americans, in 2021. WOW! I wish I could write this well. This article needs to be broadcasted from the highest mountain top in America with a 100,000, no, a 500,000 WATT amplifier, preceeded by a beautiful piece of musical harp performed by the talented Sharon Rondeau.
    And when the broadcast is finished, a special final announcement will happen…the diabolical Democrat new theme song will be announced, (remember, 500,000 WATTS), and here it is; the 1966 hit single titled, “They’re coming to take me away ha ha.” Everybody can google or youtube it if you’re not familiar with it. Also, the reverse side of that recording is played in reverse…really sounds and reminds me of deranged loopy nancy peeelosi (nope, no capital letters for her name, nope, not happening.)

  2. Stop using gmail and Yahoo. Switch to protonmail. Use Duck Duck. Use Swiss Cows

    Pick 2 targets to boycott now: Google and FB. Leave en mass. All we need to do is win one boycott and the others will fall in line.

    1. 1, Thank you!

      2. With regard to “Trump is 44th president, not 45th,” one could argue that Trump is actually the 43rd. Obama, not being a natural born citizen, served illegally because he was not eligible. That makes Trump #44. But Grover Cleveland always gets counted twice because he served two separate, non-consecutive terms. Cleveland was, of course, not two people, so only 44 separate individuals have served as president (43 if you discount Obama). The count could be reduced by even one more if Chester A. Arthur is discounted. Like Obama, Arthur was not a natural born citizen. His Scottish father never became a U.S. citizen. Arthur, knowing the lack of two citizen parents would disqualify him, went so far as to burn ancestral documents.

  3. Do not move out of your blue state, stay & fight! They want u to move so they can take it over as their territory; we are at war with the lefties/anti-Americans! Start local, run for or support conservatives in city council, school dist heads, mayors, judges, governors etc. support those who are for our Constitution! If those running are abti-Americans, Expose them!! Sadly, if all goes to hell/biden Elections mean nothing.

  4. It would be great if a national business aggregator with a model similar to something comparable to Charity Navigator could be developed with financial, supply chain ,social and political actions by the company exposed to the public for boycott or purchase decision making. Could use the NASDAQ and DOW listings of large and mega cap companies as the source. Trump could disseminate this site suggestion to his followers. That alone would create a substantial financial/economic impact on these metacapitalist companies suggested in some of the bullet points noted above.

  5. Your suggestions are all excellent… except for this absurd utterance. “There must be massive but legal resistance immediately.” No resistance is going to be legal under the upcoming Democrat fascism. Their actions since November 4th should have made that obvious to anyone with ears, eyes, and a functional brain. Small tight-knit groups of trusted neighbors and friends are going to be needed for backup to resist the coming purges….and it’s childish to believe that it can be bloodless.

  6. Finally a list of what we CAN do. The people who want change need to get off their convenience driven lifestyle and make the hard choice to switch, write letters, buy USA etc. A good list, a thought provoking article.

  7. Great editorial Don Fredrick and Sharon.
    Appreciate the recommendations. May want to add The Conservative Treehouse.
    Unfortunately, Breitbart is nothing what it used to be.

    1. The Conservative Treehouse website ‘deep-sixed’ the majority of my comments pertaining to natural born Citizenship (NBC), especially if it pertained to the fake, the fraud, and the forger – aka Obama and the unconstitutional candidates that ran during the 2016 general election (Cruz, Rubio, Jindal). So, I jumped ship from that website long before Kamala Harris signed up for the US presidency leading up to the 2020 general election.