by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Jan. 16, 2021) — Tell me again, O wise and omniscient Obi Wan Biden, that the time has come for healing and uniting the nation under your munificent leadership and that of your constitutionally-suspect Vice-President. Please, O wise leader, we await your sage and calming voice.

Never mind. 

It would appear to the Democrats and all vengeful leftists (forgive the redundancy) in what remains of this Republic that “guilt by association” – and even worse, “guilt by reference,” no matter how attenuated or remote – is the “new normal.” 

This protocol has become the mainstream rationale and “justification” for the pursuit of the 75 million citizens who voted for President Trump and conservatives in general.  Any illegal aliens who voted, of course, cast their ballots for The Goofball and his ineligible sidekick rather than President Trump.

The purge continues.  Shut up and obey.  Do as you are told.  Register for your reprogramming and de-Baathification.  Submit or suffer the consequences, all you deplorables.

Adding insult to outrage, House Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D. MS) has suggested that those who rioted at the Capitol be classified as “domestic terrorists” and placed on the no-fly list, a fate he felt Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, among others, should also face. 

This punishment of the Senators is justified, in Thompson’s bent view, as a consequence of their having the gall to exercise their constitutional prerogatives in objecting to the Electoral College vote.  Never mind that had Vice-President Pence recessed the Joint Session to allow the Cruz proposal to establish an electoral count commission, as noted here, the riot likely would never have happened.  The fact that Cruz and other Senators even made the suggestion is alone enough to preclude their rights of air travel.  How dare they?

And now, the “moderate” Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin (D. WV), suggests that consideration should be given to expelling Senators Cruz and Hawley from the Senate under the 14th Amendment.  The basis for their removal?  Are you sitting down?  You’d better lie down.  In Manchin’s view, they should be removed because through the exercise of their absolute prerogative under the 12th Amendment to object to the Electoral College count and their advocating for the creation of a commission to look into the legitimacy of the popular vote (which drives the electoral vote), they have committed sedition and/or insurrection under the 14th Amendment.  Not kidding: this is the thought process of a “moderate” Democrat.  Franklin’s warning is now upon us.

If stupidity and hypocrisy did not already exist, a liberal would invent them at breakfast merely to survive until lunch.  Let us coin a new term blending the two mental disorders: “stupocrisy.”

This leftist lunacy finds its most recent manifestation in the mendacious comments of CNN goof Don Lemon.  His latest burp asserts that anyone who voted for President Trump was, in effect, a sympathizer of the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis.  For that belch, Monsieur Lemon is herewith awarded the Intellectual Termite of the Week Award.

Monsieur Lemon, as an outspoken supporter of the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” cabal, must also therefore agree that he is complicit in the storming of the Capitol.  Specifically, now that a BLM “activist” – aka, a Capitol invader, John Sullivan – has been arrested on charges relating to the Capitol riot, Lemon must be cancelled and banished from CNN and polite society altogether.  After all, anyone who supports people like Sullivan and the group to which he belongs must also, by definition, share in his motivations and goals.  Those motivations and goals included storming the Capitol in a ballistic vest and gas mask while yelling “Let’s burn this §%#@ down.”

Don Lemon, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 International

Moreover, under the Democrats’ lunatic “guilt by reference” standard, if, as is being reported, participants in the riot could be charged with “felony murder” for deaths that occurred during the melee, not only could John Sullivan of BLM fame be charged with felony murder, but people who support Sullivan and his associations with BLM should also be charged.  Yo, Don Lemon: listen up.

This is known as “equal justice under the law.”  That phrase is placed in quotes because, for Democrats and hate-filled leftists (again, forgive the redundancy), it is a term that has been erased from their brains.  The only “justice” seen by these folks is a one-way punishment to be visited on President Trump and the 75 million Americans who voted for him.  But as for punishment of Sullivan or Lemon…, fagettaboudit.  If Lady Justice is blind, it is because liberals and the Democrats in Congress have tossed acid into her eyes. 

Moreover, not satisfied with mere impeachment, they will seek the removal of “Citizen Trump” from office after he leaves (a constitutional impossibility… but then again, when have constitutional requirements or prohibitions ever restrained Democrats?) and banishment in disgrace.

These vindictive, petulant insects are engaging in acts analogous to mutilation of a corpse, a separate crime.  And they are proud of it.  They are sick and clinically demented.   The term “insane hatred” comes to mind.

President Donald J. Trump announcing the U.S.’s planned withdrawal from the Paris
Climate Accord
, February 24, 2019

But President Trump is far from being a corpse.  He is still very much alive and kicking.  The movement he initiated is not fading into the sunset…, and the next general election is now only 22 months away.  And guess what: if the Senate and the House of Representatives can be retaken – a not-so-tall mountain to climb given the trajectory of GOP victories in the House in 2020 – both Biden and Harris might want to engage some lawyers familiar with the Constitution’s provisions regarding impeachments.  Helpful hint: check out Art. 2, § 4.

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