by Bob Russell, ©2021  

(Jan. 14, 2021) — In 1940, England survived Hitler’s Nazi horde because a man of great courage, Winston Churchill, stood up and rallied the people with a positive message of encouragement, courage, and strength in a time of great peril. I have seen 75-80 million American citizens rally behind President Trump because he has brought We the People the same message, one of encouragement, courage, and the strength of the American way of life.                                                                                         `

Churchill had the press of the day supporting him while President Trump has a Pravda/Goebbels propaganda system that parrots everything the communist arm of the government says because they are paid by the same axis of evil, the soros cabal of globalist billionaires that pays the democrat party to destroy America so he can establish the global dictatorship called the new world order.

This reminds me of the Star Wars movies.  A very corrupt politician named Palpadine wrangled his way into being named chancellor of the Trade Federation from which position he overthrew the Galactic Senate and formed the Galactic Empire under his autocratic, tyrannical rule and began to hunt down and slaughter any opposition.  This is exactly what we are seeing happening now, beginning with the 2016 election.  The clinton campaign tried to steal the election but failed and immediately began the bogus impeachment scam to destroy President Trump.  When that failed they decided to ramp up their cheating and lying about him at the same time.

Sadly, I can see, and anyone paying attention with an open mind can see, that what we have here is a TREASONOUS coup to destroy America.  The evil leftists have been comparing President Trump to Adolph Hitler, a comparison that cannot be more incorrect.  President Trump has continually called for unity and treating everyone with love and kindness.  Comparing President Trump to Jesus Christ, even though he is far from the same level, is a more appropriate comparison to what the hate-filled left is doing.

We the People, and the world, need four more years of Donald Trump at the helm and scum like nutty nancy pelosi, upchuck schumer, mad (as in insane) maxine waters, dianne feinstein, adam pile of schiff, mitty the poo romney, lindsey graham, chicom mitch mcconnell, and many more punished for TREASON.  Until we have true patriots like President Trump running the country we will see nothing but a steady spiral down the drain to tyranny and oblivion. 

What about America’s relationships in the Middle East?  President Trump has brought Israel and several Arab nations to sign peace treaties, something that no other president has done.  President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and begun building an embassy compound there.  Is joe CCP biden going to scuttle those accomplishments and bring God’s curses on our nation as the usurper fuhrer obama did?

The Pravda/Goebbels propaganda machine calls conservatives, especially Christians, “racist” and other vile and derogatory names because we stand on God’s Word and won’t jump on the leftist bandwagon.  There is nothing racist about the conservative movement.  Leftist politicians and their propagandists have labeled the group The Proud Boys as racists even though the leader of the organization is black.  There is no rational explanation for the unhinged hatred of the left against President Trump and half of the country.

Now democrat politicians are calling for the arrest of supporters of President Trump.  Since when has supporting a patriot been a federal crime? The globalist george w. bush built, stocked, and staffed the FEMA concentration camps, built to incarcerate and eliminate conservatives.  This is a throwback to the concentration camps built by Adolph Hitler before and during World War II.  I saw an interview recently with the principal attorney for PBS calling for the children of Trump supporters to be taken away from their parents and put into re-education camps until they “can think right.”  Several democrat politicians have stated that lists are being compiled of Trump supporters to be used to punish us with arrest and trial for TREASON, the TREASON that they are actually committing themselves!!

The very mentally impaired and corrupt joe biden has said that one of his first acts as supreme leader is going to be ordering the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens.  If one knows history one will know what started the Revolutionary War.  It wasn’t the Stamp Act, the tea tax, or the Boston Massacre but British soldiers marching out to confiscate weapons from colonists.  I guess biden doesn’t know history because he is set on starting a second Revolutionary War by doing exactly what started the first one.

The amount of tyranny and censorship we are seeing now will only get worse in the coming days as democrats impose their tyrannical will on We the People.  If democrats follow through on all their threats against our civil liberties, which I have no reason to doubt they will, Americans will see tyranny that will rival the Soviet Union under Stalin, Nazi Germany under Hitler, Cuba under Castro, and China under every despot since Mao.

The scale of censorship is alarming.  I was permanently banned from facebook in 2019 for expressing Christian values, values that come straight out of the Holy Bible.  Now social media platforms have banned President Trump and thousands if not millions of other patriots.  The left does not want alternate views to theirs to be voiced so they suppress everything they don’t want heard.  There are a few conservative social network sites but none as big as facebook and twitter.  I have hopes that the day will come when all viewpoints will be allowed to be expressed.  I don’t like the vitriol that comes from leftists but I don’t want to see them silenced because having both sides of an issue aired is important so people can make an informed decision on the issue.  I am intelligent enough to discern the lies told by the left and reject their propaganda.  Some people can’t discern truth from lies and some just go with what agrees with their demented idea of what is right or wrong.  We the People MUST remain calm and prayerful and stand behind President Trump in a peaceful but firm emphatic stance for liberty.  We can count on any rally we hold being infiltrated by antifa and blm to cause riots and give the Pravda/Goebbels propaganda arm of the democrat party to blame the antifa lawlessness as they did in the Washington, DC rally on January 6.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not die from neglect.

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