by Linda Jordan, ©2021

(Jan. 12, 2021) — Insurrection? I’ll give you an insurrection.

On November 3rd, 2020 President Trump won re-election in a landslide victory and everyone knows it.    None of the events on January 6th, 2021 change this fact.

The Democrats are engaged in a full-blown insurrection. The Democrats stole this election.  The Democrats are attempting yet another coup. The Democrats are engaged in treason. The Democrats have supported and advocated violence. The Democrats have shown an absolute disdain for America, the Constitution and the hallowed halls of the Capitol. Their outrage should be directed at them.

We, The Deplorables, The MAGA, The Trumpian Army, know what the Democrats did. We know you stole this election and we know all the dirty details about how you did it. No matter how many times you accuse us of doing what you yourselves are doing we are going to call you out for the liars you are and demand justice.

We’re rubber, you’re glue.

What’s going on is an attempted coup to oust a legally elected President, Donald J. Trump. In fact Democrats have been trying for four years to remove him from office by hook or by crook. In spite of all their attacks on the President and on those who voted for him we, The Deplorables, elected him again. President Trump won re-election in a landslide garnering 74 million legal votes and with more support from blacks and Hispanics than anyone thought was possible. (1)

But the Democrats were not going to let the will of the people determine who was president. On November 3, 2020, after seeing on election night that Trump was winning, bigly, they put their well-laid plan to steal the election into action. (2)

They stopped the vote count election night in several major battleground states. That’s never been done before. These happened to be states that have been rife with election fraud, by Democrats, in the past. They kicked out GOP poll watchers or refused to let them get close enough for any meaningful observation of ballot-counting. In the dead of night they flooded those states with millions of fake ballots, forged ballots, dead voters, fabricated voters, illegal voters. They counted fake Biden ballots again and again and again. They drove truckloads of fake ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. They used vote tabulation machines that did not tabulate votes but calculated them. And they used those calculations to make sure that Biden came out ahead no matter what. Election tallies are additive, vote tallies only go up, not down, and yet several times we saw, live on TV, that Trump’s tally had votes subtracted from it. (3) This massive election fraud could not have been more in-your-face. This was an act of treason. This was the insurrection that the Democrats, BLM and Antifa had been planning for all year.

The greatest case of election fraud in the history of our country and all of our institutions, responsible for considering evidence, determining findings of fact and providing a remedy to right a wrong, failed to do so. This was an abject failure and breakdown of our government. What are the people left to do? Our vote is the one power we have. It must be defended. We march to the Capitol and address our grievances to our representatives.

The Trumpian Army goes to Washington.

I was there in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, along with a million and a half other Americans who showed up to defend our country. This was not an army with a military purpose. It was more like a Salvation Army. We were there to save our country. There was no violence from us to speak of, no massive property damage, no arson. Just Americans using their voices to demand that the theft of this election be stopped. A peaceful event just as all MAGA events have been. The violence and confrontation came from and was encouraged by two sources.

1. It has been documented that BLM/Antifa cells were there, infiltrated the MAGA March and injected their brand of mayhem. (4) That’s your violent mob. They have been dishing out riots, murder, violence, and arson for the last ten months supported and encouraged by Democrats. (5) Out of a million and a half MAGA marchers they managed to get about a hundred to follow them in to the Capitol. And by their standards, the level of conflict and violence at the Capital was minimal. For a MAGA March, this turn of events was an extreme anomaly. For BLM/Antifa it was par for the course.

And consider this: all the violence, arson and murder that BLM/Antifa have waged this last year has largely gone unpunished. Very few have been prosecuted for the thousands upon thousands of violent crimes committed. But within two days of the MAGA March the FBI announces that they had captured the man who took a selfie sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and the man who walked away with her lectern. Hallelujah. The FBI has their priorities straight. Arson? Murder? Billions of dollars of damage in cities BLM/Antifa rioted in? Not worth the effort. But the guy who took a selfie at Pelosi’s desk? That’s a top priority. They also concluded that BLM/Antifa were not at the Capitol even though many MAGA marchers saw them and recognized them, and even though a well-known active BLM agitator, John Sullivan of Utah, who encourages extreme violence and insurgence, was interviewed by media at the Capitol on that very day. In fact, he was right next to Ashli Babbit when she got shot. He says he was in the building just to “observe.” I don’t buy that for one second. (5k.)

2. A very aggressive stance by Capitol Police combined with an insane overreaction by Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans. This overreaction by both groups created a false narrative of mass violence. Even with BLM/Antifa involvement there was no mass violence. Over a million and a half citizens were there to exercise their right to free speech. A few MAGA engaged in civil disobedience and some may have physically fought through the police line to get in to the building but Democrats have never reacted this way when radical leftists have invaded the Capitol Building (remember the Kavanagh hearings?) Or when they tried to enter the Supreme Court. Or when they attempted to enter the White House. (6) Were any leftists shot and killed then? Did Nancy Pelosi demand Capitol Police be fired? And let’s not forget how unafraid the Democrats have been by the BLM/Antifa riots over the last year. (7) Nor the hands-off approach they took in response to the extreme violence those domestic terrorist groups inflicted on American citizens and cities. Democrats have even praised and encouraged BLM/Antifa violence. (8)  But they meet our 99.9999% peaceful presence at the Capitol in riot gear and immediately start shooting canisters of gas at us and then pepper spray.

I believe the violent confrontations with police at the Capitol were pretty-much BLM/Antifa. (9) I saw one guy trying to lead MAGA marchers around the back to enter the building. He walked toward the cops with his hands up, like “hands up, don’t shoot.” That’s a classic BLM/Antifa trademark move.

So, Nancy, spare me your histrionics and feigned outrage. You are gaslighting.

The heinous attack. It wasn’t MAGA entering the Capitol building or taking selfies at Pelosi’s desk.

1. It was the Capitol Police who shot an unarmed MAGA supporter almost point-blank in the throat, killing her. It was an execution. The woman was clearly not a threat and could have been grabbed by cops in the hallway in front of her as she was climbing through a broken window. There was also armed law enforcement standing directly behind her in the hallway! (10) They made no attempt to stop her. If they saw her as a threat, why didn’t they pull her back?  During the Floyd riots, Democrats draped cloths around their necks and got on bended knee for 9+ minutes.  When an unarmed young woman was slaughtered by their police, they reconvened quickly, with Vice President Pence barely acknowledging her loss of life. I don’t think they even conducted an investigation of the crime scene. And after this woman died, the cops opened the doors to the Capitol and let MAGA marchers inside.  Most had not even heard that a woman had been shot. Almost all cell phone coverage was down. Video shows MAGA marchers calmly walking through the building with cops present with no violence, no mass destruction. (11)

2. It was someone allegedly killing a police officer who was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and later died from the injury. As of this writing the details of that have not been confirmed. We also don’t know who the purported assailant was. MAGA? Or BLM/Antifa?  BLM/Antifa are famous for hitting cops over the head with blunt objects; (12) MAGA supporters are not.

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  1. A very succinct narrative Ms. Jordan, thank you! Your frustration and anger is palpable, and shared by millions of Americans like me. But, what can be done to relieve the seething tensions in our country? The White House is about to be taken over by two usurpers. Congress and the Senate has gone rogue, and what little support we have in those houses is impotent. The courts are toothless and useless; empty robes. The FBI, the CIA and the DOJ have repeatedly shown us that they are subservient to the Swamp; the Deep State; they have turned on us and cannot be trusted. Our vote has been neutered, our confidence in elections is shattered . Trump, his legal team and his supporters have exhausted all peaceful means of grievance and redress. Phone calls, emails and letters to our “representatives” have proven futile; a waste of effort. What alternatives are left to us? What to do next before we reach critical mass and the volcano erupts? More than half of our county’s voters cannot be ignored indefinitely!
    Remember, “no taxation without representation”? In my opinion, the only option we have left to make our voices heard is a country wide tax strike. April is around the corner. This can be organized by entities and organizations that represent millions of us. Withhold our taxes until our demands are met. Hit them where it hurts until our voices are heard! They have taken away our voices so, let’s take away the money. Let our money speak for us! Think about this. They cannot arrest millions of us; can they?

    1. You sum up our sad state of affairs very well. I have wondered if legally that is an option. The services we pay for have not been provided, so why continue to pay the bill? We have fought this battle with all our might, President Trump has done so much to try and save America. At this point, if you are a person of faith, I would say the most important action would be to pray.