by Raymond Morris, ©2021

(Jan. 10, 2021) — We are being lied to. Those in control of giving us the news know the truth, but have decided to try to manipulate the general public to believe a lie. Think George Orwell’s novel “1984.” From collusion to racism, each of the things Trump was being accused of doing for the past four years was actually what the liberals were guilty of. This has been a lie all along.

The election was stolen.  Someone said there were eleven different ways used to add or manipulate votes.  For example, where 70% to 80% voting is normal there reportedly were states with voting totals that were greater than 100% of the registered voters.  So, Trump was justified in not conceding. 

But then for a variety of reasons, his own party did not support him in his challenge.  There are some who believe in the centralized one-world government that Trump was trying to block.  Some just wanted him gone badly enough to risk having the Supreme Court “stacked” and Iran with nuclear weapons. 

But many in his party were sincerely concerned that if at the last minute the Democratic win that the press had proclaimed for the two months since the election were suddenly reversed, there would be a high likelihood that our cities would burn at the prompting of Antifa and BLM, and people would die.  They disliked the rough-and-tumble politics and refused to participate in the challenge. 

These seem to apply to Mike Pence, who was probably also afraid of the mob.  The prospect of spending the rest of his life having his family and home attacked by protesters was just too great a burden.  Personally, I cannot blame him.  I know I couldn’t do it.  When the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they knew they were risking their lives.  Pence is a good man, but he is not cut from that cloth.  He did not sign up to die for the cause.

The riot at the Capitol Building was staged.  In the chaos reported by the news, the acts of voting fraud got buried in the worldwide story of deaths in the Capitol Building during an “attempted coup.”  Because a few bad apples with guns got in with the few dozen protesters with flags, the protest was hijacked and the narrative of a “riot” was used to hide the real coup.  So now, what you will be hearing on most of the major news networks is an organized plan to hide the truth and get a new government entrenched.

Too many of the impressionable people who had welcomed all those lies as truth they wanted to hear became unable to hear the truth and believed that it was those on the Right that were staging the coup.

Years of planning had paid off.  They even got enough people living in Georgia to prefer embracing socialism under the guise of social justice to replace national pride in the form of Trump who had ceaselessly been painted as evil incarnate.

Do you start to get the picture?  There is something bigger going on here than the plotting of Pelosi, Schumer and Obama.  Too many things needed to fit into place at the right time.  The Georgia run-off vote was so close in both races.  The vote happened in the same news cycle as the counting of the Electoral College votes in Congress.  Remember in 2016 when it was thought to be impossible for Trump to beat Hillary, but he did in multiple states by the slightest of margins?  Many saw the hand of God in it, since it seemed impossible to happen that way by chance.

So, what happened?  I know that many object to the idea of American exceptionalism or even that there is such a thing as an unchangeable right and wrong morally.  But just consider for a moment, what if 9-11 was in fact God lifting his protective hedge over America, as a warning that we needed to change course and turn from our moral decline?  What if the COVID pandemic was the result of the further removing of God’s protective hedge as an additional warning, a call to repent?  Then what are we to make of what we have just experienced?  There is a second wave of COVID deaths coinciding with this stealing of an election in broad daylight with no one willing to stop it.  This is certainly consistent with what the Apostle Paul wrote in chapter 1 of his letter to the Romans. He warned that as a result of choosing to believe a lie and follow their own desires, God will give a person, or a nation, over to their distorted thinking and stop protecting them from the consequences of their behavior.

Have you ever noticed that for years an earthquake or hurricane can kill thousands in India or Africa, but in America those same events rarely caused more than property damage?  Well, if America has in fact fallen out of God’s favor, then those days seem to be over.  Hang on tight, because we are likely to be treated like the rest of the world.  Don’t be surprised if the vaccine is not the miracle of science that allows us to return to life as normal.  Don’t expect that any day now you can take off your mask, go out to eat, or have a normal vacation. 

What happens next?  I don’t know, but I expect that all those apocalypse movies that we went to for entertainment may increase by the nightly news.  You can also expect that people will welcome a strong leader to save us.  (And you were worried that Trump might be evil incarnate.)

What should we do now?

All I know for sure is that we should question everything we are being told on the news from now on.  I also know that God has not stopped trying to get your attention.  He is still in the business of forgiving, protecting and restoring individuals, even if it appears He has stopped trying to do that for America. 

Raymond Morris is a retired civil servant from a “blue” state with a desire to help people think with a biblical worldview concerning current events.

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  1. Well folks has America actually repented as a nation…?
    Ah NOPE….tho WE have a now massive enemy within that is far more then mere political intrigue.
    So if there is The God of Scripture OUR Founders trusted in and honored this is seriously all at stake today…!