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(Dec. 30, 2020) — [Brian Massie is a friend, editor, and publisher of the conservative on-line newspaper, Lobbyists for Citizens (LFC). Recently, Brian shared his family’s sadness and confusion over the tragic drug death of a 20 year-old family member. He asked for my thoughts, and then asked for permission to print my response in hopes of helping other families understand the tragedy that is gripping the country.  Brian’s article follows with my commentary below. — Linda Goudsmit]

LFC Comments: For residents in Lake County, Ohio, please be aware that we have confirmed with the coroner’s office that Percocet pills laced with fentanyl are being sold to children. We had a 20 year family member die on December 26th. We are told that he was not a drug user. However, if this was his first time, it was a tragic mistake forever impacting a tremendous number of people.

A 22 year-old female relative was asked why do kids continue to abuse their bodies with illicit drugs, and risk death from  an infinitesimal amount of fentanyl. The brutally honest answer: “To escape from reality!”

We were unable to understand why the younger generations want to live in the “matrix”. (Reference to the movie ‘The Matrix’ which was a computer program that created a world of an alternative reality) We immediately thought about contacting our resident expert on this issue – Linda Goudsmit. Linda gave us the answer, and we asked for permission to share it with our readers.

Linda mentions objective and subjective reality. and cognitive dissonance.

  • Objective refers to a reality that is outside of your mind (world of facts), and subjective refers to the inner reality of your mind (world of feelings).
  • Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Parents should consider purchasing Linda’s book, ” DEAR AMERICA Who’s Driving the Bus”. It covers exactly what we are talking about. Thank you Linda for your insight on this very important issue.


What happens when objective and subjective reality collide?

By Linda Goudsmit, blogging at Pundicity

December 29, 2020

I think youngsters 18-22 years old have been living in the matrix most of their lives. They spend inordinate amounts of time connected to digital devices where reality is blurred in both form and content. 

What was science fiction for the Jetsons in 1962 became a reality in the 21st century. I remember many years ago when FaceTime first became popular for out-of-state grandparents to see/talk to their grandchildren, I was not impressed. Young children do not have a developed sense of objective reality. I said to my husband that videophones were a very dangerous technology because the lines between reality and unreality were being blurred.
Young children would be unable to distinguish a frightening monster on television from grandma or grandpa on the computer/cell phone. The children would insist the monster was real because, after all, they know they are talking to their real grandparents. This is no small thing.

Parents would no longer be able to convince little Johnny that the monster on television was not real. These children will have difficulty developing a rooted footing in objective reality which makes them easy to exploit. Reality testing was challenged constantly as screen time increased for children whose parents/caretakers plunked them in front of the television to quiet them.

The parents were also being increasingly indoctrinated away from objective reality by news and entertainment media disinformation and misinformation designed for social engineering. The result was that both parents and children were being pushed toward subjective reality and away from objective reality.

The current bifurcation in society reflects the divisions in society between those living in objective reality and those living in subjective reality. That is how the psychodynamics of “DEAR AMERICA Who’s Driving the Bus?” tie into society. The social engineers are deliberately pushing generations of Americans into subjective reality where they are easy to exploit and can be controlled.

Consider how easy it has been to convince an “adult” population that porous paper masks will keep them safe from a deadly virus. People living in objective reality (the world of facts) are having the same difficulty convincing those living in subjective reality (the world of feelings) that the entire mask/pandemic narrative is political medicine, not medical science. It is the same difficulty little Johnny’s mother has trying to convince him that the monster on television is not real.

“Getting away from reality” is how the 18-22 year-olds cope with the cognitive dissonance created when objective and subjective reality collide. Consider this – the measure of a person’s mental health used to be defined by how in touch that individual is with objective reality.

The deliberate attack on objective reality has been the most powerful weapon in the war on America – legalizing drugs has just made it easier – drugs are the speed lane to subjective reality. 

Linda Goudsmit

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