December 27, 2020

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Herald Sun, for publishing “Bill risks too great,” HS, 28/12 by Holly Lawford-Smith, fighting (on behalf of loving parents trying to protect vulnerable confused/easily-influenced young people) against the Daniel Andrews-led Victorian Labor Government’s Conversion Therapy prohibition bill!

To all Victorians, I say: you don’t have to be a Golden God Botherer to contribute to the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby), one of the few organisations with sufficient fortitude to take the fight up to…“Their Darknesses”: all those “Princes & Princesses of Political Correctness” by supporting the ACL, thus, throwing more than a spanner (or three) into the middle spoke of the wheel of the woke folk on young life-destroying gender-bender missions!

Won’t you please buy two $20 lobsters less and donate $40 (or more) to the woke folks’ nemesis: the PC-fighting folk at the Australian Christian Lobby?

No? Well, just remember what happened to the late, great medical humanitarian, Prof Fred Hollows, when he was trying to protect the health of vulnerable Aboriginal Australians and fell afoul of the LGB, etc. lobby!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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