by Leo Donofrio, naturalborncitizen, ©2020

(Dec. 23, 2020) — The United States Supreme Court has flagrantly violated its Rules, and it is now claiming not to know where my papers and $300 check are, even though they received all papers on December 4, 2020, proved by my time-stamped copy.

The case analyst I spoke with today, a short tempered insulting individual, also tried to convince me there was a Supreme Court Rule preventing me from filing the case. When pressed to cite the Rule, he could not do so. Because there is no such Rule.

I filed exactly as required by Rule 17.4, and that Rule says the case “will be docketed” when forty copies and $300 are received. Those were received at the Court on December 4th. They have been holding my $300 check for three weeks.

I had the papers filed by commercial same day courier, at the Supreme Court Police booth, which is the proper place the Court receives filings. The Officer stamped my copy, as is the normal process.

Since the Attorney General of Arizona mentioned my filing in their Amicus Motion in the Texas case, the Supreme Court itself cannot pretend my papers were stalled by their clerks. Make no mistake about it, my case is a clear winner under Foster v. Love, and the Supreme Court simply may not want it docketed for that reason.

This is not my first rodeo at the so called “Supreme” Court. This institution, like all of our other political institutions, is a total and utter disgrace, violating its own rules and employing bouncers at the door.

More to follow, including all of my emails with the Court about this case, and a complete run down of my last tainted encounter with the “Supreme” Court. I have some interesting docket analysis from my last case, when the Court tried to suppress my filing, and then looked very bad when it was forced by the public anger to correct itself.

Justice Souter was in charge of reviewing that application, and then he resigned six months later. I’m not implying the two incidents are connected. But the docket on that case is nothing less than bizarre.







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  1. I sent a tip just a few minutes ago to TheGateWayPundit news site, and others, about what the SCOTUS Clerk’s Office is doing to your case, i.e., refusing to timely docket it and playing hide the ball, probably trying to run out the clock. SCOTUS needs to be publicly exposed for this outrageous behavior. And as you state, they have done it before. To you and to others. CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) – —