by Matt Erickson,, “The Beacon Spotlight,” public domain

(Dec. 22, 2020) — Ignore for a moment the topic of election fraud. Discount whatever number of votes you think were fraudulently cast in the 2020 Presidential election—200,000 votes, 2,000,000 votes, 20,000,000 votes, or perhaps even more.

The fact remains, however, that tens of millions of voters voted Democrat in the 2020 Presidential election.  

Anyone who has ever seen the red/blue Presidential election maps by county knows that the highest concentration of Democratic votes is typically found in high-density urban areas. Conservative votes trend higher in low-density rural areas.

Today, more than four out of every five Americans live in urban areas. Such a high concentration of urban living wasn’t always the case. In 1790, only five percent of the American population lived in urban areas. By 1850, 15% of Americans were found in urban areas. By 1900, 40% and by 1950, 59%. 79% of Americans lived in an urban environment in 2000, and 81% in 2010.

Demographic trends dating back 230 years confirm a continuous shifting of the population, from rural living to urban. This unrelenting historical trend does not necessarily bode well for continued conservative thinking in our near future, as increasing percentages of Americans grow up apart from our historical roots and isolated from the Founders’ lifestyles. Today’s culture only worsens this underlying scenario.

In other words, absent strategies different from our past, it will arguably become increasingly difficult for conservatives to win elections in our [near] future, not even considering allegations of fraud.

This writer suggests it is way past time for conservatives to rethink strategies which have been failing us for a very long time, even as we refused to pay attention.

Continue to vote in elections, of course, and also work to clean up the voting process. But, voting and elections won’t be enough in our future, to secure our freedom under our Republic.

The proper starting point for rethinking future strategies is to reflect upon our country’s founding principles, for proper guidance.


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  1. I would like a different Future in a primary way.

    Law Prohibits Pence From Accepting Electoral Votes From Fraudulently Certified States because to do so would violate His Oath of Office to uphold the Laws pursuant to the Constitution, right?

    ON Dec 23, VP Pence could just notify each Secretary of State (that certified for Biden in the 6 Swing States where fraud occurred) that He has not RECEIVED any Certificates of actual “APPOINTED” Electors, or their votes (because of election fraud in their State). And then further, request that the Secretary of all those States, send the Certificates of the actual “APPOINTED” Electors and their votes based upon non-fraudulent elections that do not violate laws passed by the States Legislatures, and do so before Jan. 6. (pursuant to Art 2, Sec 2, Cl 1; 12th Amendment & 3 USC12 & 13.

    Since all State Legislatures essentially require (in some form or fashion) that their Electors be “APPOINTED” by honest & non-fraudulent elections. And here there is clearly overwhelming evidence of fraud in those states, Certificates or votes from “APPOINTED” Electors as required by the Constitution in the manner directed by the Legislature of those States will not have been RECEIVED by Mike Pence by Jan 5.

    Fraudulent Certificates received by the VP should be removed, labeled as criminal evidence and held in a safe place somewhere to be preserved for investigations or trials of crimes which may be undertaken by the Federal Government at some later date.

    THE BURDEN OF PROOF WOULD SHIFT to the Biden campaign to (1) show that the elections were not fraudulent or (2) try to arrange a New Election by January 6.

    Since SCOTUS are proven cowards and won’t get involved based on TEXAS case and Biden will have only 2 weeks to seek redress, Trump/Pence win 232-227 of Majority of appointed Electoral votes.

    True Votes would simply be opened (by VP Pence) on Jan. 6, handed to the Congressional Tellers, and counted up under normal procedures; which in this case would give Trump the Presidency, since Trump (& Pence) will have a majority of votes consistent with and as expressly required by the Constitution (under Article II, Sec 1, Cl 2 & the 12 Amendment) – which does not require 270 electoral votes, only a majority of those appointed.

    If Pelosi forces a contingent vote, Trump will win 26-21-2 in the House by States Delegations and Pence 52-48, in the Senate.