December 20, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It’s Christmastime – the best of time for being with family and loved ones – and for reflecting on what Christmas is really all about (hint:  It’s not about “presents under the tree”).  And I’d really like to have good feelings about the holidays this year, but – to my misfortune – I cannot turn off my brain, which keeps reminding me of the evil that was afoot in our land this year and the fact that wishing and hoping will neither erase it nor send it away.

I cannot get last month out of my head.  As good citizens we’ve read our Constitution and read and cherished our shared history, but I have been cheated and robbed – and so have you, regardless of your political leanings.  When West Coast “progressives” choose “By Any Means Necessary” as their mantra in an election year – we were warned.  Elections everywhere have always been accompanied by shenanigans here and there, but this year was different.  There was planning, coordination, BIG money, and outright theft of our rights as citizens to have our votes – and those of every other legitimate citizen voter’s votes – properly counted. 

The Federal Courts have been presented with facts of outright fraud and other crimes, but they have chosen to ignore these cases so as not to “meddle” and to proclaim that the courts have no role in elections….  Wait, where do our laws and their infringements get reconciled?  Gee, I always thought that was the role and purpose of our courts.  But Chief Justice Roberts tells us that the courts have no role in adjudicating election law violations?  If the legislatures write election rules and election laws, and the chief executive of our nation or our states sign those bills into law, I must have mistakenly “understood” that they become LAW, and that adjudication of those laws rested with our courts.  Hmmm. 

The refusal of our courts to conduct judicial reviews and hopefully trials of those accused of violating those laws is beyond me, and probably you as well.  We citizens would hope that such reviews and trials would be impartial – just as all fair criminal trials and other types of court reviews are.  Why would election reviews not be?  Is it that the justices don’t trust themselves to be impartial? Or, perhaps they imagine that some of the populace won’t like the results of the impartial actions?  Gosh, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” as good old Harry Truman once advised.

But what leaves me cold this Christmas is the now indelible belief, now that the cat is out of the bag, that I will never again witness an honest election.  Is industrial-scale cheating now to be the new norm?  And, whichever side has the most money or smartest crooks should be able to buy all the “votes” – by any means necessary — they need to stay in power? 

The horrid part of all this is that elections are the single guarantee that our beloved and venerable constitution grants us citizens as the means to hold accountable those we put into office to manage our affairs.  To boil down the “deal” it comes to this: “We the People will elect some among us to govern our affairs – WITH OUR CONSENT – and if or when those whom we choose no longer govern us properly, we have the right and obligation to remove them from office, either summarily, if serious enough, or by election.  WE THE PEOPLE try to keep up our end of the bargain (deal), but the other side has to play by these same rules. 

Shenanigans?  Maybe, but outright THEFT – NEVER!  I have been robbed of my faith in the sanctity of our elections and my (and yours, too) only redress under our constitution.  This is a big deal.  They don’t come any bigger.  That is the ruination of my Christmas and any hope for a happy new year.

Old Frank

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