by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot: RSBN live feed

(Dec. 19, 2020) — At 3:15 p.m. ET/1:15 p.m. Arizona time, Dr. Kelli Ward, the statewide Arizona GOP chairwoman, is speaking at a “StoptheSteal” rally streamed live by Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).

Scheduled to begin at 12:00 p.m. Arizona time, the rally did not launch in earnest until an hour later due to the fact that U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, who is scheduled to speak at the rally, was delayed en route from Washington, DC, an RSBN producer said.

“This is a battle between good and evil,” Ward said at 3:18 ET. “If this election is not settled and shown that it has integrity, there are 74 million people that will not accept the leadership that we get from the other side,” she said.

Ward said that of all the lawsuits filed in the wake of Democrat Joe Biden’s announced “win” in Arizona and other “swing” states over President Donald Trump, she filed a lawsuit which is the only Arizona-originating lawsuit still alive.

The case is now at the U.S. Supreme Court, Ward said.

Ward is asking for a “forensic examination” of the Dominion voting machines used on November 3 and said a declaration of “certification” meant “nothing” since it was produced by a matching of votes which may not have been valid.

She pushed for legislators, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, county supervisors and other elected officials to carry out a full forensic examination of all voting machines used in the state.

On November 30, Ducey certified Arizona’s 11 electoral votes for Biden. On December 14, however, Arizona was one of seven states which sent competing Republican slates to cast presidential votes in the Electoral College.

“We have got to stop the steal and have election integrity, and we have to FIGHT FOR TRUMP!” Ward said as she finished her remarks to cheers from the audience. “I will not stop this fight; we will continue to fight for faith, family, freedom…and for our republic, so let’s STOP THE STEAL!!”

At 3:26 p.m. ET, Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem, who has also asked for forensic examinations and said new evidence will be presented Saturday, began to speak.  “If you don’t have your evidence scraped together, you will not win a prosecution,” he said.  He directed rally-goers to a video on Twitter which shows “an algorithm which did exactly as described” for which he credited Gosar.  “There is additional evidence that has not fully come to light; we are trying to get it to come to light before Christmas,” Finchem said, adding that he hoped Arizona would play a significant role in exposing the election fraud he maintains occurred.

At approximately 3:40 p.m. ET, STS founder Ali Alexander took to the podium and called the RNC to “fight for Trump.”  He credited the president for turning Ohio “red” from its position as a “swing” state.

Gosar arrived at approximately 4:331 ET and began to speak.  He advised the audience, “Don’t fret, because we have a lot of things cookin.'”

He went on to say that “the contamination of this ballot” in Arizona is “easy to see,” according to professionals he knows in the CIA and other agencies.  The same situation exists in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other “swing” states,” Gosar said. 

“We’re already working on challenging the certified electors, the House and Senate, so keep the faith,” he added. 

“How pathetic are the courts?” he challenged the audience.  “Folks, if we lose this, it gets worse,” he said, “…and it starts right here in Arizona…Let’s show the country what we’re made of.”




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