by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 17, 2020) — On Thursday afternoon, Atty. L. Lin Wood, who has a case docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court over Georgia’s 2020 elections, tweeted the claim that in August, Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Associate Justice Stephen Breyer were “discussing how to work to get Trump voted out.”

“This may be most important tweet of my life,” Wood began the series of tweets. “Chief Justice John Roberts is corrupt & should resign immediately. Justice Stephen Breyer should also resign immediately. They are ‘anti-Trumpers’ dedicated to preventing public from knowing TRUTH of @realDonaldTrump re-election.”

An outspoken supporter of Donald Trump who has claimed Trump “won by a landslide” on November 3,, Wood has also pointed to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and his secretary of state, Brad Raffensberger, as having engaged in illegal acts to install Dominion voting machines in the state and to overlook signature-matching between mail-in ballots and voter registrations.

“In discussing @realDonaldTrump in phone conversation in 8/19, Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure ‘the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected,’” Wood continued. “Roberts engaged in phone conversations with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to work to get Trump voted out.”

Several minutes later, he tweeted:

I have long had questions about “the John Roberts” on Jeffrey Epstein private jet flight logs. I suspected it was our Chief Justice. MSM has shown no interest in investigating issue to find TRUTH. America is now entitled to know the answer. Every lie will be revealed. Pray.

That was followed by:

After seeing the tweets, The Post & Email contacted Wood’s office for additional comment and to ask his source(s) of the information. We also attempted to reach the Supreme Court, but upon calling the press line received a recorded message that the mailbox was full and could not accept any messages.

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  1. 159 federal judges, including John Roberts, Chief Justice of the pathetic Supreme Court of the United States—were illegally spied upon by secret CIA program, HAMR & PRISM—as disclosed by The Richardson Post on America’s Independence Day, July 4th 2019. Sex with children on Epstein’s Orgy Island, illegal adoption via nations other than those of babies’ birth, and treason all qualify. And that’s just the short list.

    1. The article to which you refer took some of its information from The American Report, whose reportage on Dennis Montgomery and “The Hammer” The Post & Email has refuted with irrefutable research.

      We certainly do not take the position that public servants cannot commit wrongdoing, but we maintain that evidence and proof must be presented to support any such claims. I see no evidence presented in what is an obvious opinion piece full of speculation.

      1. Justice Scalia Believed Obama Spied on the Supreme Court.
        Judge Napolitano: Justice Scalia told me that he often thought the court was being surveilled. And he told me that probably four or five years ago…If they had to unmask Senator Paul’s name to reveal a conversation he was having with a foreign agent and the foreign agent was hostile to the United States they can do that. That’s not what he’s talking about. They’re talking about unmasking him when he’s having a conversation with his campaign manager when he’s running in the Republican primary.

  2. Reported on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Chief Justice Roberts was reported to have said that he made certain rulings because “he has rioters to deal with”. Robert’s is wussing out on America.

  3. Maybe John Roberts has a problem with President Trump and the Constitution because Roberts swore-in the Constitutionally ineligible, identity fraud, Soro’s funded and CIA created Barack Hussein Obama in 2009…twice. Roberts knows the truth about Barry, and so does President Trump and the rest of the Supreme Court. Roberts wants Trump out of office to prevent Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald, (5 million for Obama to show his real Hawaii birth certificate), Trump….and now President Trump from revealing that truth…….

  4. I say that billionaire Chief Justice John Roberts is a turncoat traitor and closely affiliated with the “Deep State.” God knows what else! Compromised characters like him have no business being on the bench, at any level and especially not the Supreme Court bench! Tom Arnold. P.S. You do know, I assume, that Roberts KNOWINGLY swore in to the presidency a CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, and he did it twice. Not long afterwards, his “slush fund” account received and deposited in the Vatican Bank from the U.S. Treasury ballooned to over 1 BILLION DOLLARS! And, he loves those trips to his family’s “second home” on the nearby once Mafia-ruled island of Malta on the Mediterranean!

  5. I, and a lot of my family and friends are in shock that in spite of our fervent prayers and hopes, we feel we are being let down by God (forgive me, Lord, for saying this). The many Holy Masses we have attended, the many Rosaries we have prayed, and the many sacrifices and mortifications we have made for this great President to lead this country for one more term — all seem to have been ignored.

    How many times I reminded God (wow!) that a Biden presidency would mean slaughter of millions more of innocent children in their wombs who are in tears awaiting their death sentence!

    How many times I begged the millions of innocent children martyred in their wombs who are in Heaven now to plead with the Lord showing their blood stained, mangled bodies asking God to show mercy to the unborn in the wombs of their mothers so that they may not suffer the same fate!

    How many times I reminded the Blessed Virgin Mother of God why she, who rushed to urge her Son to perform a miracle and provide wine for the wedding feast in Cana, would be slow to heed the prayers of millions of her children to help President Trump win to protect the millions of unborn children in their mothers’ wombs?

    I don’t claim to be smarter than God to know how this is going to play out. He is certainly slow to act — just as he waited till Abraham was 100 years old to give him his progeny, or even as he waited till Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son on the altar as demanded by God.

    May be He will act favorably at the last moment??? Let us hope so.

  6. I am from Pa my dead parents voted for Biden when both are Republicans how could that be Roberts has to go his ruling are bad and he is bought by China the court means nothing anymore and the people Trump put there have to show some courage other wise the constitution is just a piece of paper we will need a 1776 movement to take our States back and do away with the government we have and court system and start a new way to run things by the law not what we have now.

  7. Judges can be impeached by Congress and tried by the Senate:

    “…judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their office during good behavior…” – Article III, Sec. 1 USConst.

  8. “…judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their office during good behavior…” – Article III, Sec. 1 USConst.

  9. Trump has lots of cards he hasn’t played yet. In my studying, I have become aware he has lots of options being “cocked”. I think he is slick and will pull lots of rugs
    out from lots of others.

  10. Lin wood would not say what he did unless he was shown the proof of the allegations.
    In fact, it goes deeper than that.
    Trump has chosen Lin Wood to be his “trigger man” so to speak.
    And the beauty of it is this: Lin Wood is a DEFAMATION ATTORNEY. All of us would know that Wood would be acutely aware of all penalties and risks in libeling and/or slandering someone in public about such allegations most especially a SCOTUS.
    Lin Wood was shown the evidence and given the greenlight to go ahead and make these public insults and taunts.
    This is a deep psyop game being played right in front of our eyes.
    Always look deeper for the hidden motives people.
    It is clear that Trump has only one option now:
    EO #13848 and invocation of the Insurrection Act.

  11. Is this article about Chief Justice John G. Roberts, the same person that purportedly administered the USA presidential oath of office three times to a foreign interloper, twice on January 20, 2009, then again on January 20, 2013, ………that Chief Justice John G. Roberts?

    If so, I see a correlation between Chief Justice John G. Roberts’ purported belligerence against our Commander-in-chief President Donald J. Trump’s re-election and a possible concern by Roberts that a follow-on presidency by Trump will ultimately reveal Chief Justice John G. Roberts’ participation in the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of the USA by most members of Congress, by the majority of members of the US Supreme Court, by all yellow-stream media, and by the CIA.

    1. I agree, the hoax that put Barry the fraud illegitimately in office and covered for him for 8 years and counting is the the number one driving force behind the fear of Donald Trump as America’s President. The many complicit in the Obama fraud know there is no crime more serious than effectively giving America’s government and her military to a Soros funded, CIA created usurper of America’s presidency. Hillary was not suppose to lose, and when she lost to Trump massive panic to remove him from office began and has not let up. The win America must have includes the truth about Barry and appropriate punishment for the many complicit in, “The Obama Fraud”……..
      President Trump must act NOW! If not our Constitutional Republic is gone……