by Chaplain Nicholas E. Purpura, ©2020

(Dec. 15, 2020) — Justice Alito reminded us in (2015): 

Liberty requires accountability.” “…Under the Constitution all officers of the United States must take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution; the constitution cannot be disregarded.” (See Article VI Cl 13)

Every public official, Executive, Legislator, and Judge swore an ‘oath’ to uphold the Constitution against all enemies ‘domestic and foreign.’ According to the Supreme Court as far back as 1888, to violate that oath of office “he is without jurisdiction, and has engaged in an act or acts of treason.” In fact, a violation of any constitutionally protected civil right could possibly be subject to the charge of treason; to quote the 1958 Supreme Court case of Cooper v Arron: No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it.”

Though glaring evidence exists of voter ‘fraud’ and ‘foreign interference,’ our ‘quisling’ judiciary, state and federal, refused to address dispositive evidence of a high level of unlawfulness. Yet, in what can only be termed a judicial con-game the courts repeatedly claimed President Trump’s legal teams lacked “standing.”

In essence, the highest Court in our Nation “aided and abetted” in disenfranchising the people’s right to a fair and honest election process.


All laws must also be in accordance with the US Constitution, and an Executive Order (EO) must also be in accordance with the US Constitution.  President Trump, following the 2018 election, rightfully contemplated the ‘swamp’ would seek to gain power for the “sake of power” and would resort to unlawfulness in the coming 2020 election, therefore instituting Executive Order 13848.

It is inarguable that Executive Order 13848 protected every citizen in our nation (regardless of political affiliation) to a “full and fair” election.

An EO cannot create what would effectively be a law, but what it does do is protect the public against ‘domestic and foreign’ interference in the election process and has the power to punish the criminal contempt we are witnessing.

Inarguably, public officials and judicial hoodlums in black robes failed to protect the integrity of our electoral process.  Apparently the judiciary refuses to understand that the courts were created for the sake of the people, and not for itself or a political party. Refusing to address dispositive evidence submitted based upon deceptive technicalities was a contemptible omission to hide the evidence of fraud to stifle the TRUTH!

Pursuant to EXECUTIVE ORDER 13848, it becomes imperative to confiscate every ‘Dominion’ Voting machine; conduct a forensic audit; and arrest all those who purchased and/or certified them and/or wiped them clean, since it was common knowledge as foreign equipment they were/are prohibited from use in our election process. Furthermore, interrogation of all questionable personnel involved in the counting process is actionable under the EO.  In order to maintain our free democracy, it is also necessary to expose the seditious activity and collusion employed by the media’s propaganda machine as well as big tech’s suppression of information and their financial involvement that included suppression of information related to candidates.

To be clear, we are in a war for the preservation of our Constitutional Republic. All Americans who served our country and took the oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies ‘domestic and foreign’ (which has no expiration date!) must now stand and honor that oath.


The Eagle

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  1. EO’s 13818 & 13823 provide additional scope in preserving, protecting & defending the US Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic.

    Fidelity to Oath, Constitution & Country call for repudiation of a Global Elections Management Fraud that would have the American People’s Voice silenced in the 2020 General Election.

    President Trump and all Liberty loving Americans will not suffer that possibility.

    Thank you for a timely focused article and call to action.

    Stand Fast In Liberty.