by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

(Dec. 12, 2020) — America has watched in horror from November 3rd until now the criminal, national election coup attempt in many states against President Trump.  At the very least, we have seen all the swing states, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, full of election fraud.  Mountains of affidavits prove that Republican poll-watchers were denied entry to observe the counting of ballots and kicked out when swing states shut down the counting of ballots by nighttime on November 3rd.  Before they shut down, Trump was significantly ahead; magically, the next morning Trump was behind. 

We now know after weeks of lawsuits, affidavits and witness testimony that the Democrat liberals, along with the Dominion voting machines, were unveiling an illegal coup against President Donald Trump.  It is clear that even though Trump won and hundreds of thousands of Trump votes were changed to Biden votes, the court system won’t observe the real law and Constitution.  They are, it seems, playing political games and ignoring a mountain of election fraud evidence. 

Now, the latest horror show of Constitutional and legal injustice is the Supreme Court of America refusing now to hear the Texas case filed by the attorney general against the swing states, stating that the swing state voter fraud nullifies the votes of Texas voters and those in other states.  The proof so far, affidavits and real information on fraud, was included in the suit, yet the Supreme Court won’t even hear it.  This is with 18 other states joining Texas in their lawsuit.  Nearly half the country signed on with Texas and the Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear it. 

By now, the lying media is positioning Trump as the one who is attempting a coup or will try to illegally stay in the White House for a second term and not observe the real election results.  As usual, with the law as described by the Democrats and media these days, the opposite is true.

The real coup has been funded and operated by the DEMOCRAT left with every intention of stealing this election from the landslide victory Trump actually had.  You don’t stop counting ballots the night of the election in the swing states where Trump is hugely ahead and kick out the poll watchers, but crooks would and election crooks did. Overnight, they turned the 700,000 Trump lead in Pennsylvania alone to running behind by the following morning. 

President Trump has won and election crime has been documented along with the voting machines.  Media, some in Congress and the courts and clear to the Supreme Court won’t back the truth, the Constitution or law.  They are politicized and they are cowards; therefore, I suggest it is time to invoke the National Emergencies Act of 1976, declaring and exposing to the people from the President’s legal team the illegal, known election crimes in the swing states and acknowledge the coup attempt.   Because of this election crime and emergency, you are declaring a national emergency and planning to invoke the National Emergencies Act to restore the rightful and honest election result.

Allowing Biden to illegally get sworn in is to defraud all elections and negate legal votes for all U.S. citizens in the future.  We would be quickly reduced to a banana republic, not a free and legal Republic or leader of the free world. 

Trump and real conservatives and lovers of the truth and freedom must not believe or side with those on the left or media who would continue to throw accusations and continue name-calling of Trump.  By invoking the National Emergencies Act, he would be called a dictator, instigator of a coup and of course, the usual…Hitler. 

In truth, he would be acting as a U.S. Patriot, protector of the law and Constitution. He would be the protector of the integrity of elections and the real votes of the American people. 

President Trump, masses of real Americans are behind you.  Please invoke the National Emergencies Act since it is known that illegal vote counts and behaviors occurred in all swing states, stealing the win in those states from you and the American people and also, since the courts, including the Supreme Court, have failed America and the Constitution.  How is this not a huge and far-reaching national emergency?

President Donald Trump won this election and he must not wax pleasant and concede to liars and election crimes.  He must win for America.  All else would be the real national emergency that would be hard to undo. 

This is no time to concede to evil or be pleasant to Biden and the DEMS.  This is time to fight, stand, pray and be the winners that we are with Trump.

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  1. Great article, Dr Roth. Tremendous comment as usual by Bob68. Now, forgive me for daring to repeat it after first having said it three or four years ago, but Donald Trump’s biggest mistake may have been when he announced that Obama was “born in the United States, period.” There really was no need (besides, I suppose, political benefit) to even address or say anything at all about the controversy. It wasn’t going to go away, and it still hasn’t and never will. Not until the truth is told. The U. S. Constitution states that no person except a NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN can become vice president or president of the United States. Sadly and prophetically, this most important and critical concept, which even affects our country’s national security, was violated by Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr when he traitorously swore in as “president” constitutionally ineligible Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama in 2009 (and again in 2013). Things in this country have gone downhill fast ever since. I could name these things, but, hopefully, you are fully aware of them and how they are destroying our once great society. I certainly am not implying that I blame President Trump (I voted for him twice). SOMEONE, THOUGH, HAS GOT TO STAND UP NOW AND REVEAL THE SICK TREASONOUS TRUTH. It would be nice and humbly humanitarian if it was “Barry” himself, but he is in way too deep to get out. In fact, he is one of the principals! May God bless and help us save America from the EVIL within.

  2. You said “not a free and legal Republic or leader of the free world.” AND that is the truth and has been before Bush…we are not a free and legal Republic or leader of the free world. We are bullies and everything is done by this Corporate authority is illegal and not under the consent of the people!

    Which constitution are YOU referring to? The 1st organic, or the 2nd, 3rd or 4th which have NO standing!

    You state “He must win for America.” So where have YOU been? America has been removed from the globe and isn’t even on a single country list…something called United States replace it and I have NO clue what or where that is..I am an American by birth! But it appears everyone is being viewed as a US citizen…and I haven’t a clue what or where that came from. It appears it took over everything over 200 years ago…Yes 2 Centuries with NO objections…how does that happen?

    Every constitution starts with…ALL Power resides in the People…it is the People who have failed America. They don’t hold their representatives to the term limits set by the constitution, they don’t make sure the oath or bond are in place. They have decided they don’t need to pay attention to what is going on in this country and what was once a Great America has turned into a bunch of lazy people who WANT entitlements (NOT authorized by the constition, or agreed to by any people, except those getting it) and are OK with the lies and corruption they are surrounded by. They do not stand together but allow their leadership to constantly promote division, not to mention the media who backs all the rhetoric and is no longer interested in reporting truth.

    I pray everyday that my fellow Americans will wake up to SEE they are living in a communistic country and society …that EVERY Plank of the communist manifesto is in place and has been for decades and buying into democracy (mob rule) was so foreign to the forefathers that word was never spoken…yet that is all the current politicians spout.

    This Really isn’t about an election…this is about The People standing up to be counted for their OWN Self Determination and to get rid of the current system of Fraud and Corruption. C’mon how can you not notice that it has been existing a LONG time right under our noses? And the stench is now unbearable. I say hang ALL these bums who cannot follow rules and believe they ARE the rulemakers …yet it doesn’t apply to them.
    What say YOU?

  3. Absolutely I’m with Trump!! Declaring the National Emergency Act!! Democrats have gotten away with murder for years!! It way past time for (We The People) to stand our ground and back our President!!

  4. IMO the actual biggest and most destructive coup in American history was the one which placed the Soros funded, John Brennan and the CIA created, ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Hussein Obama in place as America’s putative president in 2009.

    That one is, however, apparently too big to prosecute and even to openly and fairly discuss. The reason is, those who assisted and allowed “Obama” to be sworn-in also have a responsibility to uphold their sworn oath to, “protect the Constitution from her enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and they violated that oath, itself a serious crime. Their protection from being found guilty of committing that huge crime was to insure the truth about Barry was never fully revealed and acted on. With almost total control of the media and both political parties, all complicit in effectively giving America’s government and her military to the enemy successfully protected Obama for 8 years to keep him in office, and in no danger of being impeached while he did the job he was installed to do, which was to weaken America in every way possible. Part of that plan included massive corruption throughout Obama’s illegitimate regime, both to protect Obama and others, and simply to enrich the criminals throughout Obama’s regime.

    This evil Globalist/Deep State plan worked until the planned in 2008 after Obama cover president of Hillary Clinton failed to defeat the “birther” and Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. Fear of President Donald Trump fully revealing and acting on The Obama Fraud sent the many complicit at various levels into a panic to remove Trump from office to protect what is most important to them…..themselves. Something not hard to follow and understand has been made so complex that nothing ever happens…because the majority of those with the job of revealing the truth about Barry are themselves complicit in the biggest criminal act against America citizens and her military in history, some by their actions and many by their inaction. The battle goes on with more proof every day they will do anything to prevent a second term for President Trump……..The truth, fully revealed and appropriately acted on…now, can save America…….