by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Dec. 9, 2020) — My wife was watching One America News Network, the only authentic news network left, early this morning. She heard that the Attorney General of the State of Texas had filed suit at the Supreme Court to prevent electors from any state with voting “irregularities” from being seated in the Electoral College due to the FRAUD that took place by voting rules being changed illegally. It was stated that the court will take this suit up today. It was also said that Louisiana had joined in and Oklahoma is considering joining. As of 7:00 a.m. today, I sent an email to the governor of Oklahoma urging him to get behind this move. I live in Oklahoma so have standing to ask that my state move to preserve the integrity of our elections.

Many deep state gop establishment hacks, including Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, have urged President Trump to concede and run again in 2024, referring to joe biden as “president elect,” which he certainly IS NOT.  The problem is that if democrats take control in January We the People will never again see a free and fair election.  They have stated emphatically that they will eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court with radical anti-American judges (although not using those exact words), and essentially gut the Constitution.

If this travesty is allowed to stand our Representative Republic will cease to exist.  The team of the mentally- incompetent, very corrupt joe biden and the ineligible kamala harris have both suggested they will immediately void the Constitution.  They plan to seize firearms from patriots, among other illegal actions.  If one looks at the history of America one will see that the Revolutionary War didn’t start with tax issues but when British soldiers set out to seize colonists’ firearms.  The “shot heard around the world” was fired at Lexington Green when farmers stood shoulder-to-shoulder to fight for liberty.  They lost that skirmish but won the war by standing for their God- given rights.  By the time that skirmish was over thousands of patriots had gathered and ambushed the column, inflicting severe casualties on the 700+ soldiers.  After several years of brutal combat the British were defeated and the United States of America was established as what John Winthrop called “a shining city on a hill.” 

Some state-level political hacks have said they fear standing for a fair election because seditious groups have threatened to burn cities if they don’t immediately support the biden/harris ticket.  Those threats constitute sedition and TREASON, and should be immediately met with arrest on charges that, if convicted, will lead to people being hanged.  Part of the problem is political cowardice and part is due to political complicity with tyranny.

I have the training and experience, being a former Special Forces soldier, to fight these people but am old, poor, and very disabled from a stroke.  My left arm and hand are totally paralyzed and my left leg partially paralyzed.  I can walk with a cane but not very well and not very far.  Balance is an issue, even with using a cane.  I do not wish to see battles in the nation I love but we have already seen blm and antifa thugs riot, loot, burn, rape, murder, and attack supporters of President Trump.  They are financed by the satan/soros cabal of globalist billionaires intent on establishing the New World Order global dictatorship using what they call a “global reset” and vocally supported by democrat politicians running some cities and states.

I know what they mean by “global reset”; it is a takeover of the entire planet by a global billionaire cabal of satanists.  Sadly, most of the political hacks in office, including all democrats and the gop establishment, are in favor.  They seem to think they will have important positions in the global dictatorship but I have my doubts.  I believe they will be swept aside by a very small oligarchy of global “leaders” who won’t want any input from those outside the current cabal.

The fraudsters have used the New World Order global dictatorship as an excuse to flaunt vote regulations through illegal changes designed to obfuscate the election process in favor of radical leftist democrats.  Of course, the lamestream media, the Pravda/Goebbels propaganda arm of the democrat party, has come out to discredit the charges of FRAUD despite ample proof, even with sworn affidavits by democrat election observers of “irregularities.”  I have seen videos of republican poll-watchers being taken out of vote-counting sites in handcuffs by police officers.  If “there is nothing to see” why are they going to such extreme lengths to prevent anyone from seeing the “nothing to see”? If everything is being done legally why are they so intent on not being observed?

I believe we are living in the “last days of the age” as described in the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation and that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent.  If the left gets away with this now they certainly won’t get away with it when they face the Judgment Seat of Jesus.  There will not be any corruption then and no “I was just following orders” excuse will be accepted.  All will be judged on words and actions with no excuses or passing the blame to someone else.

Satan will have seven years to run amok, then he and his minions will be cast into the Lake of Fire for an eternity of suffering.  Those lying and cheating for position now will find their rule very short-lived and their suffering going on for a very long time.  I don’t really know how long eternity is but do know I want to spend it with Jesus in paradise so am living for Him now.  Those who wait until the very last possible moment will likely find out they waited too long.  The Bible says that “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.”  Those who volunteer to do so will live in eternal happiness while those forced to do so at the Judgment Seat will experience a much different fate.

The current vote FRAUD fiasco is the main reason democrats and deep state republicans tried to stop Amy Barrett from being seated on the Supreme Court.  They know she will vote for the Constitution rather than bow to the deep state as john roberts has done repeatedly.  If Barrett had been kept off the court it would just rubber-stamp the cheating.  Again, if this sham is allowed to stand, our republic will be a thing of the past and the greatest nation in world history will have perished.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

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  1. Great piece, Bob Russell.
    By the way, do you think “globalist billionaires intent on establishing the New World Order” might include John G Roberts, Jr?
    The reason I ask is-
    This refers to a potentially huge story a number of years ago which evidently was hushed up or never received the publicity it deserved. It reportedly involved our U. S. Treasury funding accounts in the Vatican Bank of politicians and other elitist Americans totaling multi billions of dollars. Mr Roberts himself received and/or had deposited ONE BILLION DOLLARS in his account! Not bad, even for a squeaky clean (?) Supreme Court justice! Others who also had accounts (though none bigger than Roberts) included George Soros, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, et al.
    Hmm! Could this have been a payoff for the swearing in of constitutionally ineligible president Obama in 2009, thus involving a form of election fraud (and arguably even more serious crimes), and resembling what could happen again this year if Joe Biden and constitutionally ineligible Kamala Harris take office after a fraudulent nomination process and election.

  2. Thanks Bob Russell for that article.
    This quote reminded me of an excuse I have heard over the years from Congress for not doing/saying anything to expose the fraud Obama. Here is the quote:
    “Some state-level political hacks have said they fear standing for a fair election because seditious groups have threatened to burn cities if they don’t immediately support the biden/harris ticket.”
    I have been told repeatedly, over the years, by staff phone talkers that the answer to why members of Congress would say/do nothing about Obama’s usurpation and identity fraud was/is, “fear of riots in the cities”. That was a really bad excuse then and an even worse one now. Members of Congress were/are protecting Obama because they all did/said nothing to prevent the Soros funded, John Brennan and the CIA created puppet from being sworn-in back in 2009, and had to cover for Barry to protect themselves from being found complicit in effectively giving America’s government and her military to the enemy…..forever. That was obvious even in 2009 and over the years became much more obvious. And then we saw what I consider proof, which is the panicked attempts to remove the “birther” Donald Trump from office when the planned and promised after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. There was plenty of transparency in The Obama Fraud for anyone using logic and common sense and not afraid to speak out, from before he was sworn-in up until today, and what it reveals are crimes apparently too big too prosecute…..which is not surprising considering many task with exposing The Obama Fraud are themselves complicit and protecting number one…..themselves.
    Being complicit in effectively giving America’s government and her military to the enemy really is a HUGE crime…………..

  3. If the election is fair the democrats won’t win. They need to clean up Congress and get these lazy ass do nothings removed. Why are some of them allowed to preach about socialism when that’s never been part of America. Why are these old fossils allowing people to swear in on the Qur’an? Feinstein questioned a person’s Catholic religion but she pushes for Islam to be taught in schools, she’s been around for 67 years so I’m sure she remembers why Islam was banned in America, and why was nothing done about the chauffeur she had for twenty years that was a Chinese spy. All these corrupt politicians need to be removed, they really need to be locked up in GITMO. They protect each other from getting arrested. It’s a damn shame that these Global Communist Marxists have hijacked the democrat party and no one has done anything about it. They made up lies on President Trump and it’s them who committed the crimes, they take money from Soros and Big Pharma and we pay the price. When people don’t do their job they are usally fired, these people are a damn joke and it’s time to take the democrat party away from these crooks and give it back to the American people to start over.