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(Dec. 5, 2020) — During the past few weeks we have been watching recounts in those swing states that, aside from finding some uncounted ballots, the tabulated recounts were remarkably consistent with the final election tally.

How can this be if the cheating was a prolific as most evidence indicates?  For instance, if stacks and stacks of ballots, presumably for Biden, were counted and recounted, many times over, how could the tabulating machines and the number of ballots counted be so close to balancing out?

This question was asked many times over during these legislative hearings, not just by Demonrats who hate Trump and care not how they dispatch him, but also by our side. This needs to be answered and while some of the tech people who were asked this question knew and understood how, they were very short on explaining it in enough detail for lay people to grasp it.

I will detail here, maybe not exactly how it was done, but how it could have been done and was certainly accomplished in a manner very close to what I will explain here.  

Let me start by saying that I have not been college trained as a programmer. I was educated in electricity and spent my life working in mathematics and with several forms of programming platforms such as c++, Microsoft Visual Basics and SQL (data base queries and tracking).  I used these various program formats to help estimate project outcomes, track sales and labor.  

During those years I cannot say that I had become an expert but I can say I learned enough about programming capabilities to understand that source code can do anything the programmer wants it to do.  I used to joke with my wife telling her I could write a software program that would show the sum of 2+2 to equal any number I wished.


These are the machines which are connected to the on site Dominion Server, which in turn is connected to the Dominion main server located in Europe via the internet. Dominion claims that the on site servers are not connected to the internet. The techs have proven that is a lie and data pack transfers confirm it.

Understand the Main Server is where the total vote count manipulation occurs while the on site servers and even the tabulators have their own crooked software which can be set to alter data at the counting locations, most of the real dirty work is done over seas.

That is why it is vital for investigative experts to get access to the source code which runs all three of those unit types. The main server, the on site server and tabulators.  This access has been denied by the Dominion company.  

The process by which the vote counts in a particular location get to the main server takes various steps.

  1. Ballots are reviewed by hand and stacked in a fashion that the tabulator can count them. Much cheating goes on during this process but that’s another story.
  2. The ballots are fed into the tabulator and the tabulator tracks and stores the totals and also sends them to the on site Dominion server.
  3. If the tabulator rejects a ballot for one of many reasons, the count stops.
  4. The operator then removes the spoiled ballot and is supposed to then continue the count of that stack.

This is where the over count cheating occurred. The counted ballots are supposed to be automatically sent to a sealed box. This was not being done in many locations and is how the operators were able to send ballots that were already counted back through the tabulator. According to witnesses, many times over.


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  1. recounting fradulent ballots will get the same results. An audit is needed to validate ballots before a recount can show the fraud. President Trump won handily but the devildemocommiecrats are stealing the election, disenfranchising We the People!!!!!