Mr. Mark Meadows
Chief of Staff
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW,
Washington, D.C. ,20500                                                December 3, 2020

Re: 2020 Presidential Elections

Dear Chief of Staff Meadows,

     This will serve to confirm that I contacted the White House recently, by telephone, for the purpose of proffering information that I believe is of significant import to the national security of this nation, so as to warrant further attention and discussion by White House officials.

     When I called, I asked to be put in contact with the President’s legal team and was told that they did not have offices in the White House. I informed the party that I spoke with that I had information that I wanted to provide to the President having bearing on what I claim is major election fraud. More specifically a patently overt and undeniable pattern of usurpation of our nation’s highest offices.

      I am currently suing U.S. Senator Kamala Devi Harris in federal court on an “Information in the form of Quo Warranto at Common Law”.  The case is on appeal currently in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The case number is 20-7109. My contention is that Kamala Harris is not a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States and can therefore not be Vice-President or President.

I am proceeding Pro se at this time. A very well written Amicus brief was filed in the case on behalf of the U.S. Allegiance Institute, by Attorneys Mario Apuzzo and William Olson regarding the “Natural Born Citizen” requirement to be President or Vice-President. I would like to provide the attached copy of the amicus brief to President Trump. 

I have researched this issue since Barack Obama usurped the Presidency, by fraud, in 2008 and 2012. I wrote a book on the matter called “Imposters in the Oval Office”. I have enclosed a copy of the book herein for your perusal. I have previously given a copy to President Trump.  This is truly a national security issue. 

The nation has had two usurper “Presidents”., Chester Arthur in 1884 and Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.  Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi were complicit with Obama’s usurpation. Now, (12) years later Biden has chosen his own ineligible Vice-President. Therein lies the pattern of usurpations that I outlined. It is a pattern that is most assuredly occurring. This matter deserves the highest degree of attention and must be addressed for the sake of our national sovereignty. I request that someone call me to discuss this matter as soon as possible. I would like to include the attorney(s),who wrote the amicus brief in the afore-mentioned case before the federal courts, in that conversation. 

Robert Laity

CC: Kevin Powell, U.S. Allegiance Institute        
Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
William Olson, Esq. 

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  1. Robert.
    Thank you for your work!

    You appear to have looked at this, but this appears to confirm that Kamala is a Jamaican citizen rather that a citizen of the United States.
    (Section beginning in pages 29 and following.)

    “3C. Every person born outside Jamaica shall become a citizen of Jamaica–

    (a) on the sixth day of august 1962, in the case of a person born before that date; or

    (b) on the date of his birth, in the case of a person born on or after the sixth day of August 1962,

    if, at that date, his father or mother is a citizen of Jamaica by birth, descent, or registration by virtue of marriage to a citizen of Jamaica. ”

    It is clear, at least to the nation of Jamaica, that she is a Jamaican citizen by descent.


  2. 1 + 1 = 2 – if not elligible why is anyone allowed to campaigne to begin with.
    To by buy beer either you have legal ID of proof of legal age or no beer……what am I missing …?

    1. The info was scheduled for delivery on Monday 12/07/2020 so he would be there to receive it. Patience is a virtue. Give him time to read it and respond.

  3. GLS said that Harris’ Father’s “Family…were slave owners”. They were.

    Obama’s purported mother Stanley Dunham is also descended from slave owners. Obama’s purported father Barack Obama, Sr. is descended from Muslim slave sellers. His father’s family sold slaves from their own Luo Tribe while his mother’s ancestors bought them. Bizarre! To say the least.

  4. Perhaps. Not necessary however to rule that fast. If I prevail, even after Harris takes office, both Harris AND Biden will have to vacate the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. Biden is complicit with Obama’s and Harris’ treason and espionage against the USA. As is Pelosi. None of the four would ever be able to hold “any office, civil or military, under the United States” ever again. See: the 14th Amendment.

  5. The Constitution requires the President to be a “Natural Born Citizen”, but that requirement also extends to the Vice President. Kamala Harris is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

    In the 1875 Supreme Court case of Minor v Happersett, a case having to do with women’s suffrage, the subject of citizenship was addressed in the Court’s majority opinion, and the term, “natural born citizen” was defined. The Court wrote:

    “At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens …”

    Many, in support of the status-quo, claim that the Court’s subsequent words leave the door open for others to be included as natural born, but this is a deliberate misreading of the Court’s words. The identifying pronoun “these” specifically identifies those born in the country to citizen parents as “natural born citizens”.

    The Court’s opinion continues:

    “Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. ”

    The Court’s opinion states that there were doubts as to whether children born to non-citizen parents, were citizens. But, there were never doubts that children born in country to citizen parents were citizens, and those were who the Founders recognized as “natural born citizens”.

    Whenever the Supreme Court finds it necessary to interpret the Constitution, it is required to do so with regard to the intent of the Framers of the Constitution.

    John Jay, the presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention and first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in a letter to George Washington, wrote of the requirement for the President to be a natural born citizen.

    Jay wrote:
    “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

    There was a purpose to Jay’s suggestion – Having a Commander in Chief, whose parents were citizens, further insulated the country from foreign allegiances.

    Many proclaim that all that’s necessary to be recognized as a Natural Born Citizen, is only to have been born on United States soil, or within the jurisdiction. But the evidence is in – there are many born here of parents that have crossed into the country illegally, that hold allegiance to the country of their parents, rather than America. Furthermore, it is absurd to think that the Founders would have considered someone the likes of Anwar al-Awlaki, the Muslim “cleric” and supporter of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, a natural born citizen, even though he was born in New Mexico.


    1. Also noteworthy is the fact that the three documented usurpers, Arthur, Obama and now Harris ALL had British parent(s). None of the three were alive during the time of the signing of the Constitution and therefore do not fall into the category of those grandfathered in. Those born later are required to be Natural Born U.S. Citizens. Under the British Nationality Act, all three mentioned above were born British subjects/citizens. In Harris’ case both of her parents were citizens of British Commonwealth nations, India (Previously called “The British Raj”) and British Jamaica. Harris was born a Natural born citizen/subject of the United Kingdom., in the U.S. Birth to British Citizens gave her that status regardless of the fact that she was born in California.

      1. India gained its independence in 1947. Jamaica gained its independence in 1962.

        Harris was born in the United States in 1964.

        1. Regardless of their status as independent nations, both India and Jamaica made a conscious and deliberate decision to remain in the British Commonwealth of Nations. The British Nationality Act provides for citizenship status to people born even in FORMER colonies. Read the British Nationality Act of 1948. Obama was born a Brit by virtue of his purported father’s status as a Brit and because Hawaii was under British Control at one time. The USA broke ALL TIES with Britain in 1776. Otherwise US Citizens would also be able to claim British citizenship of a nature under the BNA 48. Many former British colonies are still active members of the British Commonwealth of Nations including Canada. Canada still has a royal representative to the Queen known as “The Governor General of Canada”. Though independent from Britain Trudeau is the Prime Minister.

        2. One thing about the USA is that it is NOT a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. As I said, both her parents were British Subjects. Harris was born on that basis alone, a person with British citizenship. As was Obama and Arthur.

        3. Neither India nor Jamaica were part of the British Commonwealth because it legally ceased to exist shortly after World War 2.

          Harris’ parents were born in countries that later gained their independence from the United Kingdom; upon independence, they became citizens of their respective new countries. Harris herself has no claim to United Kingdom citizenship, neither does Obama. Regardless, they were both born in the United States.

    2. “Among the first things that the Convention did were to choose a presiding officer, unanimously electing George Washington to be the president of the convention and to select James McHenry to be the convention’s secretary.”

      Due to New York politics, John Jay was kept from the New York delegation that went to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Nonetheless, Jay knew most, if not all, who attended the Convention, and kept abreast of its activities from April to September of 1787.

      Jay wrote to Washington on JULY 25, 1787 and introduced “natural born Citizen” as away to ensure foreign intrigue would not rule over any future commander-in-chief actions, unlike Obama.

      In a proposal to the New York ratifying convention on JULY 25, 1788, Jay upped the requirements, which that state convention approved, being, that any President, Vice-president, all U.S. Representatives and all U.S. Senators be a “natural born Citizen” AND be a freeholder of U.S. land, unlike Ilhan Omar et al.

      So, it was Jay who knew from the treason-detection trials of his Revolutionary War days, and from all his arduous travels to courts in US and Europe, that foreign childhoods often lead to adult foreign bias and sentiments, all of which will naturally be introduced into daily U.S. government decision-making, if not vetted and disallowed altogether.

      Not citizen.
      Not born citizen.
      Not naturalized citizen.
      Natural, or naturalized U.S. parents + born U.S. Citizen = free of non-U.S./ foreign allegiances = “natural born Citizen”, unlike Kamala and Obama

  6. there’s been quite a flury on the wiki NBC page… interesting.
    i have a question for you legal eagals. Can a sitting President order,
    say… seceret safe in honolulu hawaii, or anywhere… opened, even though it has two combination locks. ??

    Could a former President have it secured, to an even safer place, if his friend cheats and wins the WhiteHouse ? what is the legal status of the “document” ? …. if there is one.

    1. Not “every,” but most.

      Laity’s suit against Harris was dismissed for lack of standing. Standing in federal court generally is more difficult to obtain than in states’ courts.

    2. “Article III makes no mention of ‘standing’. Neither do the writings of the framers. The definition of standing in Lujan [ v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 US 555 (1992)] was apparently pulled out of thin air. There is no support in Lujan for any historical or originalist foundations for ‘standing'” according to Max Kennerly, Esq. in her article “Rethinking Art. III ‘Standing’ Requirements” posted in Attorney Magazine in (2017). An argument that I am currently utilizing in Laity v Harris.

  7. All nine Justices on the US Supreme Court in Minor v Happersett agreed with Leo Donofrio and my opinion. All nine said that there was “NO Doubt” that people born in the US to parents who are both US Citizens themselves are Natural Born Citizens. Any person born under other then that criteria is NOT an NBC. The court said that they did have “doubts” as to the latter class of citizens. NO doubts as to the former.

    1. The nine justices who ruled on Minor could not have agreed with Laity’s and Donfrio’s opinions because those nine justices had died before Laity and Donofrio were born.

      To ask another way: Have Laity and Donofrio presented their opinions to a judge who then agreed with them?

      1. You clearly do not understand the concept of stare decisis. No current Judge has to agree with me or Mr. Donofrio. They are however, duty bound to respect Supreme Court precedents.

        1. Other judges have rejected this argument. Since these other judges also were duty bound to respect precedent, that suggests this argument doesn’t accurately reflect the precedent.

  8. We filed into Oegon Statewide Jural Assembly’s civilian court of record with fraud for putting Kamala Harris on the ballot and charged Oregon Republican Party, Oregon Democrat party, Oregon Libertarian Party and oregon Green pary and their executives and Bev Clarno Oregon Sec of State. Escalating to treason if she was actually on the ballot on election day. I don’t see a way to attach. So I cannot support my claim here. contact me we recently started our you tube.

  9. Of course, the only problem is “standing”, but no doubt, President Trump can join and go forward with the lawsuit, and bring it to the Supreme Court. There is, of course, legally binding precedent, Minor vs. Happersett, but possibly, the SC just needs to re-affirm it, since it was decided in 1875.

      1. All nine Justices on the US Supreme Court in Minor v Happersett agreed with Leo Donofrio and my opinion. All nine said that there was “NO Doubt” that people born in the US to parents who are both US Citizens themselves are Natural Born Citizens. Any person born under other then that criteria is NOT an NBC. The court said that they had “doubts” as to the latter class of citizens. NO doubts as to the former.

  10. Does anyone really believe Mark Meadows wants to short circuit Nikki Haley’s, Rafael Cruz’s or Marco Rubio’s future run for the presidency?

    1. I would hope Nikki, Ted, and Marco would be smart enough and patriotic enough not to run for Potus and VP especially after running in 2016 against Trump who makes it his business to know everything. Trump knows Obama is a usurper and has since Obama ran for Potus. Trump offered him 10 million dollars to go to Obama’s favorite charity if he would produce his true birth certificate. He did this on fox and friends foxnews back in the early days of Obama’s first term. Obama never responded at all.

      Kamala’s mother is of Indian decent and her father is of Irish decent, he is not a black man. Kamala knows this and her father made sure we all knew, he gave an interview when she announced she was going to run for potus. His family moved to Jamaica when he was very young and they were sugar cane farmers and slave owners.

      Neither one of them became american citizens by naturalization so Kamala is ineligible to be vp and potus as she is NOT a natural born citizen. Just because she was born here doesn’t make her a natural born citizen and as a matter of fact she isn’t smart at all and probably never knew this. Regardless she is ineligible and cannot be vp or potus.

      She needs to made to step down now. The mess we have with Biden and the money that he has gotten from China and his corrupt son Hunter and the cash he got from China is very dangerous to America. Biden is so corrupt he probably has signed and IOU for American to China and when the bill comes due China owns us. Don’t under estimate Joe Biden.

        1. GLS said that Harris’ Father’s “Family…were slave owners”. They were.

          Obama’s purported mother Stanley Dunham is also descended from slave owners. Obama’s purported father Barack Obama, Sr. is descended from Muslim slave sellers. His father’s family sold slaves from their own Luo Tribe while his mother’s ancestors bought them. Bizarre! To say the least.

        2. gls wrote, “His family moved to Jamaica when he was very young and they were sugar cane farmers and slave owners.” gls was referring to Harris’ father’s family that was alive.

          Which is strange since Donald Harris was born in Jamaica, in 1938.

    2. Yes. I do. If he wants to be known as an honest person. In any event, we will find out tommorow if he forwards the amicus brief to the President as I asked him to.

    1. Robert Laity is going to win, look at the scholars working on this case. It won’t even be close. But it doesn’t matter if its done before 01/20/20. Presidnent Trump was re-elected overwhelming. Seeing on Twitter that when this fraud is revealed he’s going to have over 400 electorial votes.

      God Bless Robert Laity, Mario Apuzo, Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Guliani, Jenna Ellis and all other the great Patriot lawyers winning case after case. They are destroying the demonRATS. It’s funny to watch them scramble before they crawl back in their holes. Sleepy Joe and Illegal Harris will be so humiliated they won’t even want to try to break more laws.

      By the way, we’re watch RSBN’s great coverage of the Trump Victory Rally, they’ve been doing a great preshow. Watch to be inspired and see the truth. It’s amazing to watch, even Mike Lindell is there, he’s sponsoring RSBN now. He shold sponsor The Post & Email too, you should write to him Sharon!

      1. I love my POTUS Trump! It was so good to see him and the longer he was there the more relaxed he got. I watched it on RSBN which is excellent since they show the crowds and I dare say there was at least 100,000 people there. Don’t forget we couldn’t see behind the camera’s and there were massive amounts of people inside that hanger, even Trump made mention of it. So I say 100k people .

        I was sent a map about 3wks ago showing Trump won 410 Electoral votes and Biden 138 Electoral votes. Of course I tried to post it everywhere and as quick as I got it up someone would delete it. So I took a picture of it and pasted to a word doc and sent it out that way.

        I love Trump he is the best President we have ever had. Trump showed the videos ( I love when he shows them and he does as well ) of the Ga workers taking the suitcases out from under the tables full of ballots and getting them ready to run through the scanners. That video was produced by Newsmax and the host was Grant Stinchfield. No more fox news for me I am a Newsmax viewer now. So when he showed that video he looked around at the audience and right at the camera’s and grinned!! He is a winner.

        Anyone ever notice that Biden tries to copy Trump in everything he says and does? Now Biden is saying he just had 3 drug companies make 3 vaccines and he will have them distributed by the end of the year, and other things too. Oh and how he broke his foot running down the alley way in his house and he grabbed the dogs tail and he slipped on the rug and then the dog slipped on the same rug. OMG – well someone posted his xray and it showed a teeny weeny hairline fracture on the outside of his foot and they give him a boot. Was that for extra attention???

        It was awesome to see Our President tonight.

    2. Perhaps. Not necessary however to rule that fast. If I prevail, even after Harris takes office, both Harris AND Biden will have to vacate the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. Biden is complicit with Obama’s and Harris’ treason and espionage against the USA. As is Pelosi. None of the four would ever be able to hold “any office, civil or military, under the United States” ever again. See: the 14th Amendment.

  11. I sincerely wish you good luck and God speed your case. However, no one did a damn thing about the identical rule for Obama. They ignored the Constitution then, why should they listen now?

    1. Obama was slightly different. His mother was an American born citizen. Current law allows inheriting citizenship through either, or both, parents, if you are not born her. The fact that she was born here makes Obama’s case entirely different.

      If you expect They, the Bureaucratic State, to do anything at all, good luck. They think We, the People have an IQ of 7o and worship the Bible and our guns rather than them being ways for us to protect and honor the one true God in our worship.

      1. As I understand this, you can have native citizenship(aka anchor babies) or naturalized citizenship, but natural born citizenship is different and which is required by the Constitution to become P or VP. I don’t understand why this is so difficult to comprehend for most people including lawyers.

        The biggest hurdle, imo. is that the SC has punted the NBC issue and did so with Obama and to some extent McCain although his status as an NBC can be argued much differently re parent serving in military and stationed out of the country. The “no standing” excuse was used extensively in Obama’s challenges and the courts never did take up the real issue–what is an NBC. I have doubts the SC will do so now considering the can of snakes it would let loose on the country regarding Obama’s illegitimacy. We can only hope they have some courage to save this country but I’m not betting the farm on it. Apuzzo’z work has been terrific and I wish you all the best of luck getting this to the SC. America needs to be saved from those who wish to do great harm to her.

      2. Natural born Citizenship definition is very elementary.: a person born in the USA to two USA citizen parents.

        Congress has NO authority to make anyone a natural born Citizen and I don’t believe they ever have done so. No current USA citizenship law contains the phrase “natural born Citizen”. That phrase only existed in the 1790 Naturalization Act and that 1790 Naturalization Act was fully repealed five years later. A person is a natural born Citizen by the act of nature – born in the country to two citizens of THAT country.

        All other persons born in the USA to at least one US citizen parent are STATUTORY US citizens.

        Because of a misinterpreted phrase in the 14th Amendment, the current situation is to award USA citizenship to a person who is born in the USA to no USA citizen parents. These person too are only STATUTORY USA citizens. Opinion: No one should ever be awarded US citizenship if born in the USA to no USA citizen parents. HINT: Harris, Rubio, Yang, Jindal, Nimrata (Nikki) Randhawa Haley.

        Persons born outside of the USA to one or even two US citizen parents are not natural born Citizens, but instead they are STATUTORY US citizens. These persons derive their US citizenship through naturalization laws. HINT: McCain, Cruz, Gabbard.

        If you don’t believe my words:

    2. There were a few, but there was the problem of standing and needed Mitt Romney or McCain.
      We know now that both of them were compromised. However, with President Trump as the appellant, at least the Supreme Court could just re-affirm Minor vs.Happersett.
      Personally, I think this is an important issue, and obviously,
      Kamala is not a “natural born citizen” as per Emerich de Vatel “Law of Nations”, which was used extensively by our Founding Fathers. It’s a national security issue, as we now can understand how the USA has been severely undermined by Barack Obama, who was an Indonesian citizen, after being adopted by his step-father Lolo Soetoro

    3. Because more people have been made aware of the actual legal meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” since Obama usurped the Presidency. Obama is not out of the woods either. One domino to fall is all it with take for the rest of the dominos to keel over. Then the house of cards WILL tumble.

  12. Email sent to The White House and DOJ today:







    1. Be born within, and subject to, a sole-US jurisdiction = a born U.S. citizen

    2. Be born of a mother and a father who are natural, or naturalized, U.S. citizens at the moment of candidate’s birth






    >RE-INSTATE TRUMP 2020- 2024

    JD Mooers, PE, MBA, MADE IN USA