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by Cherie Zaslawsky, RenewAmerica, ©2020

The South Portico was named for President Harry A. Truman and is also known as the “Truman Balcony”

(Dec. 4, 2020) — While there’s proof aplenty that this election was stolen from President Trump through rampant, egregious fraud, plain common sense might lead us to the same conclusion. For instance, which do you think most people would vote for: Opening our country back up for business, work, school, entertainment, sports, community, celebrations and gatherings of all kinds, while making America prosperous and great again – or tax increases, mandatory mask-wearing, nationwide lockdowns, more small business closures, more bankruptcies of our favorite restaurants, theaters, concert halls, and sports venues, plus our energy sector in the crosshairs and socialized medicine on the horizon—all the while being promised a “dark winter”? That’s the choice between Trump and Biden. Which candidate do you think won? Me, too.

By now the felonious Deep State coup plotters are so desperate, that if Trump is officially re-elected, they might well attempt a putsch to throw him bodily out of the White House. Should Trump win, you can be sure the Dems will be screaming that he stole the election and will proceed full tilt with their Color Revolution plans. They have their mercenary shock troops waiting, and who knows what reinforcements and weaponry are also at their disposal. Money’s no object for them, and they’re playing for all the marbles. They intend to kneecap Trump to achieve their ultimate goal: the takeover of America. What with Covid wreaking havoc with our citizenry and our economy, and both Biden and radical Leftist Kamala waiting in the wings ready to do their bidding, they must surely see this as their golden opportunity for a full court press.

However, there’s some good news circulating on the internet that POTUS may be in train to checkmate the Deep State fraudsters before they can do the same to him. What is certain is that one side or the other will triumph in this winner-take-all battle for our Republic. American patriots are longing to see justice enacted, as we’ve been watching seditious criminals remain at large for far too long. With stakes this high, and both sides essentially fighting for survival, it’s not hard to imagine a battle encircling the Tree of Liberty as at our founding.


For four years, President Trump has presided over a rogue DOJ, rogue FBI, rogue CIA, rogue DHS, and various other rogue intelligence agencies seeded with Obama holdovers. POTUS recently removed James Anderson, Acting Director of Policy Planning in the DoD, followed by the firing of quisling Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense along with his chief of staff. Let’s hope he’s not done cleaning house, though. As of December 1st, we learned that Attorney General Bill Barr is playing for the other team, as he announced he sees no evidence of vote fraud that would change the election results. That’s two feckless attorneys general in a row. The Swamp runs deep.


The President and his team ought to huddle around a big-screen TV to revisit the classic film from 1964, “Seven Days in May,” which, if you’ve never seen, you owe it to yourself to watch—and not just for the excellent acting and gripping story. A decorated General, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, organizes a military coup against the sitting president. Incidentally, our own current head of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, recently made this statement: “We are unique among militaries. We do not take an oath to a king or a queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual. No, we do not take an oath to a country, a tribe or religion. We take an oath to the Constitution.” So if push comes to shove, apparently General Milley would shove out the President.

Um, Mark, doesn’t the Constitution vest the powers of the Executive branch in the President, and isn’t he your Commander-in-Chief? If you disagree with his policies, isn’t the appropriate response to tender your resignation? And General Milley, isn’t the point that the Constitution undergirds our Republic, so when you swear to protect it, you’re swearing to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic? The Constitution represents the rule of law in our nation. The last time I looked, the office of the president was featured rather prominently in our founding document. Before you set yourself up as a staunch defender of the Constitution, General, perhaps you ought to read it.

That reminds me, here’s the latest gem from former head of the CIA, John Brennan:

“I’m very concerned what he [Trump] might do in his remaining 70 days in office. Is he going to take some type of military action? Is he going to release some type of information that could, in fact, threaten our national security interests? If Vice President Pence and the cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and pushing Donald Trump out because he is just very unpredictable now.

Brennan may be reacting to the specter of the noose, as his remarks followed hard upon Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet: “Declassify everything!!!”

And while we’re sampling treasonous assertions, take a look at this one, reported by SkyNews Australia:

“Two retired army officers are urging General Mark Milley– the highest-ranking military officer in the US – to remove President Donald Trump from office if he refuses to leave when his term ends. In an open letter published in Defense One, John Nagl and Paul Yingling warned President Trump could trigger a ‘once-unthinkable scenario of authoritarian rule’ and ‘America’s greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War.’ ‘If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order.’”

As far as I’m concerned, General Milley needs to hear two words from the President, “You’re fired!”

Spoiler alert: In “Seven Days in May,” good triumphs over evil. Let’s hope and pray, but let’s also do all we can to make sure good triumphs on our watch as well, as we fight to shore up our beleaguered Republic. If not it will be a Dark Winter indeed.

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  1. Given that any Government can only rule with the given consent of the governed the future political and social scene looks most interesting