by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 2, 2020) — In a 46-minute address to the nation Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump laid out the evidence gathered to date of voting irregularities, reported fraud, and presidential metrics which he said were “just not possible” given the results of down-ballot and state legislative races in the November 3 election.

The president said fraud took many forms, including registered voters being turned away from their polling places on the pretext that they had allegedly already voted “by mail-in ballot” when they had not. He cited reports of Republican poll-watchers obstructed from observing vote-counting and the possibility that votes were altered by the Dominion machines used in approximately 30 states, including the “swing” states where it was expected the presidential race would be close.

Duplicated ballots, mail-in ballots without the outer envelope or “matching ballot applications,’ and improperly-registered voters were factors in the reported results, Trump said, along with “thousands of uncounted ballots” found in three Wisconsin counties.

He referred to a confirmed case wherein in Antrim County, MI, a “swing” state, approximately 6,000 votes were assigned to Biden when they were intended for him.

He said Democrats were “desperate” to win the White House but that 16 House seats were taken from Democrats by Republican in an unexpected turn of events, according to media predictions. Nine seats remain undecided, he reported.

Using Wisconsin as an example and a chart to illustrate his point, Trump said he was “leading by a lot” the night of November 3 but reportedly “lost by a little” the following morning, specifically “20,000 votes.” “We were leading by a lot, and then at 3:42 in the morning, there was this: it was a massive dump of votes, mostly Biden, almost all Biden, and to this day everyone’s trying to figure out where did it come from,” he said. “…But we will have far more, many times more than the 20,000 votes needed to overturn the state,” he continued. “If we are right about the fraud, Joe Biden can’t be president. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of votes…”

A similar scenario reportedly occurred in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, all of which have “certified” the vote count for Biden.

Also on Wednesday afternoon, Attys. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who have filed joint and separate federal lawsuits challenging Georgia’s reported results, held a rally in Atlanta calling for Georgia Gov. Brian Kamp to “stop the steal” and call a special session of the legislature to deal with the election fallout, likening the current situation to “1776.”

During his remarks, Trump stressed the importance to Republicans of winning two Georgia Senate runoff elections on January 5.

At 15:14, Trump said that in Michigan at 6:31 a.m. on November 4, a “vote dump of 149,772 votes came in, unexpectedly,…that batch was received in horror; nobody knows anything about it…”

“It’s corrupt,” he concluded, “Detroit is corrupt.”

He added that “the recent recount in Georgia means nothing” since signature-checks were not conducted. The Trump campaign has asked that a second recount, which is still ongoing, include verification of signatures.

Biden reportedly won the state by 12, 670 votes, the first time a Democrat has “won” Georgia since 1992.

“The Democrats had this election rigged right from the beginning,” he said, encompassing the large-scale use of “mail-in ballots” on the pretext of COVID-19.

“Our country cannot live with this kind of an election,” he said, along with speculation that the U.S. Supreme Court would hear one of the cases challenging would hear one of the cases challenging the practices employed in the election.

He predicted that his team will be able to demonstrate his victory in the “swing” states if fraudulent votes are eliminated from the count.

Trump said that the Democrats have been attempting to overturn the results of the 2016 election and do not have the country’s best interests at heart. “Russia, Russia, Russia, the impeachment hoax, and so much more,” he recounted the investigations which dogged his presidency but concluded in exoneration.

“They want to take not me, but us, down,” he said of those opposing his presidency, including the New York attorney general.

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  1. President Trump signed executive order 13848 back in sept. 2018.. I suggest that anyone read it .. search it on because other search engines are against potus trump.. he should implement the things in the EO 13848- treason was committed in this election.. a tribunal needs to be held and people need to go to jail for fraud and treason.. and companies aiding and abetting the fraud and treason need their assets to be frozen…we CANNOT survive as a free republic if the fight is not done NOW! the communists want to ruin the usa…. do not think China is not behind this and other communists as well,, many of them right here in usa as we know, and will be in White House if potus Trump does not take action.. he has loyal military on his side in huge numbers and police and over 80 million voters as well… yes, we need another revolution ! done in the proper way/EO 13848 spells it all out in specific detail! Pray for President Trump and also defend yourself as radicals will be out there doing destruction when all gets going.. potus has until dec. 18 to implement the EO 13848…. God Bless America.. let us keep it free by defending it NOW- A MERE 6 months from now… we will be a communist nation if not sooner if Harris is potus..(dems will use 25th amendment to get rid of Biden-don’t doubt it!) finally, God bless all patriots

  2. There is no way to be sure of reported vote counts because the corruption has been such that an accurate count of votes is not possible.

    The Constitution has a remedy for this. This election should go to the House of Representatives.

  3. From the article:
    “The president said fraud took many forms, including registered voters being turned away from their polling places on the pretext that they had allegedly already voted “by mail-in ballot” when they had not. ”

    I vouch that that is what was going on in Madison County, IL, albeit, with a little twist. I witnessed a voter getting turned away because he did not read the mail-in card instructions. The instructions stated that if you do not return this mail-in vote card to the county office, you cannot vote in-person on November 3, 2020. What a “crock”.

    President Trump, please pull the plug on the US Constitution and follow Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s suggestion. Reset the 2020 voting with the assistance of the US military. I will dust-off my old military uniform and help you out.