by Bob Russell, ©2020

James Stewart promotional photo, undated,
Wikimedia Commons, public domain

(Dec. 1, 2020)  — I just finished watching a movie called “Call Northside 777,” a movie made in 1948 about a man sentenced to life in prison for murder. The man, played by Richard Conte, claimed innocence but was convicted based on a woman’s testimony. Conte’s mother contacted a reporter, played by James Stewart, asking him to get her son out of prison. Stewart, not knowing the truth, began to investigate to find the truth and either get Conte freed or prove beyond doubt he was guilty. The reporter made no assumptions either way, only seeking truth. He eventually found the woman, who refused to help. Stewart then found a photo that seemed to refute part of the witness testimony so he went to great lengths to find evidence to prove the case one way or the other. As it turns out the photo, when Stewart had a section enlarged, showed a date that verified the witness had lied and Conte was freed.

Today the media is more interested in magnifying an agenda, and truth has no place if it refutes the story.  During the 2016 election the clinton campaign, the democrat party, and the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists used the Steele Dossier, paid for by the clinton campaign and the dnc, to try to destroy Donald Trump.  The media knew the document was a lie but they wanted hillary elected and ran with the agenda to take Trump out.  When the “Russia collusion” narrative, created with absolutely no basis in fact nor even circumstantial evidence to prop up their contentions against Trump, got them nowhere, they then created the “Ukraine collusion” lie, accusng the Trump administration of extorting the Ukraine government into helping him win the 2020 election. 

Joe biden is on video doing exactly what they accuse President Trump of doing.  Biden, in a meeting with a very high-ranking official in the Ukraine government, said a $1 billion loan guarantee would be withheld if the investigation into Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, and hunter biden wasn’t dropped.  There would not be a second offer; it was now or never. 

There has since been ample evidence of hunter and joe biden selling influence to several countries while joe was vice president, including communist China.  The media still accuses President Trump while refusing to acknowledge biden’s obvious TREASONOUS collusion with several foreign nations.  The fbi, doj, and other government agencies have been conspiring to get rid of President Trump despite, or because of, the fact that Trump is bringing jobs back from foreign countries and working to dismantle the government corruption apparatus.

I remember that when I was a soldier during the Vietnam War, people raved about how great Walter Cronkite was, but I saw him as a propagandist who slanted his reporting to slander American soldiers while praising the communists who raped, tortured, and murdered thousands of civilians.  The media has only become worse as the years have gone by to the point that they are now nothing more than anti-God, anti-American propagandists who hate President Trump and liberty for We the People.  When the media was after President Nixon they did whatever they had to do to drive him from office, even to dig up “evidence” that wasn’t really evidence.  The object was to get Nixon out and they turned over stones that they knew had nothing under them hoping to be able to create something out of nothing.  Now they grasp at nonexistent straws to get Trump while ignoring the nose on their face to cover for biden.. The whole thing is disgusting, dishonorable, and criminal.

As bad as the 2016 election was, 2020 has been even worse.  There are ample indications, even proof, of votes being changed from Trump to biden, ballots for biden being run through counting machines several times, mail-in votes being counted despite not conforming to election rules established by state legislatures, and other criminal acts.  Fraud has been shown to be rampant this time but the truth doesn’t help the leftist agenda so all indications of fraud are either ignored or denied despite there being hundreds of sworn affidavits of fraud.  The democrats and their media propagandists won’t even look to see if there is any truth to the accusations of fraud.  They don’t want Trump to be reelected so they suppress all evidence to support the allegations.  If there is “nothing to see” why are they so intent to suppress it?  If they are right they could prove it very quickly but they know fraud made a difference and Trump truly won.

In one instance vans with biden campaign stickers all over them brought boxes full of ballots in to counting locations in the wee hours of the morning.  In one place in Pennsylvania we went to bed with almost all ballots counted and Trump holding a 300,000 vote lead but about six hours later Trump was behind by 300,000 votes.  WHAT? No fraud?  In other counting locations video shows republican poll watchers being “perp-walked” out in handcuffs by police.  At another location video showed people putting paper up on windows to keep observers from seeing what was going on.  Again, the Trump campaign has hundreds of sworn statements, some from democrat poll workers, that things were done in violation of the Constitution.  In several “battleground states” election rules were changed at the last minute by governors, judges, attorneys general, and election boards.  None of these people have the authority to change anything.  Election procedures, by the Constitution, are set by state legislatures and cannot be changed unless the legislature enacts it.

The left has threatened renewed riots if Trump is reelected.  Anyone rioting because the election didn’t go his way should be shot on-site or arrested, tried, and hanged for insurrection, sedition, and TREASON if found guilty.  There is no place in our system for anarchy based on what one groups wants.  We are a nation of laws governed by a Constitution and anything else should be put down immediately using any amount of force, including deadly force, needed to stop it.  We now have laptops, reportedly belonging to hunter biden, that show the selling of influence to the sitting vice president jpe biden, to foreign countries.  Naturally, the democrat party and their lapdog propagandists aren’t interested in looking into the incriminating evidence because it will destroy their agenda. 

If there is “nothing to see,” why won’t they lay the “nothing” out there to prove it instead of expending so much effort to suppress the “nothing to see”?  No fraud? Show me where the Trump campaign is wrong; they have shown me enough to get my attention.  I know that if the shoe were on the other foot, if the Trump campaign was suspected of fraud, the media would be using backhoes to uncover, or create, facts to prove their suspicions. 

As an American citizen and a veteran who fought for liberty I want the truth no matter how it comes out.  The truth is what matters more to me than who won, but the libtards don’t want the truth because they know they lose if truth is allowed to come out.  I am a Trump fan but above that I am a patriot who loves my country and wants to see it prosper and once again become “a shining city on a hill” as described by John Winthrop in the very early days of our Republic.

The Constitution says that the state legislatures set election procedure, not judges, the state attorney general, or local election boards, but those entities violated the Constitution to achieve the outcome they wanted and don’t care what the Constitution says.  The left, including all democrats, wants absolute power in their hands.  They want an oligarchy under their thumbs, not the Representative Republic we currently live under.


I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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