by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 25, 2020) — On November 19, The Post & Email interviewed Linda Szynkowicz, founder of the nonpartisan nonprofit “FightVoterFraud” based in Connecticut which has been catapulted to national status since the November 3, 2020 elections.

On November 16, the organization issued a press release stating that it “has received hundreds of credible reports of Voter Fraud from across the Nation” which it is referring to “Federal Law Enforcement.”  

“All credible voter fraud reports are referred to the Federal Law Enforcement within each state and the reportit®’s from AZ, GA, NC, NV, PA, MI & WI are being forwarded for affidavits to the legal teams associated with the current election fraud lawsuits in the public courts to cancel all illegally cast ballots,” Szynkowicz said.

At the same time, the group continued to call upon Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill (D) to “Clean up the voter rolls” in an ongoing effort to ensure “one vote for one legal voter.”


Based in Connecticut and founded in 2018, the group originally focused its attention on voter rolls in that state, which Szynkowicz previously told us are not updated in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, otherwise known as the “Motor Voter” law.

One of the provisions of that law is that voter rolls must be checked and updated regularly, which Szynkowicz says her group’s research shows is not the case in Connecticut, where Merrill is serving her third consecutive term as Secretary of the State.

As of last Thursday, Szynkowicz told us, FVF had received “hundreds” of credible reports of voter fraud from across the country stemming from the November 3 elections. In describing the explosive growth in reporting, she told The Post & Email:

We did not expect to be involved nationally with everything that’s going on. We have a “reportit” app where people can go on their cell phone in Connecticut, and we get only reports from Connecticut. What we didn’t realize was that the reportit on our website will take them not only from all over the country, but all over the world. Just after the election, I started having tons of them coming from all over the country, some containing very serious material which has been relayed to the proper federal authorities.

The app accepts photos, videos, and uploaded documents, Synkowicz said, either with a name or anonymously. “The anonymous ones are the problem, because we can’t do anything without a name,” she said. “I have to go through the reports to see if they’re actionable.”

As it has assumed its new role, Szynkowicz said, FVF has continued its work to identify unclean voter rolls and fraud in Connecticut. “We’re going to do a deep dive, and we’re going to do it town-by-town with documentation of everyone who voted, whether absentee or in-person,” she said. “We’re going to be setting up Zoom training classes on how volunteers can help and gather information for us. Anyone wishing to volunteer, please send an email to:”

“Will this pertain to the election we just had or to ongoing elections?” we asked.

“Both. What we’re basically going to be able to show are the people who committed voter fraud, people who died but voted; people who are deceased but are still on the voter rolls. She’s clearly in violation of that law by not having a clean database. The law says they have to make sure they’re U.S. citizens, over the age of 18, that anyone who passed away is immediately removed from the rolls, and that anyone who moved and changed the address on their driver’s license be changed on their voter registration. In Connecticut, there are hundreds of thousands who were not.”

“How did you discover that?” The Post & Email asked.

“The way we know that is that in the August primary, there were 110,000 mail-in-ballot applications that came back as undeliverable. In the November elections, throw in another million people on the list – Independents, Unaffiliated, etc.

“Is that just in Connecticut?”

“Yes. There are 2.3 million voters on the rolls in Connecticut. All those went out, but this time the secretary of the state did it so they couldn’t be tracked. For the primary, they were sent back to her office as “undeliverable”; this time she had them sent to the town clerk in each town, so there’s no overall number — yet. We’ll get that number.

“There were so many glitches; people were getting duplicates and triplicates. I even got one sent to the FightVoterFraud post office box in Middlefield. We are going to be gathering the information with the help volunteers.”

Since the election, Szynkowicz said, in addition to receiving reports via the app on her website, she has spoken with people from all over the country, including a judge, a number of attorneys, and poll workers who said they witnessed fraud, reported it and saw nothing done. As to why her organization received the large influx of voter-fraud reports following the election, Szynkowicz said:

What happened was Trump’s hotline was tied up by pranksters so real reports couldn’t go in. They were also giving fake reports, and people began searching for places to report fraud. I’m very grateful – at first I was totally shocked with the amount of reports we received, but I can tell you that the evidence that has come in is overwhelming that votes were definitely changed.

I got one report from a woman in Georgia who went in to vote on Election Day and was told she already voted. There were about 20 other people with her who were told the same thing. So they gave them provisional ballots, which doesn’t really give you a vote; it only negates the other person who forged your vote. Fortunately, she had all the names and phone numbers of the people who were there. So we have reports like that.

California’s stack is probably the highest. There, they put your party affiliation on the outer envelope, so it’s easy for anyone to dump ballots or get another ballot and pose as that person. A woman called me who said she had sent her ballot in absentee. You can check online to see if it’s been counted; she was told the signature didn’t match. So she contacted them and asked, “Do you need me to sign something else?” and they told her, “You can,” and she said, “OK, then my vote would count.” But she said the woman then told her, “No,” so she said she was going to vote in person. Then, she said, and she believed it was because she’s a Republican, she was told that if she were to go in person, she would be arrested for voter fraud. And she told me she asked, “But you’re not counting my absentee, so how would that that be voter fraud?” “It will be,” she said she was told. So she didn’t vote, and she contacted me about it afterward.

So many people are saying that absentee ballots were sent for other people at their address who don’t live there. Then there are people who decided to brag on the internet, “I voted 48 times.” There was a husband and wife who bragged about having their 13-year-old vote because you don’t have to show ID. One woman, a poll worker, wrote, “I did my part; I threw all the Trump votes I came across in the trash while counting.” We have the screenshots. Another woman in Virginia went to the courthouse, which is where they vote in that state, and she said she saw a woman sitting in the doorway filling out multiple ballots.

We’ve gotten documentation from poll workers about how many times they reported the voter fraud, and nobody would do anything. We’re seeing the same type of reports come in from many different states.

We have a video from Arizona. Some people were there with a bunch of Trump people standing outside of a fence near a tabulation center when two black SUVs and a box truck with California license plates pulled in and people in masks covering their faces were taking bags and suitcases into the tabulation center. They were videotaping this, and then there were people coming up to try to distract them from videoing it, and they were yelling, “You’re trying to distract us!” They have the license-plate numbers…”

Within the polling stations, there were a number of operatives doing all kinds of things, we were told.

As to claims that Dominion Voting Systems machines might have switched votes from Trump to Biden, Szynkowicz said, “There were a number of reports saying they saw problems with the computer screens. One state had two screens: the first screen had all the candidates except Donald Trump. Donald Trump was on the second screen that you had to click an arrow to get to. Apparently a lot of elderly people wanted to vote for Donald Trump but they couldn’t find him there. He was on another page all by himself.”

Szynkowicz said she received “a lot” of fraud reports from the state of Michigan, which certified its results on Monday. On Tuesday, the Trump campaign, which is challenging election results in a number of “swing” states, announced that the legislatures of Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania “will hold public hearings on the election beginning tomorrow and next week in an effort to provide confidence that all of the legal votes have been counted and the illegal votes have not been counted in the November 3rd election.”

Witnesses who claim instances of fraud will testify, the press release states, including Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. According to the press release, Michigan will hold its hearing on December 1. However, according to The Detroit News, a hearing in Michigan is “not happening,” citing a Republican state legislator.

The Michigan House of Representatives’ calendar states that aspects of “Elections” will be discussed by the Committee on the Judiciary on December 1. A lengthy roster on the Michigan Senate’s website shows an entry for “Elections; offenses; certain felonies involving absent voter ballot applications;…” Neither, however, indicates that the discussion will take the form of a public hearing.

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