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by Fredy Lowe, CFP, ©2020

(Nov. 24, 2020) — When the names are revealed, please do not lose sight of the fact that THEY are now, and have always been, enemy combatants, against We The American People.

The concept that the United States of America has continuously operated under the jurisprudence of a representative republic is being destroyed. USA is becoming an oligarchy of the elites, both domestic and international, now tyrannically governing with an iron-Covid-like-fist over the unsuspecting, easily led, and gullible populace.

Having said that, let’s now move on to the current and possibly last Constitutional crisis at hand, with this qualifying statement: “We are not privy to any insider’s information about how this election will finally end, but as a former investigator, I am trained in the art of gathering evidence (a gumshoe) from random sources and piecing together a substantial illustration of what-I-believe-happened, why-it-happened, and what-will-happen in the near future. And, I deliver to you my montage of evidence, solely from my own perspective.

Calling it a ‘press conference’ was a misnomer based on the fact the Mainstream Media is nothing but a propaganda machine for the elites. But, nonetheless, President Trump’s attorneys, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, presented an overview of the most amazing case against the fraudulent election, with evidence of hundreds of sworn affidavits. (Believe them as you tuck it all in your pocket.)

Return, if you will, back to 2015 when Hillary Clinton made an off-hand comment to Matt Lauer, formerly of NBC, when she warned him that, “If he (Donald Trump) wins, we will all be hanging by nooses.” Why do you think she said that? (Make room for this in your pocket, too.)

Do you remember, possibly a year or so ago, when there were rumors regarding Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo), and how President Trump called for training additional military guards, rebuilding and modernizing the military police barracks and quadrupling the size of the detention facilities? In your wildest imagination do you think he did this for the betterment of the 75-100 hard-core-terrorists who still reside there? (Stick that in your now half-full pocket of evidence for later.)

Before we go on, please put President Trump’s EO dated September 12, 2018, to impose certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States election” (Keep in your front pocket for easy access.)

We are in agreement with others who have found that Attorney General William Barr, was then and is to this day, nothing more than a Lieutenant in George H.W. Bush’s Deep State. It seems as if Bagpipe Barr’s only job has always been to stall, while protecting the elites and their institutions. And, therefore, one might easily conclude that President Trump did not hire Barr simply based on Barr being George H. W. Bush’s AG. Nor did he bring Barr on for the purpose of arresting the treasonous Democrats for their Russian collusion sham or failed impeachment hoax.

No, it is my educated belief that the genius of President Donald J. Trump has been doggedly biding his time, whilst setting his elaborate election-fraud-trap for more than two years, where the elites unknowingly walked-right-in-to-it! Rigging an election is a felonious crime under federal law and, moreover, where reportedly a conspiracy took place using ballot-altering-technology originally from Venezuela, complicit servers in Germany, financed and orchestrated, we are told by, the leaders of the Democratic Party, along with Xi Jinping of Communist China (CCP), which, if true, would constitute an act of International War making all enemy combatants against the People of the United States.

FYI: RICO stands for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which is why President Trump lead attorney Rudy Giuliani is better known as RicoRudy.

Please know that there will literally be thousands of deep state elites, treasonous media, and other bad actors, also named enemy combatants, for their participation (some small/some large) in this fraudulent election conspiracy, where they will soon be brought to offsite locations, and interrogated with many being arrested. (Watch your fingers as you put this in your pocket just as the bar-covered-door slams shut. BAM!)

Read the rest and see the video here.

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