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(Nov. 23, 2020) — Now is the time to start planning your holiday greetings! While the manner in which we celebrate the festive season may be different this year, we can still reach out to those we care about by sending a thoughtful card. 

Whether this is your first time sending season’s greetings, or you just want to be more organized this year, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are some top tips for holiday card etiquette:

Create a Traditional Holiday Keepsake

Texting or emailing holiday wishes may be easier, less time-consuming and less expensive, but the special feeling people get when opening personalized holiday cards can’t be matched. Instead of sending digital e-cards, gift your friends and family the joy of a traditional holiday card that they can display in their home. 

Make designing Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza cards easy by searching online for customized templates that best celebrate these holidays and which allow you to add some personalization as you see fit. After customizing your favorite layout, print and send out your holiday cards so that they can be treasured by friends and family.

Personalize Your Holiday Cards

This year, start planning early, so you have time to personalize your holiday cards. Featuring a family or baby photo is a popular choice, and you can choose from just about any theme you’d like. Whether it’s something funny, whimsical, sweet, traditional, or features mesmerizing black and white photography, your family members can show off their unique personalities.

When designing your holiday cards, it’s easy to add your own twist and flare by choosing colors, themes, and a personalized message as you see fit. You can even customize your cards with real foil embellishments for a seasonal touch. If you’re posting your cards, choose customized, matching envelopes to complete the look.

Double-Check Your Content

Before approving your holiday card design, make sure you double-check all your content. Spelling or grammatical errors can ruin a beautiful keepsake, and you definitely want to get it right the first time. As such, make sure you’re happy with the layout and ensure all photos or graphics aren’t blurry.

Case in point: If you’re familiar with the TV series Seinfeld, you may remember the episode where Elaine had quite the embarrassing photograph printed on the family Christmas cards. This can be avoided when you double-check your content.

Know When to Send Your Cards

There will be a few factors that determine when you send your cards; for example, if you have family members overseas, you’ll need to send them early. 

For Christmas cards, it’s a good habit to send them after Thanksgiving, usually in the first week of December. The perfect time for your recipients to receive their Christmas cards is early to mid-December. 

Similarly, if you’re sending out well wishes to ring in the New Year, delivery in late December will be more appropriate.

Holiday Card Etiquette

Don’t leave your holiday cards to the last minute! Instead, make sure your season’s greetings contain a personalized touch, featuring a family photograph or customized design, for a keepsake your recipients will long cherish.

Stick with tradition and send your cards in the mail, as this will bring joy to everyone who receives them. Don’t forget to double-check your content, including the images and spelling and grammar, to avoid having to reprint them.

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