by Tom Arnold, ©2020

(Nov. 20, 2020) — Since the election and possibly even before, Fox News has been moving away from President Trump and apparently offering its support to radical Obama sycophants and co-conspirators Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Second example:  FNC’s White House Correspondent, Kristin Fisher.

Now, so that you will know the truth and what actually is going on, see the below on Newsmax TV in which “National Report” host Shaun Kraisman interviewed Trump surrogates Amanda Makki and Brian Trascher.  I recommend that you do not fail to listen to the entirety of this one! Trump Campaign Surrogate: “We Have Seized the Servers for Dominion” – The Post & Email

Something tells me that Fox News (Faux News) finally has hit bottom. If there are any real journalists there, I suggest that you consider bailing out. The only problem is: who would want to hire you?

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