by Tom Arnold, ©2020

(Nov. 19, 2020) — Just for the record and in case anyone (even Barry Soetoro himself!) would like to know, I have NOT read the book and have absolutely NO intention of ever doing so.

From some of the articles and commentaries I have seen so far on the internet, I am convinced that “A Promised Land” is little more than a compilation of Saul Alinsky tactics and self-serving ideations designed to enhance “Obama’s” persona, the reality of which is anything but a pretty picture!  For example, “Obama” evidently complains, as if he were a victim, about the onslaught of “birtherism” during his administration.  Don’t you feel sorry for him (even though his own bio published in 1991 declared that he was born in Kenya)!  Like it or not, the diversionary methods and rewriting of history contained in “Obama’s” book are a last-ditch effort by him to take advantage of a mostly fawning public and ensure his legacy (which, in truth, should be a very dubious one).  Beyond that, only Allah knows! 

To add more to this critique, I will tell you again for the umpteenth time:  regardless of what “Obama” wants you to think about him, he was a Manchurian candidate (a person disloyal to his country while being subjected to and controlled by outside forces if and when needed).  He was constitutionally ineligible for the presidency (not a natural born American citizen per Article II, Section 1, Clause 5).  For all practical purposes, “Obama” STOLE the U.S. presidency and command of our country’s armed forces (and got away with it for eight years and counting!).  Today, I am convinced that we are experiencing the consequences of “Obama’s” seditious and treasonous behavior.  Yes, I am blaming “Obama” and those who conspired with him to bring about the social unrest, exaggerated racism, and other crises we are experiencing practically every day now in our society.  If this is “Obama’s” “promised land,” then I reject it.  

One possibly encouraging thing, though, is that there is no statute of limitations for “Obama’s” criminal conduct.  Supposedly, no one is above the law, and hopefully our law enforcement agencies and courts will not just “let the clock run out” without ever holding him accountable.  At least, that’s the way things are supposed to work.  Also, if you subscribe to the type of reasoning underlying one of the Democrat Party’s currently popular talking points, shouldn’t the riches that “Obama” will be receiving from his so-called memoirs be used in a humanitarian sense to make REPARATIONS to us, the American people, for all of the grief and harm which he has caused?

Note, too, that this man who calls himself “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” was not our country’s first African-American president!  Instead, he was a bogus, constitutionally ineligible president, and was by far more Arab-American ethnically (44%) than African-American (6%).  Anyone beginning to feel cheated?  Would you admit it if you were?

I am a military veteran, retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, an independent registered voter who comes from a long family line of Democrats, and having nineteen years of formal education.  I AM NOT AND NEVER WAS A RACIST, AND I AM A CHRISTIAN AND CONCERNED AMERICAN CITIZEN.

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