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What is the meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” found in Article II of the Constitution? Are laws restricting electors’ votes constitutional?

(Nov. 18, 2020) — Well, it starts already. The Left – also known as the “Democrat-tech-media-Hollywood-academia-anti-American” cabal – has accelerated its assault on the Electoral College. 

In an editorial appearing in the comically-labeled “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Washington Post, the editorial Politbur…, oh…, sorry… my bad…, the editorial board outright calls for the abolition of the Electoral College, flatly stating that “[t]he electoral college, whatever virtues it may have had for the Founding Fathers, is no longer tenable for American democracy.”  The WaPo editors should brush up a bit on their history: the United States is a constitutional republic, not a “democracy.”

The WaPo objective is to substitute a straight national popular vote model for the protocol which has worked well for the nation – all parts of a heretofore united country, urban, suburban and rural – since 1789. 

In essence, the WaPo – headquartered in the mislabeled “swamp,” the Beltway area being better described as a giant porta-potty after a month-long cleaning hiatus – is advocating for a system where the perimeter coastal elites will be authorized to lord over the unwashed rubes unfortunate enough to inhabit the interior.

Translation: only the populous coastal metropolitan and Great Lakes states matter and those Americans living in more rural “flyover country” can go pound sand.  The only good thing to be said about the editorial is that it acknowledges that “the constitutional amendment that would be required isn’t about to happen.  But it’s time to get serious about a change.”

Could it be that the WaPo editorial board is growing more concerned that, insofar as the present 2020 general election situation is concerned, once the blatant fraud and criminal election irregularities are exposed, the various “swing state” legislatures will either (a) appoint their respective electors and, under the recent Supreme Court Chiafalo decision, command them to cast the state’s votes for President Trump, or (b) inform the President of the Senate (i.e., Mike Pence) that the State of (“Swing”) is unable to determine for whom its electors should cast their votes, and thus no votes will be cast by the State of (“Swing”) for either President Trump or Joe Biden as described here.

Either way, the WaPo editorial seems more calculated to animate leftists in advance of either one of the two options just described should one or the other come to pass.  Whatever it takes to rile up leftists, Democrats (forgive the redundancy) and Biden sycophants in order to reject, even now, a result based on anything other than a straight popular vote, the WaPo will deploy.

Moreover, the recent revelations by Trump attorney Sidney Powell portend dark days ahead for Team Biden.  Interviewed on the Lou Dobbs Fox News Business channel, Powell quoted from the affidavit of a former military officer (clarified as Venezuelan, although currently living in the U.S. in Powell’s Tuesday night interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly) that software developed by “Smartmatic” and licensed to “Dominion Voting Systems” – and used by at least 28 states in the recent general election – was capable of the untraceable shifting of votes “on the fly” and in “real time” to fraudulently boost Biden’s vote totals and depress President Trump’s. 

Powell believes that millions of votes could have been manipulated to either “switch” them from President Trump to Biden or to generate, out of whole cloth software code, “new” votes for Biden.  If proven true, that would spell disaster for Biden…, and victory for President Trump and the Republic.  Wow…, the WaPo can’t let that happen.  Hence, the tsunami of mainstream media reports that there is “no evidence of fraud” in the election. 


Recall that within the Department of Homeland Security exists the “Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency” (“CISA”).  Among its other duties, CISA is charged with monitoring and reporting on election and voting integrity.  Last week that agency issued a statement claiming that the recent election was “the most secure in American history.”  It also asserted (in boldface type-font) that “[t]here is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

Ummmm… guess what: if, as the military officer’s affidavit possessed by Sidney Powell avows, the creation or shifting of votes “on the fly” is “untraceable” or otherwise undetectable following a forensic audit, is it any surprise that there might be “no evidence” that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised?  Duh. 

Oh, and it bears mentioning that both Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic apparently participated in the creation of the CISA document assuring the world there was “no evidence” of fraud.  Wow… your faithful servant feels sooooo much better now.

It is one thing for a court of law to require evidentiary “proof” that actual election or voter fraud has occurred.  On the other hand, as a separate branch of government, the GOP-controlled legislatures of only four (4) of the several 2020 “swing” states – Georgia (16 electoral votes); Michigan (16 electoral votes); Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes); and Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) – are not similarly constrained. 

Stated otherwise, if the GOP-controlled legislatures in those four states determined that, based on the evidence surfacing every day and, sometimes, every hour, the 2020 election for the presidency has been so compromised and fraudulently manipulated in order to falsely portray Joe Biden as the winner instead of President Trump, the fraud needed to be addressed and corrected, those legislatures – without interference from the judiciary (yes, Virginia, it’s a “separation of powers” and “political question” thing) – could, under the Constitution and the Chiafalo case, determine either that (a) all of its electoral votes would go to President Trump or that (b) none of its votes would go to either candidate. 

With an aggregate of 62 electoral votes “in play,” exercising the first option would result in an outright win for President Trump.  That would certainly teach the fraudsters that their crimes will not go unpunished.  The second option would drive the ultimate decision into the House of Representatives, as detailed here. Under the 12th Amendment, each state would have one (1) vote to be cast for president.  The GOP presently has 29 votes; the donkeys have 21.  Do the math: 29 > 21.

Frankly, the first option would be preferable, as the second one could implicate more constitutional mischief from the Wretch of San Crapcisco, Nancy Pelosi.  But since the second option presents an opportunity for the state legislatures to “punt” the decision to the full “house of the people,” much like a “popular vote,” that option may appeal to the less courageous. 

To reiterate, because the legislatures of the four named states are all controlled by the GOP and because Art. 2, § 1, Cl. 1 of the Constitution reposes the exclusive authority for the appointment of presidential electors in the respective state legislatures, under either Option 1 (preferred) or Option 2 (OK, but less preferred), the person more likely to be sworn in as President on January 20, 2021 would be…. drum rolllll…. Donald J. Trump.  Let the Democrats, leftists and WaPo editors gnash their teeth: they brought this on themselves, and the Constitution is on President Trump’s side.

Remember, the election is not over until the Electoral College votes are tallied.  Nor is it over until any litigation that makes its way to the Supreme Court is resolved.  Stated otherwise, as that great American philosopher Yogi Berra observed: “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

It is not hyperbolic to suggest that this mess continues to be the most consequential and fraudulently manipulated election since the founding of the Republic.  From Biden narcissistically proclaiming his “Office of the President-Elect” to Wikipedia already fawning over the purported January 20, 2021 inauguration of Biden to the continued nonsense that Kamala Devi Harris is constitutionally eligible to serve as Vice President, there is a turbocharged “cart-before-the-horse” propaganda campaign in full flower.  How dare the swing state GOP legislatures even consider adhering to the Constitution’s prerogatives and vary from the prescribed narrative?  Did they not get the memo?

The four “swing state” legislatures – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, or any combination of them reducing the unofficial electoral vote count for either candidate to below 270 – have the power to correct the apparent fraud that has been inflicted upon not only President Trump, but upon the electorate at large and, ultimately, the Constitution and the Republic itself.  Will they find the backbone to “do the right thing?”  Time will tell. 

Finally, interested and concerned P&E readers in those identified swing states may wish to alert the leaders of their respective legislatures to these matters.  One thing, however, is certain: indifference and insouciance at this point in time are not acceptable.  After all, we’re only talking about the future of the Republic…, are we not?  

As Benjamin Franklin observed when leaving the Constitutional Convention in 1787: we have a republic…, if we can keep it.  Wise man, that Franklin guy.

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  1. Thank you for this article. Lately, I am consumed by a sense of dread because of the absurdly blatant election voter fraud that continues daily in our country! Repeatedly I have asked myself “how could this insanity happen in our country?” How did we devolve to outright criminality, to wholesale arrogant lawlessness? My answer is always the same. Since the successful usurpation of the Presidency by Soetero, Obama or whatever his name is, the Democrats and the Left, along with the their Media accomplices, have been emboldened to commit, and have committed crime after crime without fear of accountability and retribution! To this day no one has been indicted for Barrys’ crimes, for the Clintons crimes, for Biden’s crimes! None of their accomplices, which number in the hundreds, if not thousands, have faced any type of serious justice! On the contrary, they have been selling their influence all over the world, writing books, making payed appearances and speeches, working for the Media and buying mansions on the beach (climate change be damned), all to enrich themselves at our expense! They apparently have no fear of our laws, no fear of indictments and prosecution. They have no fear of the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Executive Branch! They are now indulging in this voter fraud openly, and without any fear of retaliation, from anyone! In my humble opinion, Obamas’ fraudulent birth certificate was the seminal event for this crime wave! His crime opened Pandora’s Box! I have sent and continue to send almost daily emails, amounting to hundreds, if not a thousand, to the White House begging and imploring President Trump to drop the hammer on their messiah, Obama! I am convinced that if he exposes Obamas’ fraud, the entire Left and all its accomplices will be destroyed! If he doesn’t, this abominable election fraud will succeed, and the Deep State, with Biden at the helm, will retake our government and our country!!! I read and hear clamoring for civil war; what about you?!!!