by Linda Jordan, ©2020

Donald J. Trump, official White House photo, public domain

(Nov. 17, 2020) — Republican naysayers, Democrats and the media, excuse my redundancy, keep repeating the mantra that the courts will never rule on an election challenge that would result in the pejorative “winner” being declared the loser.

And this boggles my mind. Why wouldn’t the courts overturn an election? They are in the business of upholding the law, considering evidence, making findings of fact, listening to legal arguments, determining whether or not constitutional violations have occurred, if harm was done and to whom, granting a prayer for relief. 

If they found that there were massive voting irregularities and outright violations of the law and that these things interfered with the outcome of the election or gave unfair advantage to one candidate over another, they would have a legal and moral imperative to provide relief.  That is their job.

The Red Wave. Over a million people attended President Trump rallies since Labor Day (1) compared to under 2,000 who attended Biden rallies. There were hundreds of thousands who went to spontaneous, citizen-organized MAGA events. They came in boats, cars, trucks and on foot. Latinos and blacks showed up in growing numbers. The red wave we saw with our own eyes before the election culminated in a huge win for President Trump on November 3rd, 2020. And we have proof.

Trump received eleven million more votes than he did in 2016. He got more non-white votes, 26%, than any other Republican candidate since 1960. (2) Maintained control of the Senate. Flipped twelve seats in the House. (3) Republicans gained control of three legislatures and pulled off two trifectas—single-party control of the governorship and both state legislative chambers—in two states: New Hampshire and Montana.(4)

Biden had no coattails. “As the congressional results have shown, the GOP consistently managed to hold its own further down the ballot….” Biden did not.(5)  In swing states there were a huge number of mysterious Biden votes with no down-ticket votes. (6)

Trump was so far ahead of Biden that the Democrat voting machine had to create millions of votes to overtake Trump’s lead, pushing the Biden tally up to an unheard-of 75 million and six million more votes than the great orator and “first black president,” Barack Obama in 2008. Biden’s extra votes, if you believe they were each tied to a person, in turn created an unbelievable voter turnout rate of 85-90%  in certain swing-state counties. Voter turnout in federal elections between 2002-2018 have averaged between 40% to 60%. (7)

In Closing: Sleepy Joe, brain-addled, basement-dwelling Biden did not win this election and we all know it. The Democrats are trying to steal it. This is bigger than the Great Train Robbery, the Crown Jewels theft, and the Antwerp Diamond Heist, all in one. We are watching, in real time, larceny on the grandest scale of something so valuable you can’t put a price on it, the United States of America.

Screenshot: MSNBC interview, May 1, 2020

This attempted theft left a trail of evidence and the Democrats’ DNA is all over it.

Seventy-two million of us know what you did and a million-strong posse showed up in Washington, D.C. last Saturday to stop the steal. We are going to fight this to the bitter end. The life of our country is at stake.

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